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Replaced for tactical reasons(15 Stöger 6.4unable to bring much to the side after coming on, even in a defensive capacity. However, he had been unable to direct his effort away from the colourful custodian, who had comfortably gathered Lindner’s right-footed half volley on his near post. Italia (zyrtarisht Republika Italiane, italisht Italia respektivisht Repubblica Italiana) është shtet në pjesën jugore të Evropës, në Gadishullin Apenin.Pjesë e këtij vendi janë dhe ishujt në Detin Mesdhe, si Sicilia dhe Sardenja.Në Alpet e larta në veri të saj gjendet kufiri me Francën, Zvicrën, Austrinë dhe në brigjet e Adriatikut kufizohet nga Sllovenia. Despite the Belgian official’s stern appearance, he would never dish out a single card during the game. FACTS: The applicant filed this suit alleging violations of Articles 6, 13, and 14 during his criminal proceeding that resulted because he could not speak German. He decided to withdraw the young Rapid Vienna ace, and he brought on Peter Stöger from the rivals across the Austrian capital. Here you find opening hours, addresses and more about shops for Lola in Austria . It is not as if Thom and Kirsten are stuck to a solitary position throughout, although, as we’ve established, the latter of the two home strikers tends to wander off into right-sided territory. They had seized second half initiative, and they had managed to pin Austria back through some fine mobility and a few positional interchanges. Kreer’s only action in four previous qualifiers had been his appearance during the 3-1 defeat in Istanbul. Thom was not your advanced forward, rather engaging himself in build-up play, and often coming deep to receive the ball. PHOTO ITALIA 1989 WITH SUPERMODEL YASMEEN GHAURI - VERY RARE. If Weber was the player knitting the Austrian defence together, then the equally experienced Herbert Prohaska was well equipped to deliever advice to their midfield. 20 May 1989Kick-off: 8.00pmZentralstadion, LeipzigAtt. It certainly had an attack-minded ring to it, as if Zapf and his co-trainers were saying: “It’s break or bust time, lads!” In the Austrian camp, the starting eleven remained intact. Thom had captained the side in their two first qualifiers, but some poor showings had stripped him of this honour. Steinmann is the one who sees more of the ball, although it should be added that Thom, too, is growingly instrumental in directing operations through his dropping back into advanced midfield positions. However, he would be an asset at set-pieces in both ends of the pitch, and it did appear to be a bonus to have him available again. In their 5-3-2, the visitors would stay focused on the job at hand, with relative ease defending their lead, as there did seem to be a lack of belief among the home team’s players. Kreer, it seemed, would also be keeping something of an eye in the direction of Austria forward Gerhard Rodax. Ronald Kreer, perhaps the most unlikely source of all, provides a whiff of it as he all of a sudden decides to let fly with his right foot from 26-27 yards, coming inside from his left hand side to direct an effort straight onto Lindenberger. DISCLAIMER By implementing the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we would like to inform you that your personal data is only being saved and used for information purposes about the activities of the Austrian Embassy and Austrian Cultural Forum in Washington, DC. Incumbents. Other countries that border Hungary are Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.Hungary's official language is the Hungarian language.It has been a member of the European Union (EU) since 2004. Colnect collectors club revolutionizes your collecting experience! Stores and prices for '1989 Gaja Sori Tildin Langhe-Barbar ... ' | tasting notes, market data, prices and stores in Austria. Home / 1989 / 1989-02 Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Yugoslavia 207. However, his original position seemed to be one much closer to the centre, where he still had Frank Rohde inside of him. Worth - Austria 1 schilling 1959-2001 in the coin catalog at - International Catalog of World Coins. Both of their previous head to heads in East Germany had taken place in Leipzig, like today. The bustling striker had done well during his first season with Sevilla, and had so far scored nine times from 28 matches in the Spanish top flight. It will take a few minutes for the hosts to free themselves from their nerves, as Austria play keep-ball for a few minutes in the wake of Polster’s goal. Sammer appeared to have come off the worse after their head-on collision. : 22,000Video: 31 mins, Ref. A nineteen day trip starting in Italy and moving on to Greece. The tiny principality of Monaco is inextricably linked to Formula One racing. The Serie B 1989–90 was the fifty-eighth tournament of this competition played in Italy since its creation. Basic information such as the official name of parliament and details of its structure and leadership. Unfortunately for the hosts, his shot clears the bar by a yard and a half, with Lindenberger watching the ball’s flight all the way. As early as two minutes and 19 seconds into the contest, the East Germans find themselves behind. Italy - Austria 1 - 3 F 1 9 1 3 12. 2021 » 104th Giro d'Italia (2.UWT) 2021 General classification. Herbert Prohaska’s welcome return to the squad had bolstered Austria’s midfield for the Turkey game. Up top, the already internationally acclaimed duo of Andreas Thom and Ulf Kirsten had been split in Kiev, as the latter had only begun the game on the substitutes’ bench. Recalled had been Leipzig’s Matthias Lindner, yet another player whose versatility favoured him a great deal. Die Ö3 Austria TOP40 - die meistverkauften Hits Österreichs im Countdown, Österreichs offizielle Verkaufscharts. The two-letter country abbreviation for Austria is AT, the three-letter code is AUT. A moment of magic from the Dynamo Dresden forward sees him swivel and turn, and then unleash an unstoppable left-footed effort which smashes in off the crossbar, the ‘keeper left with no chance whatsoever to stop the ball’s flight. He lived a fairly anonymous life, although he would be the next Austrian to have a pop at goal, when he’d managed to escape a challenge from Frank Rohde just outside the GDR penalty area on 25 minutes. The game is more a battle than anything else; neither side is capable of stringing a lot of passes together. The earthquake was located by: Bollettino Sismico Italiano INGV. They appeared to have had enough. Moments later, even Trautmann will win a header inside the Austrian penalty area from another set-piece delievery, although his effort too proves to be no match for the seasoned visiting custodian: Lindenberger claims with ease and confidence. To the visitors, a draw would most likely be an outcome they could live very well with. Thom rode a challenge and took aim from 25 yards with his left foot, but the BFC forward’s shot cleared the bar by a few yards. This had certainly been an opportunity to do so, but despite a straight forward view of the incident, he had decided not to take any action. So far in the qualification, Polster had been partnered by Christian Keglevits (in the USSR) and Andreas Ogris (at home to the Turkish), but on this occasion it had been almost impossible for Hickersberger to look beyond Gerhard Rodax. Wende ("the turn-around") refers to a historical process in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in the years 1989 and 1990, after the Soviet reforms of Mikhail Gorbachev.The communist Socialist Unity Party of Germany (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, shortly SED) lost their power and a democratic government was established. 51.6", it:Classifica calcio Serie A italiana 1990,–90_Serie_A&oldid=974766588, 1989–90 in European association football leagues, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2021, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 August 2020, at 21:59. The USSR looked on course for group victory, so now it was all about heading for that vital second spot in the table. By the point of the half-time whistle, the Austrians are clearly the more content, as they should be, going in 1-0 in front. The label was founded in New York in 1989. Sizzling beaches, fairy tale castles, azure Mediterranean vistas and buzzing cities. Strangely, he would misfire badly, as the ball would make an almost invisible bounce just as he was preparing to take aim. Prohaska had shown some cute passing, but by and large he too had struggled to assert his authority. Further back, there had been a defensive reshuffle, too, as there was no longer the big Trautmann to look after Polster. Full-backs were Matthias Lindner and Ronald Kreer, both versatile defenders, both capable of playing anywhere along the back four, perhaps with the exception of acting as the spare man. 1980 - 1989; Sponsored Footloose in Austria - Hallstatt and Salzburg. Let me add that I have personally come to admire Rohde through my studies so far of this East German team, and it certainly would have been interesting to see him in what was probably his natural position, at least at club level: as the libero. The label was founded in Vancouver in 1989. Herzog usually thrived on the ball, but he had not been set up in favourable positions yet, and had made minimal impact. He was also capable of making runs off the ball, although his appearances deep into enemy remained relatively sparse. The fairly low sense of quality on display would have made the fanatical home support, more than eager to see their heros put on a show, less of a twelvth man than they ought to have been. Russ had been able to set Polster up for his massive opportunity earlier, and another time he had delievered a cross which had been headed away by Stahmann. Bordeaux , particularly, had virtually no faults with reds, whites and dessert wines all performing exceptionally well. It is likely that this had earned him a place among the substitutes here. DBRS's credit rating for Austria is AAA with stable outlook. Like Weber, Prohaska was 33, and combined they had racked up 144 caps. Heyne had just one cap to his name: a 13 minutes substitute appearance during a 2-1 defeat to Iraq in Baghdad more than ten years (!) At the back, Zapf kept confidence with Wismut Aue ‘keeper Jörg Weißflog. 99 to rent. Toni Polster was surely the biggest contemporary Austrian name. Cea mai mare performanță a avut-o la Campionatul Mondial din 1954, unde s-a clasat pe locul al treilea.A participat direct ca gazdă a Campionatului European din 2008 împreună cu reprezentativa Elveției, dar nu a trecut de grupe. Stöger’s introduction would hardly mean added imagination to the team, though the 23 year old winning his sixth cap would slot directly into the inside left position deserted by Herzog. Hungary is a country in Central Europe.Its capital city is Budapest.Hungary is slightly bigger than its western neighbour Austria and has about 10 million inhabitants. He gave an interpretation of his forward role in the same mould as had been seen by his two predecessors, and for a player of such goal instinct you’d be forgiven for having thought that he would probably be more effective as an out and out striker. Italy - Austria 1 - 5 OG 11. Marco van Basten și Ruud Gullit au marcat câte o dublă pentru milanezi.. Detaliile meciului earlier. They need inspiration and they need it fast. In introducing the often lively Doll, Zapf had brought a new dimension to the GDR attack line. Austria had punished GDR early on through Polster’s clinical finish, and they would maintain momentum for the first 20 minutes, when the hosts struggled to get going. Twenty-two teams entered the race, which was won by the Frenchman Laurent Fignon of the Super U team. The Austrian defence remains collected, and despite their increasing advantage in possession, the hosts can not find a way through. This was due to the Admira Wacker man’s goal record in the domestic league. Moody's credit rating for Austria was last set at Aa1 with stable outlook. Forum at which the countries of North America, western, central and eastern Europe and central Asia come together to forge the tools of their economic cooperation. He finds the head of Stahmann in the area, and the big defender wins in the air against Pecl, flicking the ball on for Kirsten. Felled a few times by either Pfeffer or Artner10 Sammer 6.8at times showed his qualities through bursts from midfield, but took a few knocks, though his departure came as something of a surprise. Weidemann replaced Matthias Sammer, who had taken a couple of knocks during the game, although this was not visible as he came off. Rising star Andreas Herzog, who had scored twice on that Vienna night at the end of November last year, would probably retain his position, whereas it could be up to Manfred Zsak, Andreas Reisinger and Peter Stöger to fight it out for the remaining berth. However, they are punished for some slack passing inside their own half, and as the ball breaks for Manfred Zsak in a central position midway inside the GDR half, he can take all the time in the world to look up and spot the run of Polster ahead of him: No East German is within six-seven yards of Zsak. The 1989–90 Serie A season was another successful year for Napoli, with Diego Maradona being among the leading goalscorers in Serie A (16 goals), behind Marco van Basten of Milan (19 goals) and Roberto Baggio of Fiorentina (17 goals). One now felt they had applied a 3-4-3 formation, as Kreer, left-back during the opening half, was seen in the centre, but with more time elapsed, their second half skin would at times even justify a 4-3-3 tag. Fitch's credit rating for Austria was last reported at AA+ with stable outlook. He did seem to possess the necessary attributes to challenge Polster whether it be aerially or along the ground. However, probably more often Kirsten would come face to face with Austria’s left-sided defensive alibi, which was the curly-haired Peter Artner. This time his effort is directed at goal, but Lindenberger has few problems in tipping it over his crossbar and out for yet another corner kick for the hosts. Weidemann was Rot-Weiß Erfurt’s first contributor so far in the ’90 qualification. Every time he failed to reach a team mate. Replays would reveal that the order of the challenge had been a pretty nasty one, as Weidemann’s boot had caught Ogris right in the thigh. The IJF is present in more than 200 countries and is … In the seasoned Prohaska, the visitors had a genius in the centre of the pitch highly capable of pinning a precise pass in the direction of either forward. Andreas Thom was, despite still only being 23 years of age, something of an East German footballing icon. Replaced at h-t for tactical reasons(14 Doll 6.9initial promise would fade, but he still gave a decent performance since the tactical reshuffle at h-t. Limited goal threat, but took up some promising positions)5 Lindner 7.0again one of his team’s better performers with his enthusiasm and willingness to come forward. : Alphonse ConstantinL 1: Ignace GorisL 2: Michel Piraux(All Belgium) Written by: kaltz Preview After three […] Demoted to Serie B for 1990–91 were Udinese, Hellas Verona, Cremonese and Ascoli. In his previous appearances during the ’90 qualification, Doll had clearly been a wide man, usually a wide attacker. Users have rated this wine 4.5 out of 5 stars. Lindner had possibly had the air knocked out of him as he’d landed on top of Polster, though after some time with the magic sponge, they were both able to resume regular service. Perhaps not so much through his goalscoring exploits as his presence, as he was pretty much your old school tank centre kind of striker, a true number 9 if there ever was one. A magnitude Md 3.4 earthquake occured in region: Confine Italia Austria (AUSTRIA), on . Welcome to our Online Honda Genuine Spare Parts Catalog With our Honda part diagrams online you can order all your spares from home and get them delivered to the address of your choice. Morfologia : atti del V° incontro Italo-Austriaco della Società di Linguistica Italiana a Bergamo, 2-4 ottobre 1989 = Morphologie. Explore releases from Roger Pauletta at Discogs. Herzog had scored twice last time around, but he lived a much more muted existence on this occasion. Approaching 86 minutes: Prohaska concedes a throw-in when challenging Lindner just to the right of his own penalty area. Serie B 1989-90 team distribution. Echipa națională de fotbal a Austriei reprezintă Federația Austriacă de Fotbal în competițiile regionale și internaționale. Italy - France 6 - 2 F 2. by Charles A. Coulombe | Sep 23, 2020. To complete the midfield quartet was Rico Steinmann out on the left hand side. Impatient home fans were starting to leave the ground. Stahmann was not someone who would seek to instigate from the back, rather offering his midfielders the ball than accepting responsibility himself. There’s almost a breakthrough for the hosts, who by now are coming more and more into the game, when Rico Steinmann’s free-kick into the area finds Dirk Stahmann’s head a minute after Rodax’ effort. It would take them precisely ten minutes until they had their first strike, which had been when Polster had gained a few yards on his marker and taken aim from more than 25 yards out, cutting in from the right. The trio were again the attacking players available to the manager here. He would gladly accept the challenges that this role brought with it, although there could be a question mark over his capability. Prohaska was again, like during their 3-2 win against Turkey, appearing in the holding role, where his main asset was his vision: He would constantly look for an opportunity to thread a ball through to players in more advanced positions. 25 March 1989 International friendly: Austria 0–1 Italy: Vienna, Austria: 16:30 CET : Report: Berti 88 ' Stadium: Praterstadion Attendance: 23,000 Referee: Manfred Neuner (West Germany) It should also be noted that striker Peter Pacult had been selected in the original 18 man squad, but the Swarovski Tirol player, along with team mate Manfred Linzmaier, had ultimately not been named in the matchday squad. Here you find opening hours, addresses and more about shops for ARC'TERYX in Austria . Pecl and Pfeffer, predominantly the former, are players you would not have relished to come up against in battle, as they were willing to give their all for the cause. The lack of creativity from midfield, not just from the centre but also from wide areas, remained the hosts’ biggest problem, and Rohde was clearly not the answer to any wide position troubles that they had. Kirsten, of the same age as Thom, was often appearing wide, and as we’ve already established that there was no right winger in this home select, he would time and again be drawn into this territory. East Germany manager Zapf had set his team up in their more or less customary 4-4-2 formation, although it must be pointed out that in this very selection there was no outright wide midfielder along the right flank. Stahmann continued to sweep, whereas Rohde had been shifted into a right-sided position. This was his seventh international, though his first ever World Cup qualifier. Gave the ball away, and not always strong enough in challenges)11 Artner 6.8almost a solely defensive focus from his left-back position, where he would have tussles with Kirsten on a number of occasions. Lola produces Accessoires. Well, twelve of the players who had made up the matchday squad for their win over Turkey were still present for this trip to Leipzig. As for the East German formation, it did seem to have that 3-4-3 (used by Zapf during their 3-2 friendly defeat in Greece, for example) look about it rather than a tentative 4-3-3. Surely, a 1-1 draw was a fine result for the visitors, even if they had held on to that lead for so long. A central defensive role since the h-t break, and he dealt relatively well with Rodax3 Stahmann 7.1a very solid presence at the heart of the defence with his physique, and he battled well aerially in both ends of the pitch. Thom’s team mate at Dynamo Berlin, Thomas Doll, had been selected ahead of Kirsten. ‘Pepi’ arrived with the same goalkeeping combination as for their first two qualifiers, so Klaus Lindenberger appeared a solid candidate to maintain his place as the number one choice. The US Group Control Council (Austria)was established in the Mediterranean Theater on 27 January 1945, and the London planning staff started its move to Italy early in February 1945. It was the striker’s first sniff at goal, but the low shot ended comfortably in the grasp of Weißflog. Could’ve interacted better with the forwards(13 Weidemann –gave a relatively busy impression for his cameo, and showed initiative on the ball. In December 1944 the proposal that Austria be divided into three zones was made by the Soviet representative to the European Advisory Commission. France - Italy 1 - 0 F 13. Thom would at times seek to be fed the ball further back in the pitch, but even his toiling would come to no avail. Get this from a library! Manager Josef Hickersberger had indeed also featured for the visitors on that Leipzig occasion. 1980 - 1989; Sponsored Footloose in Austria - Hallstatt and Salzburg. The HUDOC database provides access to the case-law of the Court (Grand Chamber, Chamber and Committee judgments and decisions, communicated cases, advisory opinions and legal summaries from the Case-Law Information Note), the European Commission of Human Rights (decisions and reports) and the Committee of Ministers (resolutions) Interesting tussles with Polster in the second half, and always fully committed6 Rohde 6.3hugely disappointing performance both as the defensive midfielder in the first half and as the right-sided player after the break. Either view could be defended, even if the latter appeared the more correct after all. A draw seemed to be just about the right result, although the Austrians would’ve felt that they should’ve won it, both having led for so long and not least following that awful Polster miss. To complete the backline was Kreer, though whereas he had been a left-sided alibi during the first 45, he had now seemingly come into a more central position, clearly suggesting a switch to a three man defensive line from the hosts, although Kreer would even at times resume wide duties. Highlights involved the 220s on FSF & FP commuter trains, the "pre-arranged" (fixed!) Sammer was an energetic player despite his fairly tall frame, and his ability to take a man on and skip past him ball at feet seemed an important ingredient in the hosts’ tactics. Kirsten’s goal had been his tenth in the national team jersey in his 39th appearance. This was hardly a move which would bring the best out of the nine time league champion with BFC. Ten straight league wins had been the end of the line for the Berlin club usually associated with the Stasi, East Germany’s secret police. There’s a visiting core of Austrian fans present, too, and their mood appears more buoyant. No chance to keep Kirsten’s super strike out2 Russ 7.1sound both ways, and would often be spotted by Prohaska down the right3 Pecl 6.9hard as nails, but ultimately let down when failing to win the header against Stahmann which lead to the equalizer4 Pfeffer 6.7kept things simple, and needed to be alert to the space between himself and Artner to not let Kirsten in with a shout5 Weber 7.1another fine performance as the libero, where his reading of the game saw him first to many a ball6 Zsak 6.9plenty involved early on, the assist for Polster’s goal included, but would be less potent as the game wore on and the visitors were sitting deep7 Rodax 6.3a first half shot into the arms of Weißflog apart, this was a disappointing show from the Austrian Bundesliga’s super scorer. Welcome to "Phil's Loco Photos" Phil's Loco Photos Welcome to my new home for "Phil's Loco Photos". Carantină 14 zile la sosirea din Germania, Austria, Italia și Marea Britanie. 20 May 1989Kick-off: 8.00pmZentralstadion, LeipzigAtt. Prohaska appeared to be a favourite for the same role that he had held against the Turkish: as the central among the midfield three. ARC'TERYX produces Accessoires, Menswear, Sportswear and Womenswear. During the first half, Rohde had been the defensive midfielder without excelling, and now he had been shoved out wide. With no further goals in the opening half, the second half brought about a change in formation for the hosts, when they had gone 3-4-3, bringing on forward Doll for defender Trautmann. The 1989 Giro d'Italia was the 72nd edition of the Giro d'Italia, one of cycling's Grand Tours.The Giro started off in Taormina on 21 May with a 123 km (76.4 mi) flat stage that ended in Catania.The race concluded in Florence with a 53 km (32.9 mi) individual time trial on 11 June. On this occasion, their cause was making sure that the East German attackers could not find a way through to Lindenberger’s goal. The officiating trio had arrived from Belgium, and it was 40 year old (his birthday had been three days earlier) Alphonse Constantin who would be the referee. Coin catalog My collection Swap Users. It is as if they collectively ask in the direction of their touchline administration: “What now?” Matthias Sammer attempts an easy pass under no pressure whatsoever inside his own half towards left-back Ronald Kreer, but it is too high and goes out for an Austrian throw-in. However, he had played a high risk game when attempting to get to Zsak’s through ball for Polster’s opener, and this poor error of judgement had left both him and his team reeling. He had featured in the first of two spring friendlies (both had been home defeats: 1-0 to Italy and 2-1 to Czechoslovakia), and was back again for this one. Austria had yet only played twice, and they’d won their previous qualifier, 3-2 at home to Turkey towards the end of last year, and they were likely to challenge for the second spot behind what seemed an unstoppable Soviet Union. He had the ability to run with the ball at high speed, and this often appeared to unsettle opposing defenders, not quite knowing when to put a tackle in. Steinmann, another youngster at 21, did seem to favour his right foot, but he was certainly no stranger also to using his left. It did seem as the GDR midfield was working better early in the second half, adapting well to the change in formation. Even showed some mettle when battling for possession after the break9 Polster 7.2a menace to both Trautmann and Lindner, and in addition to taking his goal well, he should’ve added another in the second half. Detailed information about the coin 2 Groschen, Austria, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data His only other qualification task hitherto had been England’s 3-0 home win against Northern Ireland ahead of the 1988 European Championships. Köhler had not been selected this time around, even if there was no Hans-Uwe Pilz due to injury. There was still no space for René Müller in the squad. Kamasinski v Austria (Inadequate interpretation in criminal proceedings) (Series A, No 168 Application No 9783/82) EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS (1991) 13 EHRR 36, 19 DECEMBER 1989. ; 24 May - AC Milan win the European Cup for the third time with a 4-0 victory over Romanian league champions Steaua Burcharest of in Barcelona. Il tabellino di Austria-Italia 0-1, gara disputata il 25/03/1989, competizione Amichevole. Up top, the visitors had the mighty Toni Polster, whose reputation had been growing ever since he’d made the move to Spanish football, where he had been a hit with Sevilla. Shipping and handling. So far, their greatest threat seems to be posed through free-kicks and corners, as in open play they continue to lack necessary imagination to tear the visitors’ backline apart. The entire Austrian backline are low on appearance figures, as they average ten between them bar Weber. ;] Second half:As the teams reappeared for the start of the second half, it became obvious that Zapf had made a half-time substitution: Man-marker Trautmann had been told to go and sit among the subs, while Thomas Doll had been brought into the mix. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Roger Pauletta at the Discogs Marketplace. 1989 was a fantastic vintage year for Europe with a number of regions having standout vintages, some the best of the decade. Sammer, on the other hand, seems a better fit ball at feet, although the Austrians appear to be very aware of the Dynamo Dresden starlet’s qualities, and so tend to foul him before he is able to heap any danger onto them. The head left within a circle Lettering: REPVBBLICA ITALIANA CRETARA Translation: Republic of Italy Cretara Engraver: Laura Cretara Critics have scored this wine 92 points. The two stoppers that Zapf and his trusted assistants Heinz Werner and Frank Engel again had opted for were Jörg Weißflog and Dirk Heyne, just like for the journey to the USSR. The long anticipated GL finally was finally announced for the model year This was a major new model and bore carried almost nothing over from the outgoing GL The GL now had a silky smooth flat six cylinder engine of cc and …

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