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del Ponte Morandi: dall’Ingegnere erano definite delle “A” 13 intimo il ponte esistente”. Ad alcuni, già noti, vengono addebitate nuove ipotesi di reato. [30] On 23 August 2018, Brencich resigned from the inspection commission, and Minister Danilo Toninelli removed Ferrazza as the chair, for "reasons of opportunity in relation to all the institutions involved in this affair".[97]. [7] In the 1990s, the tendons on pillar 11 appeared to be most damaged. Ponte Morandi (Morandi-broen) var en del af Polcevera-viadukten (italiensk: Viadotto Polcevera) på motorvej A10 i Italien.Den krydsede floden Polcevera mellem distrikterne Sampierdarena og Cornigliano i Genova, Liguria. [71], It was later decided that the bridge would not be repaired but demolished. [80], The Italian Football Federation announced that a minute of silence would be held for the victims of the collapse before all football events across the country during the weekend that followed the incident. Other parts landed on the tracks of the Turin–Genoa and Milan–Genoa railways, and on warehouses belonging to Ansaldo Energia, an Italian power engineering company. h�bbd```b``���o��ɠ����$�db�`2L� � ��؄r���\�Pϣ"������9`�9�d�v �b��`�$�r0{ B�V�����D[�d�2��wDB��j��/d`bd`�h6���� �� endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 1562 0 obj <>stream [21] In 1979/1980, Morandi's similar[22] bridge in Venezuela suffered one or more stay cable failures with collapse imminent. Ingegnere Riccardo Morandi, chi è: padre del ponte crollato ieri a Genova. 0 Love 9 Visits Published 8/31/2020. The replacement bridge, the Viadotto Genova-San Giorgio ("Genoa-Saint George Viaduct") was inaugurated in August 2020.[4]. [44] The study showed that, in the option for improving what was termed as the "low gutter", it would be more economical to replace the bridge with a new one north of its current location, and then to demolish the existing bridge. Their analysis suggests that the deck between pier 10 and pier 11 had minimal movements until early 2015, and that between March 2017 and August 2018 there was a significant increase in structural changes (noting that the collapsed pier is pier 9, without any consequential damage to piers 10 and 11, and the between deck). Ingegneria. [75][76], The area under the remaining part of the bridge, including several homes, was evacuated. [7][8] The concrete was prestressed only to 10 MPa,[citation needed] making it susceptible to cracks, water intrusion, and corrosion of the internal steel. Sul crollo del ponte Morandi parla l'ingegnere incaricato di alcuni lavori di rinforzo al viadotto: "Crollato per una cannonata da 3,5 tonnellate". The load of the bridge was 7,000 kg (15,000 lb) per tendon, while the tendons were originally capable of carrying 15,000 kg (33,000 lb)[citation needed]. The bridge was designed by Riccardo Morandi. Only after continual measurement, redesign and associated structural work was the vehicle deck considered acceptable, approaching horizontal by the mid-1980s. [18][19] Pillar 10 had the stays at the top strengthened with steel sheathing in the 1990s. The Ponte Morandi was a cable-stayed bridge characterised by a prestressed concrete structure for the piers, pylons and deck, very few stays, as few as two per span, and a hybrid system for the stays constructed from steel cables with prestressed concrete shells poured on. It featured diagonal cable-stays, with the vertical trestle-like supports made up of sets of Vs: one set carrying the roadway deck, while the other pair of inverted Vs supported the top ends of two pairs of diagonal stay cables. Aperta inchiesta per omicidio e disastro colposi", "Quando il M5S parlava della "favoletta del ponte che sta per crollare" per bloccare la variante", "Quella "favoletta" sul rischio crollo del ponte che imbarazza i 5 Stelle, convinti "No Gronda". The Ponte Morandi bridge, named after its designer Riccardo Morandi, is part of the Polcevera viaduct and was a … [17] From 1990 onward, the easternmost pillar 11 had its stays strengthened by flanking them with external steel cables. Forbindelsen blev officielt åbnet den 4. september 1967, og broen blev navngivet efter designeren Riccardo Morandi. I nomi iscritti nel registro sono in tutto 74. However, these two committee members were immediately criticised for being among the signatories of the February 2018 government report that failed to impose precautionary measures on the weakened bridge. [citation needed], The viaduct was officially opened on 4 September 1967 in the presence of Italian President Giuseppe Saragat. [31][38] In pre-stressed concrete beams, such a difference could represent the entire effect of the non-linear pre-stresses. Romano Amodeo 38,783 views. [47] Between 30 and 35 cars and three trucks were reported to have fallen from the bridge. [41][43], By the mid-2000s, the A10 route through Genoa and over the bridge had become highly congested. "[93] Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini also blamed supposed EU spending limits for infrastructure, but this was immediately dismissed and disproven by European Commission officials. %PDF-1.7 %���� L’Ingegner Riccardo Morandi è stato a più riprese docente universitario. The disaster caused a major political controversy about the poor state of infrastructure in Italy and raised wider questions about the condition of bridges across Europe. [99], The last two cable-stayed pillars (10 and 11) of the bridge were demolished using a tonne of explosives on 28 June 2019. Ponte Morandi (English: Morandi Bridge), officially Viadotto Polcevera (English: Polcevera Viaduct),[1] was a road viaduct in Genoa (Italy), constructed between 1963 and 1967 along Italy's A10 motorway over the river Polcevera, from which it derived its official name. ⭕️ ROME 25/12/1989, deceased on Christmas day, aged 87, the engineer and architect Riccardo Morandi. On 3 May 2018, the Autostrade company had announced a call for tenders for a structural upgrade of the viaduct to the value of €20,159,000, with a deadline of 11 June 2018. In contrast, with bare tendons which are relatively under-constrained like the strings in a piano, the effect of pre-stress is dominant in determining the resonant frequency. A rail replacement bus service was established between the stations. I suoi studi sul calcestruzzo, vera ossessione, e tutte le leggerezze a cui andò incontro. E l’abbiamo trovato. Era stato inaugurato 51 anni fa", "IL PONTE MORANDI ERA DEFINITO UN 'VIADOTTO MALATO' E SEMPRE SOGGETTO A LAVORI DI MANUTENZIONE", "Ing. [17] The minutes of a February 2018 government meeting reported that resistance and reflectometry measurements had been performed indicating an "average" reduction of the cross section of 10 to 20% of the tendons. The bridge was an engineering and architectural landmark since its construction. ", "Genova, crollo ponte Morandi: le vittime", "Italy bridge: Dozens feared dead in Genoa as motorway collapses", "Crollo ponte Morandi, una testimone: tiranti spezzati insieme", "As it happened: Genoa motorway bridge disaster", "Genova, crolla parte di un ponte sull'A10. The study highlighted how the traffic volume, with daily queues at peak hours joining the Autostrada Serravalle, produced "an intense degradation of the bridge structure subjected to considerable stress", with the need for continuous maintenance. Pylon 9 did not receive this upgrade", "Genova, crollo del ponte autostradale, nel mirino i cavi di cemento armato. Riccardo Morandi, oltre a concepire grandi opere infrastrutturali, nel corso della sua carriera fu dedito ad approfondire lo studio del calcestruzzo armato precompresso. View La tragedia del Ponte Morandi images from our The collapse of the Morandi Bridge photo gallery. His works are scattered around the world a bit. When a 210 metres (690 ft) section of the viaduct collapsed during a rainstorm on 14 August 2018, 43 people died — leading to a yearlong state of emergency in the Liguria region, extensive analysis of the structural failure[3] and widely varying assignment of responsibility. 1 ottobre 2019 9 started dropping virtually simultaneously. As little as a 2% shift could represent severe damage. [68], At the time of the collapse, the bridge was managed by Atlantia S.p.A. (formerly Autostrade S.p.A.), a holding company operating toll motorways and airports, which is controlled by the Benetton family. Ma l’ingegnere, che per anni ha lavorato per società Autostrade, ha chiesto di mantenere l’anonimato. [37] Modal frequencies were more than 10% different, specifically on the southern stays. Toninelli non ci sta: "Sciacalli, "Italy motorway bridge collapses over Genoa, 'dozens' feared dead", "Atlantia SpA investors faced dramatic losses as bond-price declines accelerated and the stock fell by almost a quarter", "Italy mourns Genoa bridge victims at state funeral", "Bridges across Europe are in a dangerous state, warn experts", "It is not just in Italy that bridges are failing", "Transport – Infrastructure investment – OECD Data", "I watched and wept in Genoa's ruins. Locals have posted images of the bridge … The dead were 29 citizens of Italy, four from France, three from Chile, two from Albania and one each from Colombia, Jamaica, Moldova, Peru, and Romania. [89], The collapse raised concerns about the general condition of infrastructure in Europe, with studies in Italy, France, and Germany suggesting that a significant number of bridges are in need of renovation or replacement due to corrosion and structural deterioration. [67] Immediately, the complete road on the pillar and soon after also the pillar itself fell. [85][86], A state funeral was held on 18 August, inside the Fiera di Genova event arena, for 18 victims of the collapse, along with recognition for the firefighters and other rescue workers. We all know how bad our infrastructure is in Italy. ", "Repair of the stay cables of the Polcevera Viaduct in Genova, Italy", "Detail view – Part of reinforced pylon number 10. It was inaugurated on 3 August 2020. [79] According to deputy minister of infrastructure Edoardo Rixi, the entire bridge would be demolished. [34][35], Workers were installing new heavy concrete Jersey barriers on the Ponte Morandi before it collapsed, reducing the already low compressive pre-stress on the concrete of the stays and increasing the loads. Scientists from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, developed a method of analyzing satellite data to detect millimeter-size changes. The disaster resulted in a drop in the stock price of the road's operator, Atlantia, by 5% the same day and by 25% two days later. 3/�@�SS��R��7K��1e+���d �w�R�v��Te:�OReQ!��P�-�I��_�-~�&_ON�^WT9�~�B��X� ��136�h���ܭ&Q�/�䨧�����ٮ���m��� DN. From the movement of the top cross-beam, it appears the tension cables of the south-eastern stay gave way. The Ponte Morandi was a cable-stayed bridge characterised by a prestressed concrete structure for the piers, pylons and deck,[6] very few stays, as few as two per span, and a hybrid system for the stays constructed from steel cables with prestressed concrete shells poured on. [51], The initial hypotheses were that a structural weakness or a landslide caused the collapse. The steel sheathing has been added 1993 and later. [9][10][11], The viaduct was built between 1963 and 1967 by the Società Italiana per Condotte d'Acqua, costing 3.8 billion Italian lire and opened on 4 September 1967. 1499 0 obj <> endobj 1542 0 obj <>/Encrypt 1500 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<059944D3FC824B219E4D4571545A6508><92F1B297A7D64FB88ACA3CB98901BB95>]/Index[1499 64]/Info 1498 0 R/Length 157/Prev 1356109/Root 1501 0 R/Size 1563/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream L’ingegnere Riccardo Morandi, progettista del ponte crollato a Genova, era considerato uno dei massimi esperti nel settore. Dopo la strage, lo strazio: "Quando ero ministro... "Crollo Ponte Genova, tiranti ridotti del venti per cento: Ministero e Autostrade sapevano", "Genoa Bridge Collapse: The Road to Tragedy", "Ecco la crepa su Ponte Morandi due giorni prima del crollo: video", "Autostrade per l'Italia ristruttura il viadotto del Polcevera a Genova", "Ponte crollato, ecco il bando per i lavori di sostituzione dei tiranti ritenuti la causa del cedimento", "Genova, ponte crollato: "Ci sono elementi di disagio", dicevano i tecnici di Autostrade ai cittadini", "Sul ponte Morandi non è stato fatto abbastanza", "Crollo Ponte Morandi, "anomalie sul pilone nove". [10] About 30% of the tendons had corroded away. As part of the initial study and report, the Autostrade company measured that the bridge carried 25.5 million transits a year, with traffic having quadrupled in the previous 30 years and "destined to grow, even in the absence of intervention, by a further 30% in the next 30 years". [46][74], Multiple survivors were transported to nearby hospitals, many in critical condition. [47][48] The collapsed span was centred on the westernmost cable-stayed pillar, pillar 9,[47] and crossed the Polcevera river as well as an industrial area of Sampierdarena. Morandi design unusual at the time. Dal 1971 è stato Research Professor presso l’Università Statale della Florida. The city council requested proposals for improvement of traffic flow through Genoa, with the Autostrade company in 2009 proposing the "Gronda di Ponente" project to improve flow, by moving traffic to a newly built Autostrada interchange system located to the north of the city. [82], The Italian transport minister Danilo Toninelli, in office for the first time since 1 June 2018, described the incident as "an immense tragedy",[47] but he was also known to be member of the Five Star Movement, the political party which in 2012 said that the risk of a collapse of Morandi Bridge was just a silly fairy tale, because "the bridge would have lasted another hundred years", quoting a 2009 evaluation by Autostrade. [17] On pillar 9 they could identify only four global modes, and the deformations of two of these identified modes were not fully compliant. [52] The bridge was reportedly undergoing maintenance at the time of the collapse, including strengthening the road foundations. It originated from the nearby Ferrometal company cameras, showing that both southern stays and locally attached road sections at pillar no. Il Politecnico aveva avvertito Autostrade a novembre", "Natural frequencies of prestressed concrete beams: theoretica prediction and numerical validation", 10.1002/(sici)1096-9845(199701)26:1<41::aid-eqe622>;2-u, "Genova, storia del ponte Morandi dalle polemiche al crollo", "La mancata manutenzione ha causato il crollo del ponte Morandi a Genova? [65] There is speculation that lightning may have struck the stays, or a landslide could have destabilised the base. In Liguria da ore piove abbondantemente, la Protezione civile ha dichiarato l’allerta arancione e una parte del chilometro del ponte Morandi era sottoposto anche ad un intervento di sistemazione, a provarlo è una gru, dicono, presente da qualche giorno. A Volvo FM truck belonging to Damonte Trasporti S.R.L. [50] The latter were largely empty because the collapse occurred on the eve of the Italian public holiday, Ferragosto. [94] The position of the Benetton family, whose company owns 30% of Atlantia, has also come under scrutiny. Auto sotto le macerie: "Almeno venti vittime, "Italy's Autostrade was carrying out maintenance on Genoa bridge", "As imagens da ponte Morandi minutos antes de colapsar em Génova", "Exclusive | Collapsed Italy bridge investigators find corrosion on main stay cables", "Death toll in Italy bridge collapse rises to 41", "Crollo ponte Morandi Genova, si continua a scavare: si cercano ancora 5 dispersi", "Hoe kon de Ponte Morandi in het Italiaanse Genua instorten? [15] A single truck can weigh as much as 44,000 kg (97,000 lb). 0 users love this project . Il suo lavoro inoltre gli valse due lauree Honoris Causa: una presso l’Università di Monaco di Baviera e una presso l’Università degli Studi di Reg… I mages have emerged of the "crumbling" Ponte Morandi bridge in Genoa, a year before it collapsed killing 39 people. The work on the reinforcement of the stays on pillars 9 and 10 would have needed to be finished within five years. Autostrade ha minimizzato gravità della situazione, "Ponte Morandi, ecco perché è crollato: il nuovo video choc con l'ult...", "Ponte Morandi, la sorpresa dei magistrati per la relazione, prematura, della commissione Mit", "Ponte Morandi bridge collapses in Genoa during storm", "Morandi Bridge: anaylsis [sic] of the Ferrometal CCTV video clip in six enhanced sequences",, "Genoa Bridge Collapse Throws Harsh Light on Benettons' Highway Billions",, "Dieci i ponti crollati in 5 anni: in calo la manutenzione e gli investimenti", "Demolition of Genoa's Ponte Morandi is underway", "Morandi bridge towers demolished in Genoa", "Grief and anger at Italy bridge collapse", "Former Cagliari keeper survives 'apocalyse' Genoa bridge collapse", "Italy bridge rescuers search into the night", "Morandi Bridge collapse: how to travel through Genoa now", "Italy bridge: State of emergency follows Genoa disaster", "Genova, crolla ponte Morandi sulla A10: "Sono 23 le vittime accertate". In Genoa, in 2017, a confidential university report noted disparities in the behaviour of the stays of the now collapsed pillar 9. ", "In Italy Bridge Collapse, Both Design and Upkeep Are Under Suspicion", "Ponte Morandi: online la relazione della Commissione Ispettiva Mit | mit", "Ponte Morandi, la Commissione: "Crollo dovuto a struttura, non a stralli. The bridge is widely called "Ponte Morandi" after its structural designer, the noted engineer Riccardo Morandi.[2]. [66], In July 2019, a video showing the fall of the bridge was made public. It also provided a critical artery of European route E80, linking Italy and France. Ingegnere Riccardo Morandi, … Italiano: Immagine del Ponte Morandi, dopo il crollo avvenuto il 14 agosto Visuale da Est presso lo svincolo di Genova Ovest. Other than pre-stress, changes in geometry, such as corrosion in the tendons could impact the resonant frequency. [49], A large part of the collapsed bridge and the vehicles on it fell into the rain-swollen Polcevera. [98] The research and imagery was forwarded to the Italian authorities for further evaluation. It was similar to his earlier 1957 design for the General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge in Venezuela,[5] except for the stays, which on the Venezuelan bridge are not covered with prestressed concrete. Italia. In particolare, studiò le qualità del cemento armato. [81] On 16 August, the Lega Serie A postponed the opening 2018–19 Serie A matches for both Genoese association football clubs Genoa and Sampdoria that were originally scheduled for 19 August. It connected Genoa's Sampierdarena and Cornigliano districts across the Polcevera valley. However, Autostrade, the company that maintained the bridge, objected that the video still does not show all bridge structures and so it does not really explain the cause. [92] A resident of Genoa told reporters: "The central government will scapegoat the bridge company, the company will scapegoat someone else — they're all to blame. "Delrio, la cupa confessione. Inchiesta ponte Morandi, Schema del Quesito formulato dal giudice per accertare le cause del crollo. [73], Forty-three people were confirmed dead and 16 injured. [20] Following the collapse, many questions have been raised about the stays. Il crollo del Ponte di Genova, avvenuto il 14 agosto del 2018, ha suscitato grande interesse nei riguardi delle opere firmate dal suo storico progettista: l’Ingegnere Riccardo Morandi. Nei confronti degli altri, finora non iscritti nel registro degli indagati, si legge nella nota della Procura, sono emersi indizi di responsabilità. [50] Davide Capello, the former goalkeeper for Cagliari, survived without injury and was able to walk away from his car, even though it dropped 30 metres (100 ft) before becoming wedged between parts of the fallen bridge. Il nome di Riccardo Morandi è assurto alla cronaca nera il 14 agosto 2018 a causa del crollo del viadotto che porta il … [69] The family waited two days to release a company public statement offering condolences to victims and their families.[70]. [12], The bridge had been subject to continual restoration work from the 1970s on due to an incorrect initial assessment of the effects of creep of the concrete. Ponte morandi 25 12 2014 3,072 × 2,304; 2.18 mb ponte morandi 2,526 × 559; 101 kb saragat all'inaugurazione del viadotto polcevera 1967 545 × 415; 290 kb. La Procura di Genova ha reso pubblica la lista aggiornata degli indagati per il crollo del ponte Morandi, del 14 agosto scorso. [13] This resulted in excessive deferred displacement of the vehicle deck so that it was neither level nor flat; at the worst points, it undulated in all three dimensions.

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