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1.5. The largest immigrant group comes from other European nations (the largest being Romanians, Moldovans, and Albanians): 5.14%, sub-saharan Africa 1.08%, and East Asia: 1.04%. Padua suffered from the invasion of the Huns and was savagely sacked by Attila in 450. SCADUTO. Well known footballers from Padua were Francesco Toldo, who was born here, and Alessandro Del Piero, who started his professional career in the Calcio Padova. Conoscere meglio il sito del Comune di Padova e navigarlo con facilità . Ezzelino was unseated in June 1256 without civilian bloodshed, thanks to Pope Alexander IV. The Carraresi period finally came to an end as the power of the Visconti and of Venice grew in importance. Il Consiglio Comunale, il 9 marzo 2020, ha deliberato di prorogare i termini di versamento di Tari e Cosap a carico di cittadini e imprese.. Con successive delibere del 11 maggio 2020 e 6 luglio 2020 il Consiglio Comunale ha previsto la proroga dei termini di pagamento delle bollette Tari dell’anno 2020. La popolazione si divide in 100535 maschi e 113996 femmine, posizionati con una concentrazione pari a 2,32 per KmQ. [8], Padua was also the birthplace of Thrasea Paetus, Asconius Pedianus, and perhaps Valerius Flaccus. Con un semplice clic lo potete visualizzare ed eventualmente stampare o salvare sul … The crypt was begun in the late 10th century by Venetian craftsmen. The venues of these teams are: Stadio Euganeo for football and athletics, about 32,000 seats; Stadio Plebiscito for rugby union, about 9,000 seats; Palazzetto dello Sport San Lazzaro for volleyball and basketball, about 5,000 seats, and has just been restored; Ippodromo Breda – Le Padovanelle for horse races. Comune di Padova - Ufficio Tributi . By car, there are 2 motorways (autostrade in Italian): A4 Brescia-Padova, connecting it to Verona (then to Brenner Pass, Innsbruck and Bavaria) and Milan (then Switzerland, Turin and France); A4 Padova-Venezia, to Venice then Belluno (for Dolomites holiday resorts like Cortina) Trieste and Tarvisio (for Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Eastern Europe); A13 Bologna-Padova, to Ferrara and Bologna (then Central and South Italy). The current Mayor of Padua is Sergio Giordani (independent, supported by the PD), elected on 26 June 2017. (In Latin this root is present in the word patera which means "plate" and the verb patere meaning "to open".) Still later, the Veneti of Padua successfully repulsed invasions by the Etruscans and Gauls. [6] Padua also provided the Empire with notable intellectuals. Loggia Amulea, as seen from Prato della Valle, Torre degli Anziani as seen from Piazza della Frutta, The Astronomical clock as seen from Piazza dei Signori. When Italy entered World War I on 24 May 1915, Padua was chosen as the main command of the Italian Army. Il comune di Padova, si trova nella provincia di Padova (Regione Veneto), confinato nel Cap: 35121, è popolato da 214531 abitanti (denominati padovani o patavini) e si sviluppa su una superficie con concentrazione pari a 93,3 KmQ. However, despite its wealth, the city was also renowned for its simple manners and strict morality. The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 4.7 km, while 4% travel for over 12 km in a single direction.[28]. [18][19] A small Commonwealth War Cemetery is located in the west part of the city, commemorating the sacrifice of these troops. Come segnalare problemi di accessibilità informatica . The revolt was however short-lived, and there were no other episodes of unrest under the Austrian Empire (nor previously had there been any), as in Venice or in other parts of Italy; while opponents of Austria were forced into exile. The list of notable professors and alumni is long, containing, among others, the names of Bembo, Sperone Speroni, the anatomist Vesalius, Copernicus, Fallopius, Fabrizio d'Acquapendente, Galileo Galilei, William Harvey, Pietro Pomponazzi, Reginald, later Cardinal Pole, Scaliger, Tasso and Jan Zamoyski. Despite this, the city flourished in the following decades both economically and socially, developing its industry, being an important agricultural market and having a very important cultural and technological centre as the University. The city is picturesque, with a dense network of arcaded streets opening into large communal piazze, and many bridges crossing the various branches of the Bacchiglione, which once surrounded the ancient walls like a moat. Padua (/ˈpædjuə/ PAD-ew-ə; Italian: Padova [ˈpaːdova] (listen); Venetian: Pàdova) is a city and comune in Veneto, northern Italy. Since 2012 the city also has its own Gaelic football club, Padova Gaelic Football. [citation needed]. info sulla privacy. Statistiche demografiche, numeri utili, CAP da 35121 a 35143, prefisso e PEC. (1682–1771)",, Articles needing additional references from May 2009, All articles needing additional references, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Italian-language text, Articles containing Venetian-language text, Pages using infobox settlement with possible demonym list, Pages using infobox settlement with image map1 but not image map, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2011, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles needing additional references from June 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2020, Articles with disputed statements from July 2012, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2010, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2006, Pages using Sister project links with wikidata namespace mismatch, Pages using Sister project links with hidden wikidata, Pages using Sister project links with default search, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The most celebrated of the Paduan churches is the, Not far from the Gattamelata statue are the St. George Oratory (13th century), with frescoes by, One of the best known symbols of Padua is the, At the centre of the historical city, the buildings of. This is a list of the mayors of Padua since 1946: * Special prefectural commissioners, nominated after the majority of the members of the City Council resigned in order to remove the mayor from the office. A number of years afterward, it fell under the control of the Gothic kings Odoacer and Theodoric the Great. His deacon, the Jewish convert Daniel, is also a saintly patron of the city. These include: Padua's historic core, includes numerous churches of significant architecture and arts. [13][14] The worst hit areas were the railway station (the target of most raids) and the northern district of Arcella, where 96 % of all buildings were destroyed; overall, 950 homes were destroyed and 1,400 damaged. 1970 persone sono state qui. Each was elected for sixteen months. In late October 1918, the Italian Army won the decisive Battle of Vittorio Veneto, and the Austrian forces collapsed. This concern with morality is reflected in Livy's Roman History (XLIII.13.2) wherein he portrays Rome's rise to dominance as being founded upon her moral rectitude and discipline. In 175 BC, Padua requested the aid of Rome in putting down a local civil war. From Padova, high speed trains connect to Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence and Venice; one can reach Milan in 1h and 51 min, Rome in 3 hours an 0 min and Venice in 20 min. The city was also the site of one of the largest fascist mass rallies, with some 300,000 people reportedly attending one speech by Benito Mussolini. This required the virtual rebuilding of the city. Il Comune di Padova apre qui gli uffici virtuali e offre ai cittadini e alle imprese una scelta dei propri servizi online. [3], However, more recent tests suggest the sepulchre dates to the between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. The old and glorious Stadio Appiani, which hosted up to 21,000 people, presently reduced to 10,000 for security reasons twenty years ago, and near to Prato della Valle in the city central area, is almost abandoned and is to be restored. The remains of an amphitheater (the Arena) and some bridge foundations are all that remain of Roman Padua today. Austrian rule was unpopular with progressive circles in northern Italy, but the feelings of the population (from the lower to the upper classes) towards the empire were mixed. In the neighbourhood of Padua are numerous noble villas. New buildings, in typical fascist architecture, sprang up in the city. During these years, many of Paduans sought safety in the countryside and especially in the nearby lagoons of what would become Venice. i.xiv.6). The king, Vittorio Emanuele III, and the commander in chief, Cadorna, went to live in Padua for the period of the war. [7] Still later, Pliny, referring to one of his Paduan protégés' Paduan grandmother, Sarrana Procula, lauds her as more upright and disciplined than any of her strict fellow citizens (Epist. Following Italy's defeat in the Second World War on 8 September 1943, Padua became part of the Italian Social Republic, a puppet state of the Nazi occupiers. Informazioni e Contatti. Rete Civica del Comune di Padova Note legali, privacy e cookie Additionally, the Indo-European root pat- may refer to a wide open plain as opposed to nearby hills. Home + – 0. For other uses, see, The Botanical Garden of Padova today; in the background, the Basilica of Sant'Antonio. Hai dimenticato la password? [11] From then till 1405, nine members of the moderately enlightened Carraresi family, including Ubertino, Jacopo II, and Francesco il Vecchio, succeeded one another as lords of the city, with the exception of a brief period of Scaligeri overlordship between 1328 and 1337 and two years (1388–1390) when Giangaleazzo Visconti held the town. Under the rule of Venice the university was governed by a board of three patricians, called the Riformatori dello Studio di Padova. Around 49 (or 45 or 43) BC, Padua was made a Roman municipium under the Lex Julia Municipalis and its citizens ascribed to the Roman tribe, Fabia. In 91 BC, Padua, along with other cities of the Veneti, fought with Rome against the rebels in the Social War. The city centre is partly closed to vehicles, except for residents and permitted vehicles. Railways enthusiasts can visit the Signal Box A (Cabina A), preserved by the "Società Veneta Ferrovie" (a society named after the former public works and railway company, based in "Piazza Eremitani" in Padua) association. From December 1943 to the end of the war, Padua was bombed 24 times by Allied aircraft; the heaviest raids were the ones on 16 and 30 December 1943 (each of which caused 300 victims), 7 February 1944 (300 victims), 11 March 1944 (over 300 tons of bombs dropped by 111 bombers), 22 and 23 March 1944, 20 April 1944 (180 victims), 22 February and 12 March 1945. After the war, the city developed rapidly, reflecting Veneto's rise from being the poorest region in northern Italy to one of the richest and most economically active regions of modern Italy. There was just a brief period when the city changed hands (in 1509) during the wars of the League of Cambrai. 1,910 were here. È stato fondato il 21 novembre 1868. However, the advances of Padua in the 13th century finally brought the commune into conflict with Can Grande della Scala, lord of Verona. There are also international day trains to Zurich and Munich, and overnight sleeper services to Paris and Dijon (Thello), Munich and Vienna (ÖBB). Comune di Padova: 16/04/2020. The University of Padua (the second university in Italy, after Bologna) was founded in 1222, and as it flourished in the 13th century, Padua outpaced Bologna, where no effort had been made to expand the revival of classical precedents beyond the field of jurisprudence, to become a center of early humanist researches,[9] with a first-hand knowledge of Roman poets that was unrivalled in Italy or beyond the Alps.[10]. At that time the population of the city was perhaps 40,000. Under Austrian rule, Padua began its industrial development; one of the first Italian rail tracks, Padua-Venice, was built in 1845. The city was bombed several times (about 100 civilian deaths). The main offices of 1,300 industries are based here, employing 50,000 people. It was reconquered for a short time by the Byzantine Empire in 540 during the Gothic War. Saint Anthony, a Portuguese Franciscan, spent part of his life in the city and died there in 1231. [6] The citizens, in order to protect their liberties, were obliged to elect a podestà in 1178. Eh si! There are some car parks surrounding the district. Padua is also serviced by the Verona Villafranca Airport, Treviso Airport and Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport. The great families of Camposampiero, Este and Da Romano began to emerge and to divide the Paduan district among themselves. In 601, the city rose in revolt against Agilulf, the Lombard king who put the city under siege. In 2007, there were 210,301 people residing in Padua, located in the province of Padua, Veneto, of whom 47.1% were male and 52.9% were female. The Spartans came up the river but were defeated by the Veneti in a naval battle and gave up the idea of conquest. He is venerated as the first bishop of the city. Padua is also the birthplace of the celebrated architect Andrea Palladio, whose 16th-century villas in the area of Padua, Venice, Vicenza and Treviso are among the most notable of Italy and they were often copied during the 18th and 19th centuries; and of Giovanni Battista Belzoni, adventurer, engineer and egyptologist. Padua was one of the principal centers of the Veneti. 1,877 were here. Jacopo da Carrara was elected lord of Padua in 1318, at that point the city was home to 40,000 people. Under the surface, several important movements were taking place that were to prove formative for the later development of Padua. Voters elect directly 33 councilors and the Mayor of Padua every five years. [dubious – discuss] The townspeople fled to the hills and later returned to eke out a living among the ruins; the ruling class abandoned the city for the Venetian Lagoon, according to a chronicle. Padua came under the rule of the Republic of Venice in 1405, and mostly remained that way until the fall of the republic in 1797. Padova è un comune del Veneto capoluogo dell'omonima provincia con 212.395 abitanti. Leggi tutto. The Veneto Region is building a regional rail line (S-Bahn-like system) around the city with 15 new stations. Per chi ha ricevuto una multa per transito abusivo e vuole visualizzare la foto e i dati del veicolo, Pubblicazione informatica degli atti del Comune, I contenuti di questo sito sono Pagina istituzionale del Comune di Padova, gestita dal Settore Gabinetto del Sindaco - Rete Civica e URP Padua is, however, the home of one of Italy's four area control centres. The old monastery of the church now houses the Musei Civici di Padova (town archeologic and art museum). These include: This tempera, Two Christians before the Judges, hangs in the city's Cathedral. It is also where, in 1678, Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia became the first woman in the world to graduate from university. It is the capital of the province of Padua. 5,000 German troops, including three generals, surrendered to the partisans in Padua, and another 10,000 in the surrounding area; on 28 April New Zealand troops (2nd New Zealand Division) of the British Eighth Army entered the city. Comune di Padova Settore Cultura, Turismo, Musei e Biblioteche. The Gino Allegri, or Aeroporto civile di Padova "Gino Allegri", is no longer served by regularly scheduled flights. In 1214–1216, Padua was involved in a conflict with Venice, which it lost. Nevertheless, archeological remains confirm an early date for the foundation of the center of the town to between the 11th and 10th centuries B.C. In the years immediately following World War I, Padua developed outside the historical town, enlarging and growing in population, even if labor and social strife were rampant at the time. More than 450 trains per day leave Padova. [30] The team colours are red and white. [5] By the end of the first century BC, Padua seems to have been the wealthiest city in Italy outside of Rome. Padua is approximately 50 km (31 mi) away from Venice Marco Polo Airport which is the nearest airport with regular commercial service. By the 5th century BC, Padua, rose on the banks of the river Brenta, which in the Roman era was called Medoacus Maior and probably until AD 589 followed the path of the present day Bacchiglione (Retrone). The suffix -av (also found in names of rivers such as Timavus and Tiliaventum) is likely of Venetic origin, precisely indicating the presence of a river, which in the case of Padua is the Brenta. The station is used by over 20 million passengers per year. A small ice stadium for skating and hockey is about to be completed, with about 1,000 seats. 43 del 30/05/2020 esecutiva ai sensi di legge, rende nota l'iniziativa finalizzata alla concessione di contributi straordinari per affitti e bollette. Inserisci il codice. In the five years between 2002 and 2007, the population of Padua grew by 2.21%, while Italy as a whole grew by 3.85%. Il Comune di Pozzonovo e la fondazione CARIPARO, nell'ambito di una progettualità finanziata dalla Fondazione cassa di risparmio di Padova e Rovigo e dal Comune di Pozzonovo, approvata con deliberazione di giunta comunale nr. The botanical garden Orto Botanico di Padova was founded as the garden of curative herbs attached to the University's faculty of medicine. The agreement provided for the complete dismemberment of Venice's territory in Italy and for its partition among the signatories: Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I of the House of Habsburg was to receive Padua in addition to Verona and other territories. [29] Later that year they had the honour of taking part in the first official GAA match in Italy when they played Ascaro Rovigo GFC in the Adige Cup. 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Come fare per Tipologie di procedimento, Dichiarazioni sostitutive e acquisizione d'ufficio dei dati. Since local government political reorganization in 1993, Padua has been governed by the City Council of Padua. Its agricultural setting is the Venetian Plain (Pianura Veneta). PADOVA - Il Comune stanzia 100 mila euro per il rifacimento dei bagni e degli impianti di riscaldamento del campo nomadi di via Longhin.La settimana scorsa il … Indeed, it briefly survived P. Messori's death and was sold by the Jesuits in 2004. According to a tradition dated at least to the time of Virgil's Aeneid and to Livy's Ab Urbe Condita, Padua was founded around 1183 BC by the Trojan prince Antenor. The average amount of time people wait at a stop or station for public transit is 13 min, while 30% of riders wait for over 20 minutes on average every day. The city is sometimes included, with Venice (Italian Venezia) and Treviso, in the Padua-Treviso-Venice Metropolitan Area (PATREVE) which has a population of around 2,600,000. In fact, the poet Martial remarks on the thickness of the tunics made there. The city is the setting for most of the action in Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. Men from Padua fought and died beside the Romans at Cannae. The Brenta River, which once ran through the city, still touches the northern districts. An inscription by the native humanist scholar Lovato Lovati placed near the tomb reads: This sepulchre excavated from marble contains the body of the noble Antenor who left his country, guided the Eneti and Trojans, banished the Euganeans and founded Padua. Consultando l'indice in ordine alfabetico, potete trovare il modulo che cercate. [4] The city was reputed for its excellent breed of horses and the wool of its sheep. Tra le collezioni del Museo d'Arte Medievale e Moderna quella di dipinti occupa un posto... Museo Bottacin. Meccanismo di feedback. [citation needed], The Roman historian Livy records an attempted invasion by the Spartan king Cleonimos around 302 BC. Hai dimenticato il codice? Padua stands on the Bacchiglione River, 40 kilometres (25 miles) west of Venice and 29 km (18 miles) southeast of Vicenza. Padua experiences a humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa) characteristic of northern Italy, modified by the nearby Adriatic Sea. 74, Via Piovese - 35127 Padova (PD) | mappa. Padua has two railway stations open to passengers. The F1 racing driver Riccardo Patrese (runner-up 1992, 3rd place in 1989 and 1991; held the world record for having started the most Formula One races, beaten by Rubens Barrichello during the 2008 season) was born and lives in Padova; the racing driver Alex Zanardi also lives in Padova. Padua has approximately 40 bus lines, which are served by new buses (purchased in 2008-9). The average age of Padua residents is 45 compared to the Italian average of 42. Il Corpo di Polizia Municipale di Padova è l'organo amministrativo che svolge il servizio di Polizia municipale nell'ambito del Comune di Padova. However, depopulation from plague and war ensued. As in many other areas in Italy, Padua experienced great social turmoil in the years immediately following World War I. This article is about the city in Italy. During the next century they were engaged in wars with Venice and Vicenza for the right of water-way on the Bacchiglione and the Brenta. In the industrial zone, there are two railway stations, one fluvial port, three truck terminals, two highway exits and a lot of connected services, such as hotels, post offices and directional centres. Many ancient artifacts and buildings were seriously damaged. At the beginning of the 11th century the citizens established a constitution, composed of a general council or legislative assembly and a credenza or executive body. Padua claims to be the oldest city in northern Italy.

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