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How are you? I hope they might be contagious! Do your friends seldom drink a bottle of water during the day? It included some tests to determine how confident she was for long periods of time alone. Mattia: A little. there is also a white and pink cap above the baseball glove and shorts); there is only one green tennis ball under the baseball shorts. I don’t normally drink coffee, but I sometimes have it after lunch. All cyclists will have to wear vintage outfits. Ninety members of a non-profit organisation of journalists and photographers, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, choose the Globes. B There is the possessive pronoun after the preposition of. Can you come and play tennis with me? Last week’s storm caused a lot of damage. Martin walked slowly on our trekking holiday. They usually get their driving licence and can drive. There are three clocks with different times: twenty to six, ten past six, a quarter past five. This jet is all-electric and can fly as fast as a Formula-One car, travelling from London to Paris in one hour. Both my two sons are / My two sons are both very good at swimming. It is often true that you don’t really appreciate events until they have finished and then you look back and realise how important they were. Has the film director used slow motion in this film? There is also an apple. I would prefer the park because it is bigger and you can invite more people. No, she wants an orange lamp and she buys a white one, ‘Do you need any help?’ ‘No thanks, we’re just looking.’, ‘Do you have this lamp in black?’ ‘Let me check on the computer.’, ‘Can I help you?’ ‘I’d like some cushions for the sofa in my living room.’, ‘Excuse me, I’m looking for a new carpet. Needn’t / Doesn’t need to: slam the door, do her homework for tomorrow. Scientists will develop a new vehicle to reach the moon. Look! Then she began/started to work in a factory. My brother normally brushes his teeth after every meal. What’s up with you? He’s gone to the seaside on holiday.’, ‘Where have you been?’ ‘I was talking to my tutor. We love Christmas and Easter in my family. She was wearing long T-shirts with wide belts and leggings, lots of necklaces and bracelets, and very long earrings! You had to cover your mouth with a handkerchief when you yawned and we still have to today. Scientists are tracking water temperature from satellite data and using it to calculate the probable future bleaching. / If you are 18, they will let you into that pub. It’s just €9.99. Barbara: She’s watching a documentary about unusual places for summer holidays. There are four ways: money as power, as generosity, as security and as freedom. I didn’t have to return the book to the library by Friday. Because it is near the airport, it has an overnight offer and arranges transfers to and from the airport, a stopover - a temporary stay in the middle of a journey, hold luggage - bags that aren’t taken into the cabin, a whizz - an expert or person skilled in a certain area. No, he isn’t, he doesn’t like the words ‘booby’ and ‘mental hospital’. Are the students rarely on time for their lessons? These are red pens and those are highlighters. He’ll be a lawyer. Lucy danced well when she was at Leo’s party. forgets his/her problems in his/her space? Also prepare cold soft drinks, strawberries and ice cream. Matthew, have you ever visited Paris? Mike: I’d like a bottle of still water, please. You’re kidding! Let’s give it a go. Tom arrived at school late and the teacher got angry. Sconto 2% e Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a 25 euro. / Yes, you/we/they are. How much is a sofa? He lost some marks on the test but he passed anyway. Previous experience: looking after two younger brothers and a little cousin; babysitting for her neighbours, who have a little boy of 2. Fruit and vegetables: carrots, onions, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, grapes, strawberries, pears. That chocolate cake looks nice. I fall asleep at 10 in the evening because I’m generally very tired. Yes, it’s just round the corner in York Street. Both Oscar and Lucinda were in my class. The glacier is less thick than in the past. Did our grandparents live in a big city before moving to the country? - common abbreviation for ‘brilliant!’. He is going to book the flight and the accommodation online. You can take either the one on the left or that one on the right. Andy: He’s cycling along a historical path that goes from Canterbury to Rome. You had to remove your hat when entering a building, now you don’t have to. She is unkind and says she will send him to a mental hospital. Cheers, Joanna (100 words), tube 3, packet 7, can/tin 2, bowl 6, box 8, bottle 1, jug 5, carton 4, It is for 14/16-year-old students who have a passion for cooking, He wants to order four dishes: a starter, a main dish with a side dish and a dessert, The task was to write about the family member you are similar to, I love all my family members, but my most special relative is definitely my grandmother. I’ve been to the cinema once a month in the last few years. medium height, slim, short curly, glasses, Have your neighbours got, haven’t, have got. They weren’t wearing jeans in conventional places, He saw the birds flying while he was looking up at the sky. Many synagogues expect women to dress modestly (dress length that is below knee, top that covers to the collarbone, sleeves). / Environmentalists. I can’t find my phone, either I left it upstairs or I put it in the wrong bag. It’s the first time our class has had a really interesting discussion about music. We’ve also had a class debate about music in films, and watched the classic West Side Story. Phil: To be perfectly honest, the topic of the lecture sounds interesting. Have you seen him? They found the Giant lying dead under the tree, all covered with white blossoms. Con espansione online. I think she comes from England. Because I think it can help me find a good job when I finish school. The place we visited last week is more interesting than this place. That car is going to crash against that tree. I’m seeing my tutor next Thursday to organise some regular sessions to improve my study skills. He didn’t queue and paid less for the same T-shirt. There are some typical flavours of Indian cuisine/ cooking in these dishes. They will also communicate with other cars and buses along the road. Adam: no standing in queues, cheap prices. In 2016, the severest coral bleaching affected two-thirds of the reef, especially in the North. He won’t only put out fires and drive fire trucks, but he will also be able to save people’s lives. Ashley: I had a skirt and a blouse that I could match to the jewellery. Have you ever met a famous film director? You don’t have to / needn’t book the room now. / It’s 300 metres long. Ad esempio: i condizionali prima erano nelle units 2, 6, 12 mentre ora sono nelle units 4, 5, 6. The students stood up when the new teacher came in. Reason for travelling: explore the amazing Australian landscapes. inglese 9788808488558 spiazzi marina / tavella marina / layton margaret performer b1 updated - volume one (ldm) / with new preliminary tutor - 2ed. We ordered both a starter and a main course. My uncle and aunt are going on a cruise around the Greek islands next summer starting from a harbour near Athens. Mike: Good morning. Rosie enjoys netball and gymnastics, and Sam plays table tennis at school. Have you ever felt annoyed about a relationship? Mark is a tall and good-looking boy. Tereshkova was interested in parachute jumping. Living room: sofa, armchair, curtains, carpet, bookcase, shelves. The driving licence has always been one of the best parts of growing up because teenagers don’t have to rely on their parents to go where they want. Travel agent: You’ll need a visa for the United States. A It connects two or more positive alternatives. The climate is more complex than I imagined as there is less heat during the day and colder nights than I thought. With closing remarks, a salutation and a signature, Large quantities: a lot of / lots of, much, many, /Λ/ brush, some, supper, butter, number, lunch, /u/ too, food, two, blue, you, choose, juice. Italy has fewer inhabitants than the UK. Does she usually have a rest after lunch? ‘Yesterday we went to the library.’ ‘Which books did you borrow?’ ‘(Books) About Halloween.’. I consider him a really unique person. Con espansione online. Brian is babysitting his little brother late in the afternoon on Wednesday. Apart from the goalkeeper, can players use their hands in football? Brazil has the busiest cities and the most beautiful beaches of all South American countries. Look at that picture, don’t you think it looks beautiful? fair. I’ve always loved the great composers like Mozart and Beethoven. We have seen a stunning science-fiction series recently. No, there isn’t. Do you generally play tennis at weekends? They are developing electric self-driving cars, buses and taxis. Where? improve his results, try to get on well with all his (C), I began to cry while I was watching that romantic film. I see you would like to have the picnic either in your garden or in the park. The man sounds excited, the woman thinks he is a booby. He drank some juice and then he ate a few chips. He is wearing a greyish-coloured jacket with enormous pockets, The driver of the car narrates the story in the first person. Short answers: Yes, I/you/we/they have. It often appears in children’s stories. inglese 9788808488558 spiazzi marina, tavella marina, layton margaret performer b1 updated - volume one (ldm) with new preliminary tutor - 2ed. The room was very hot, so they took off their coats immediately. 1 spiazzi marina, tavella marina, layton margaret zanichelli editore 2019 9788808488558 € 24.00 n s s lingua e letteratura ital alberi infiniti v a 1 damele simonetta, franzi tiziano loescher editore 2017 9788858326909 € 18.65 n s s lingua e letteratura ital What about frisbee? They had to organise a party for their friends’ birthday. I’ve just passed my last exam. No, he hasn’t. 1 zanichelli editore 24,00 no si no storia e geografia 9788842433255 aa vv nel tempo e nello spazio 1 / atlante 1 b.mondadori 28,20 no si no matematica 9788808220851 bergamini massimo / trifone anna He understood that he was selfish, took an axe and knocked down the wall. Who met a friend’s mother at the supermarket? / Wood, stone and glass. Can I have some? We read about raining fish in our lesson this morning, but could it really happen? Who is the most famous person you met last week? Affirmative: I/You/We/They’ve (have) won a prize. Levi Strauss used the flared bottom to fit over work boots. The jumper and the skirt were tighter than I expected. I’d like to go to the department store and buy a new blanket for my bed. Performer B1. Jerry wants to do gardening, go to the theatre, play tennis. You mustn’t cheat on your friends, you must always be fair. They are out for lunch. Italy has fewer islands than the UK, extreme weather conditions, Eastern cultures, meteorologist, deserted place, hates the heat. They are both love stories. I go to work with my friend at about 8 o’clock. Both your grandfather and father-in-law were very generous. don’t choose him for the volleyball team. Sentences 2, 6 use both the present simple and the present continuous to contrast a temporary action (present continuous) with a habitual action (present simple) and to express an action which is annoying, is Alan doing, ’s waiting, ’s always getting. He/She/It hasn’t (has not) won a prize. She removed every unnecessary item from the plane to carry more fuel. When you called me yesterday, I was reading a book. No, she isn’t. People must learn to share and be kind to others. He’s attending a Drama course that starts in September and he’s also joining the rugby team. ‘Have you made friends with your new classmate yet?’ ‘Yes, I have, and we get on very well.’. Who was there? There are fewer motorcycles than cars in this parking place. Randall: I’ve never been to a concert of electronic music before and I’m afraid it might be a dreadful experience. I don’t get regular exercise because I hate sports. You don’t go trekking as/so much as John does. You must listen to the other person without judging him/her. Does your mother do the shopping on Saturdays? / Your grandfather and fatherin-law were both very generous. It was beautiful to see grandparents with their grandchildren. Q8 Wood and stone. My cousin has given me two tickets for the Clean Bandit concert for my birthday. Both brothers played in the same team last year. The table lamp is on special offer because the sales are on. Soft drinks: still water / fizzy water, tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, fruit juice, lemonade. Because they make a mysterious, highlytechnological world believable and depict the future as an evolution of the present: the tales interest teenagers a lot because they, once adults, might live in a world where police cars will be able to fly and people will travel to other worlds. ‘How often do you meet your friends?’ ‘I never meet them on weekdays, but I usually go to the cinema with them during the weekends. He gives the animal a lily and it eats it. Who is the person you have learnt from lately? Advantages: You complete your responsibilities on time, You reduce stress, You have better performances, You find more time for family and friends, You have more opportunities to relax. Happy birthday! Have you got enough food for your guests? You may leave the room after the end of the lesson. She’ll be a firewoman. It’s the first time I’ve seen a historical drama. informatica 9788829840229 gallo piero, sirsi p informatica app 1° biennio volume unico u b minerva italica 25.50 no si no inglese 9788808488558 spiazzi marina, tavella marina, layton margaret performer b1 updated - volume one (ldm) with new preliminary tutor - 2ed. Levi Strauss invented them. They are learning German. The giant sinkhole of Tampa, Florida, could swallow roads, cars and whole buildings. She invites him to go and see a film with them on Saturday. We use the present perfect when we refer to actions that happened at an unspecified time in the past. From going to the cinema with a group of friends to sitting at home in front of a laptop, teenagers have made films one of the most important parts of their entertainment. Television: most teenagers watch television, but usually there are points in the year where they watch more than average. I hope they’ll play the song Rather Be. We’ve never heard of the job of a sound-effect artist before. Sweet and sour are the typical flavours of Shanghai Corner. The two notebooks where the policeman wrote the details about the car, the driver and the passenger. 1 zanichelli editore 23,80 si si no inglese 9788808565792 bonci laura / howell sarah m grammar in progress updated - volume unico (ldm) / third edition u zanichelli editore 30,00 si si no If you come back home too late from the disco, you’ll be too tired the following morning. Motorcycle racing consists in driving at high speed around a track on a motorbike. Q1 Three hundred metres. More than 260 million children and teenagers. My favourite restaurant serves delicious pizza and pasta dishes. There aren’t any / are no cinnamon muffins left. You can phone a few days before your departure. Other characters are: the children who play in the garden (they are happy and joyful when they can play), the little child who becomes the Giant’s favourite, the personifications of the elements of nature - the Snow and the Frost, who are pleased with winter, the North Wind, who is wrapped in furs, and the Hail, who breaks the slates on the roof, Student’s activity.

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