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Romantic and tragic. Some Days Are Better Than Others. There is certainly a very good film within Better Days.Arguably, in fact, there are three: a story about high school bullying, a story about the high pressure put upon teenagers to perform well academically, and a love story about two teenaged outsiders finding strength in each other's presence. 1963 154m Movie. Better Days isn’t without its flaws, primarily an overly-long two hour and 15-minute running time and some unnecessary chronological displacement during the final act – presumably this was to try and add an element of mystery, though it’s hard to imagine most viewers not seeing its late twist coming. "Better Days" is a knockout. He is best known for the film Better Days. Mo' Better Blues. Since its release, it has been receiving love and support from people all around the world. Better Days is adapted from a popular young-adult novel Young and Beautiful, about a schoolgirl who becomes entangled in a murder case and stars Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee, the member of Chinese boy band TFBoys.After its release in China in October 2019, it became a national hit, grossing over $220 million. ‘Better Days’: Film Review Actress Zhou Dongyu electrifies Derek Tsang's smash-hit hybrid of hard-hitting bullying drama and swoony, mismatched-couple love story. Tom Gist stars in his first full length feature film "Better Days The Movie". 2019 88m Movie. HD. 1990 129m Movie. Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out! At his best friend's New Year's Eve party, Gary desperately tries to spark the interest of Ann, his ex-girlfriend, without letting his friends embarrass him, but ends up receiving devastating news instead. This is a tough, sad and uncomfortable movie, but up to a point it's hopeful. With Cody Brotter, Zachary Mooren, Mitch Eakins, Sara Lindsey. Better Days' film-maker Derek Tsang (above) was named Best Director for the work at last year's Hong Kong Film Awards. Probably the most successful Asian production of the last few years, after “Parasite”, “Better Days” dominated the Hong Kong Film Awards a few days before, winning 8 awards, including Best Film, Director, Actress, Cinematography and screenplay, on its way to a more than $225 million worldwide gross. Jackson Yee-Wikipedia. Better Days has received many accolades from the 26th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award, the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards, the Far East Film Festival, and the 33rd Golden Rooster Awards. 3 Days to Go. ‘Better Days’, directed by Derek Tsang, is the third-ever Hong Kong film nominated for an Oscar; the last being ‘Farewell My Concubine’ in 1993. It's the closest look yet taken at the whole ALS community, from science to faith. PHOTO: GOLDEN VILLAGE, THE NEW PAPER FILE 2 people found this helpful. HD. Hong Kong director Derek Tsang made history with his film, "Better Day", landing a historic nomination—the first Oscar nod for any Hong Kong film in 28 years. Other name: Country: China Genres: Crime, Drama, Family, Romance Date aired: 2019-10-25 Status: Completed Summary: When it is time for the Chinese gaokao, the entire country comes to … 1989 90m Movie. Wallace Bachman. Film still from the movie Better Days. Better Days is always aware of its social and artistic direction, and its focus delivers quite an impactful result. CW: sexual assault and suicide. Romantic and tragic. The movie is very well directed and the actors did a great job. Families, caregivers, celebrities and healers help form a perspective that collapses five years of slow degeneration into moments of human spirit. Within the opening minutes of the film, … Report abuse. 2 people found this helpful. In just a year, over 15 billion tickets for the movie were sold. ... "Better Days" is a knockout. Word is that the film showed Chinese society in too negative a light; perhaps that is why narrative around legal improvements has been added at the end. Brilliantly directed by Derek Tsang and acted by Dongyu Zhou and Jackson Yee , "Better Days" is a Chinese "Rebel Without A Cause". Directed by Alessio Di Giambattista. 55 Days at Peking. In 2019, Zhou starred in the youth film Better Days helmed … Spoilers for Better Days and Victim(s) are included in this feature. Better Days is not a subtle movie on the subject, but sometimes it's necessary to hit the audience in a certain way so that they somehow decide to tackle the issue themselves. Better Days in that sense is an acting breakthrough for Zhou; her portrayal of Chen Nian shows that Zhou can progress beyond her roles in romantic dramas. Buy This Title Helpful. Keduanya adalah film 90an berjudul Farewell My Concubine dan Raise the Red Lantern. Hong Kong film Better Days combines a bleak picture of academic pressure and bullying with an unusual love story, to land itself a place on the Oscar list for Best International Feature Film The en… HD. This year’s edition of the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy saw two Chinese-language films take home the festival’s top prizes: Better Days (Golden and Black Mulberry Awards) and Victim(s) (Silver Mulberry Award). Better Days . Better Days makes its dark and heavy undertones apparent early on. Better Days. Directed by Hong Kong-born director Derek Tsang, Better Days follows the story of a girl who is bullied in school and later becomes entangled in a murder. Better Days movie free online Better Days free online. Like numerous other films from Mainland China this year, Derek Tsang’s Better Days has traveled a troubled path from production to the screen: It was initially set to premiere in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, alongside Zhang Yimou’s One Second, until both films were pulled for unspecified “technical” reasons just before their respective screenings. Starring Better Days, Dongyu Zhou, Jackson Yee, Zheng Yi, ... Yimeng Xu, Nan Chen) periodically insert tenderly humorous scenes in the movie that compensate for so many brutal ones. It was also Hong Kong's entry for the Academy Awards' best international feature film category and it reportedly grossed over $220 million (P10.69 billion) during its theatrical release in China. Better Days, Hong Kong director’s adaptation of a novel about a girl bullied at school in China, reminds many cinema-goers of a past they would rather forget. 5.0 out of 5 stars Poignant and Beautiful. In 2019, Yee starred in the youth romance film Better Days, based on the Chinese novel, In his youth, in her beauty. “Better days” has been one of the most anticipated Chinese films in 2019. Better Days (2019) is the first film to bag a Best International Feature Film nomination in 28 years, and only the third ever Hong Kong submission to be acknowledged following Zhang Yimou's Raise the Red Lantern (1991) and Chen Kaige's Farewell My Concubine (1993), while Wong Kar-wai's The Grandmaster (2013) made it to the shortlist. Derek Tsang-Wikipedia. Read more. 2011 93m Movie. Brilliantly directed by Derek Tsang and acted by Dongyu Zhou and Jackson Yee , "Better Days" is a Chinese "Rebel Without A Cause". Derek Tsang’s Better Days was on its way to cinematically encompass China’s education system and broader societal dysfunction at the Berlin International Film Festival, until getting a wide theatrical release in June. Better Days was due to premiere at the Berlin Film Fest in February 2019, but apparently, it needed some alterations before the Chinese authorities were prepared for the world to see it. ‘Better Days’ follows Chen Nian (Zhou Dongyu), a schoolgirl in her final year of high school, through innocuous events, like studying for the gaokao and first-love relationships, to much-less-so affairs, like assault, murder and suicide. THE Chinese film “Better Days” is currently nominated in the Oscar best international feature film category as the official entry of Hong Kong (not China, where it was filmed.) Better Days. Some of you may find this film familiar, while others may be unaware of its existence. Better Days (2019) is the first film to bag a Best International Feature Film nomination in 28 years, and only the third ever Hong Kong submission to be acknowledged following Raise the Red Lantern (1991) and Farewell My Concubine (1993), while Wong Kar-wai's The Grandmaster (2013) made it … Read more. "Better Days" puts you inside the lives of four remarkable individuals who refuse to surrender to Lou Gehrig's disease. The weighty essence of Tsang’s drama was going to exhibit graphic bullying; a bulk of most national teen films but manifestly baneful for China’s image. Better Days has grossed at least US$200 million (S$273 million) in the nearly three weeks since its release, according to the China Movie Data Information Network. Meski film-film asal Hong Kong sering merajai festival film internasional, ternyata sejauh ini baru ada dua film Hong Kong yang berhasil menembus Oscars sebelum Better Days. You may also like.

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