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And then go and see the offices, go to these places, in the midst of these technoparks where you arrive, take the elevator, fifteenth floor, seventeenth floor, fortieth floor, get to the rooftop and they’ll tell you “well, this will be your office” and you say “well there’s nothing”, “No no no, but in a month it will be ready”. First point: raise the standards, so every day try to do something, move and try to bring the bar a little higher, what we said before about training, to do more, if you do more, the results arrive, people understand and then you will see that nothing will be taken for granted, and on the other side the results will start to arrive. Everyone hires Italians and Italians who arrive abroad, and are those who have developed this point of view, they have a downhill life, because when you get to a country where things work in normal way, where life simply gives you what you invested for, you run, you run very fast, you can have opportunities, when you do something you have merits and move on and this happens, so that you become the CEO of a super company or you can make a career with salaries you would never have seen in Italy. Start, get out, do some experiences and you’ll see that when you start telling people, in every moment of your life everything will be simpler, you will have a totally different point of view. Nicole has 9 jobs listed on their profile. 558 likes. That is something ephemeral that then comes naturally when you do something that you actually like and for which you wake up super excited every morning about achieving a certain goal. Your email address will not be published. We are relatively young. 735.6k Followers, 701 Following, 508 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Nicola (@nicolaca_) And they started to have more and more trust in us. I’m Nicola Possagnolo and I’m the founder of Noonic. Then the reality is that most of the time, those who start a business would never go to a bank, they would never use their own money, they always seek money from third parties. The reality is that at 22 we did not have the possibility to have enough savings from previous jobs and we had no interest in asking money to lenders or to “friends and family”, and therefore our parents or friends. Barbara De Rigo, Marketing and Communication Director of De Rigo Vision SpA, highlights the professionalism behind a pair of glasses, due to the skills and craftsmanship of the local staff. Join Facebook to connect with Nicola Campagnoli and others you may know. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Nicola Pignolo. Guarda il profilo completo su LinkedIn e scopri i collegamenti di Nicola e le offerte di lavoro presso aziende simili. cantante neomelodico. Découvrez tous les produits Nicola Rescigno à la fnac : Musique, Films et Séries :). Nicola Possagnolo Influential Digital Marketing Professional Venture Developer & Entrepreneur. Nicola ha indicato 6 esperienze lavorative sul suo profilo. The entrepreneurial adventure begins. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet. Perseverance, that is, knowing that no one gives you what you actually ask, but you have to go there and get it, knowing that things never go as you expect, but they are there and you just have to imagine them. Of course how much you run matters, why you run, what you are doing and where you want to get, knowing that everything will be fine, knowing that you will be transparent and that you will always follow the goal, trying to carry everyone with you, and an idea that is why started doing things, knowing that then it can be changed, but in the end it is really about being persistent, leader and having the trust of the people you move. It is easier to be a victim rather than create the conditions for making things happen. We started our development, we found our first customers, within six months we had almost 25 employees in India. 276/5000 Behind its success, there is a young team of professionals that includes the top-notch of Veneto’s “culinary” entrepreneurs: with the art direction of 1-Michelin star Nicola Dinato, chef and deus ex machina of Feva restaurant in Castelfranco Veneto, the vision of Nicola Possagnolo, digital guru, and the refined touch of the Japanese Chef Masahiro Homma. The goal was to find the first customers to be able to pay the first three months of [our stay in] India. 4,764 Likes, 442 Comments - Nicola Sirkis (@nicolasirkis) on Instagram: “Bonjour à tous, Un petit message à tous ceux du Central Tour de Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon, Paris et…” 1,556. by nicola_possagnolo. But this is all part of the game, reality is that life is very difficult and especially when you are playing to be as fast as possible, and you’re always on the razor’s edge. Then we were lucky because other important customers contacted us. So, these are five points, trying to carry them forward every day, understanding every day what I did to accomplish these points in my life and then things happen, at least I hope. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Chrome Extensions. Noonic Studios is a tech company specializing in digital consulting and e-commerce development based in Milan, Padua, Bangalore and London. Founded in Bangalore in 2012 by three young entrepreneurs, Nunzio Martinello, Nicola Possagnolo and Sebastiano Favaro, it offers digital transformation support to companies and startups. The third point is trust, that is created between you and the people around you. The problem is that, in my opinion, some people think that things just happen. Nicola Possagnolo. You have the extraordinary opportunity to be born at a time when your skills, probably, they will be better than those of your managers. So, the second point is why doing business in Italy? We could say, using the “startupper” jargon, that we went with “bootstrapping”. Open Banking vs PSD2: Qual è il futuro delle… November 4, 2019 Leadership, that is, people who follow you, but they do not follow you because you ask them to do things, but they follow you because they follow what is your goal, your vision and then try to speak correctly with the people who work with you and try to convey the enthusiasm that moves yourself. Six years ago, at 22, I decided to quit Benetton, where I was working, to leave and create my dream. That we develop an ability to look at things and have a lateral point of view on the problems that allows us to survive in certain situations that would seem impossible for most other people. 16.4k Followers, 511 Following, 56 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @nicola_possagnolo And then other people, customers, or partners, who believe in what you say and have verified that actually everything you have done over these years really brings a benefit to their business, and this gives us the chance to grow and we are growing at a speed that is unbelievable, for a company so relatively young. Trying to get to give an interview with someone in a proper manner, trying to do things, that is, I try to do as many things as possible, because, in my opinion, when you talk about something interesting with someone, whoever it is, he looks at you with different eyes and when that person is your future employer or a girl in a bar, she looks at you with eyes that seem to actually be interested, you will see that everything is easier, a lot easier. It is extraordinary to think that people are awarded in public for years of sacrifices they do in private. Spagnolo is charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder in a stabbing. Knowing how much you have to sell, what is your “burn rate”, understanding where you have to go and what you need to get there. But, some new generation businesses, such as biotechnology and nutraceuticals, should be followed by the new generations. We fortunately managed to stay sustainable and we still are, simply trying to give, to use a positive cash flow and by self-financing every activity we have done. Each of us can build our own physical and mental well-being because first of all we are all entrepreneurs on ourselves. Activity 1 Made 84 Following 46 Followers. Then hiring the first people, knowing that either we could found new customers or we could not survive. Cool app for mixing podcasts and music into your workouts. Stunning surveys answered with voice & video, Grow your organic traffic and accurately track your rankings, A telemedicine platform for breast cancer, This is very interesting! Digital Entrepreneur, Forbes 30 Under 30 #2742293 @nicola_possagnolo. So, I decided to start with my two partners, Nunzio and Sebastiano, and jump on this adventure. When the super athlete competes at the Olympics, the difficult part is not the race, and everyone assumes that the race is the simplest part, the real problem is what’s behind, the training. View articles by Nicola Possagnolo. when you are on the field it is totally different. I am living a life that is extremely fast and then thinking about defining what is a positive and a negative element is extremely difficult. Filippo Ongaro, a former astronaut doctor, transmits that energy that derives from the many years of scientific application on books and in the field. Required fields are marked *. A better way to share processes online 233. I have three months of cash, I cannot actually risk that it won’t be ready because I could probably die and no no no no worry, no worries and then in the end you know very well that that office would never arrive and so you look for other places, look for them to understand continuously what is the thing that could go wrong and then, however, you suddenly see that you begin doing things and things are fine, and hire those people, some of them who should have been extraordinary, with outstanding curriculum, they have worked in Nokia, in Google, in Facebook then they turn out to be the ones that hold back the company, and instead those young people who want to rock the world, and they carry you forward superfast and you say, “Well, at least I just did something right” and so it’s all about understanding how to overcome difficulties, about believing you can make it and if you start from the assumption that failure is not an option, then it is absolutely possible, things happen. We are a country that in some areas, which can be fashion, that may be the food, which can be design, we have dictated the law for decades on a global scale, there are opportunities to be taken that are endless. And not being able to understand how to actually examine those curricula, because you are 22 years old, it is not clear how to understand if a person of 40 years old is prepared or not to do that what you want to do, to change the digital world. You started using technologies that your managers did not know how to start using and then you have a competitive advantage that is extremely more advanced than all the others. And so everything revolved around this, the fact that every day opening an office in the middle of nowhere seemed an impossible mission, and the day after the new mission was even worse. Federico de Majo, Venetian DOC, underlines how it is possible to make use of his experience, gained in the Murano glass company, developing ideas and following his own inventiveness which, in his case, comes from an authentic passion for a mastery that has age-old roots. 34.9k Likes, 376 Comments - Nicola Porcella (@nicolaporcella12) on Instagram: “” Instagram post by @nicola_possagnolo • Mar 31, 2016 at 3:59pm UTC. The point is to understand it. I do not consider myself to be successful and I honestly believe I’m still the phase where you need to push 2000% to get to my personal goals. Two: be curious, that is, the point of view of curiosity and imagination for trying to see things from a different point of view. Nicola Possagnolo, founder of Noonic, a young entrepreneur, who with his testimony makes us understand how simple everything can be if we set ambitious goals. Mauro Fanin, CEO of Cereal Docks SpA, highlights how it is very important that the new generations look to the old generation. But it is part of the game and I think this was the lesson I learned, and the fact that the positive parts are simply the negative parts seen by another point of view or simply after a few days, a few months looking back [and thinking]: “doing that I managed to reach that goal”. Noonic is an italian tech company with the goal to help companies to innovate and try to re-position themselves to take advantage of all the opportunities from the digital world. The problem right now is understanding the point of view to uncover the opportunities, to see what is opening up in front of you and trying to understand how to catch them as fast as possible, getting help from those people we try to surround ourselves with every day, who actually think in different way and we think we are exceptional. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Nicola Bragagnolo. But it is important to have very clear priorities in life, being interesting and therefore being interested. So technically, what I often say to all those who want to start a company is that potentially money is the smaller problem and it is much more important to understand where one wants to go and what is the vision for which you look for money or invest yours. This question gives me some trouble, I think. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. . People think, take it for granted, that making money is success. Montegrappa pens represent a useful means of representation of Made in Italy, where the creativity and professionalism of Italians are valid witnesses in the world. We live a life that is completely uphill and learn to survive before learning how to live. Until one year ago, or a year and a half, when we decided to return to Italy. Consulenze e piani di fattibilità nuovi interventi e ristrutturazioni. We made a big investment, trying to hire people here in Italy and starting from scratch, but with a fairly important cultural baggage. So, the ups and downs, and feeling one day like the king of the world because you have closed the biggest contract in your history, and the day after you motivate the team, but then you realize that the customer will not pay or that something simply goes wrong. Objectively, he trained every day in an extraordinary way, for reaching that goal. Product lessons from the greatest innovators in history, Control your web apps with one command line, Smart analytics tool for content marketers aimed at results, Use AI & ML to personalize experiences & accelerate growth, Eco-friendly, small business shipping for the US. If I think that 99 % of the people hope or believe that one’s dreams come true like that, staying on Facebook and not doing anything to make them come true, it is obvious that it is easier. Then we were simply persuaded that speed would have made the difference, and that we had to leave. People say that you either cultivate your dream or you work for someone else and make his own dreams. 6,091 Followers, 1,421 Following, 1,020 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Nicolas Rossignol (@nico_rossignol) I believe the real question is why doing business with Italians? An imaginary venture capital valuation game. Many times this simplifies the work in the company, and trying above all to find out with them how to move, how to convey to people what you believe in. I believe and I say it often, when I go and talk at events, that we, Italians, are extraordinary people, with extraordinary capacity. It’s actually not true, that is, they keep saying you are very good and it is much easier to think “I won’t ever be like him”, rather than saying “if tomorrow morning I will wake up, every morning half an hour earlier to read, to discover something new, things happen naturally”. View the profiles of people named Nicola Campagnoli. Spagnolo is the son of Vincenzo Spagnolo, assassinated at his Laval residence in October 2016. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Nicola Spagnol. Taking for granted that then things actually become possible when you believe in them and start from the assumption that you can do it. Get free marketing insights for every question on Quora. Follow. Saved by Brian Ibbotson Three: personal success. But I try to give those that I think are the five points that move me every morning, hoping they can help. View Nicole Vignola, MBA’S profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. I believe that instead we should start to understand why every person starts, wakes up every morning and understands which way she wants to go. It will make you really a different person in the workplace. Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for NICOLE' PAOLO of SACCOLONGO, PADOVA. Because reading books and studying can help but Annalisa Milani, co-owner of FAMI SpA, underlines how is the contribution of all the collaborators when moments of crisis occurred. Dopo un’esperienza a Fabrica, il centro creativo del Gruppo Benetton, fonda Noonic la sua prima società a 22 anni in India, per aprire successivamente le sedi di Padova, Milano, Londra e Bangalore. I’m Nicola Possagnolo and I’m the founder of Noonic. Dessert. 385 likes. Giuseppe Aquila, CEO of Penne Montegrappa, takes us to the world of the early twentieth century, when the pen together with the paper represented an important means of communication. We have self-financed. At 22, we went to India, and we opened our first office, trying to overcome a series of problems, from finding the office, finding employees, understanding how to build something we had no idea about. If I had to tell about my experience, I think the most difficult moment, actually, the series of more difficult moments, was leaving everything, without having a handhold, going to India, exit the airport, being just you and your partner with the suitcase and feel like 2000 degrees, the taxi not arriving, the dust, then entering a taxi and going to a hotel and starting screening 500-600 curricula and not finding the person. Mafioso Nicola Spagnolo released after charges Accused of attempting to kill a man at a bar in Old Montreal ten days ago, Mafioso Nicola Spagnolo was released on conditions. But the reality is that, if you’re making your own investment, that completely changes all the rules of the game, and you run much faster, you know that speed is the first value, opportunities in a research, saving time is important, not necessarily from the financial side. Nicola Possagnolo, founder of Noonic, a young entrepreneur, who with his testimony makes us understand how simple everything can be if we set ambitious goals. The company is a set of values to be shared at all levels. Your email address will not be published. When they return, you can get some people who are extraordinary to work with, hungry, who manage to see the opportunities that Italy gives you, that are totally out of the ordinary. What do we mean? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nicola Possagnolo, Designer in Castelfranco Veneto / Italy. So, what are the characteristics that make an entrepreneur more or less than successful? History teaches a lot. Phelps once said in one interview that he was trying to double or triple the training compared to everyone else and then when one arrives and wins it’s not like “oh it happened”. The world is truly global for him. Our only goal was to create a hub with the best talent and the best people we could meet in our journey, with the goal of bringing innovation in the market, in a tangible manner. We try to think about things, trying to make all the ABC plans to understand how to avoid mistakes, or if something goes wrong, how to solve that problem. Therefore, we started with the first 10 thousand Euro of signed contracts and we begun to hire, we took the office, we did the first interviews and we started. Find out all projects and works of Nicola Possagnolo on Archilovers. Dal 2000 Prefabbricati Nico Velo per l'edilizia industriale e commerciale.

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