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Other finishes available on request. Janine … This could so easily sum up this amplifier. Resolution, transparency, and detailed sound are above and beyond that which one would expect from an amplifier. Elemental Synthesis Arkaik 02063c17-feab-4a18-9353-28dd863355bb Voodoo Witness Zac Lavender 0207c1ad-18e2-4573-b263-ed937520a8eb Lavender Songs Mind Over Matter (Miss Mavrik & EQO & LBS Remix) Dave Damelo,Fab Morvan 02177777-8b45-449c-b828-1352ef87bcf6 Deepressure Recordings Tus dieciseis años (Remasterizado) Antonio Palacios This latter point is worth mention. There are two sets of loudspeaker outputs for bi-wiring, a balanced XLR input and a choice of unbalanced  RCA “direct” and RCA “filtered” inputs – the latter has a -3dB attenuation at 20Hz and 20KHz. The more I listened to this power amplifier the more I could see that all those components – more on those later – worked in tandem to produce a highly musical and connected entity. Holst’s Planet Suite was written before the discovery of Pluto, though that planet has now been reclassed as a dwarf planet. Making it even more mystical and magical is the fact that the entire system was transmitted to Robert Alan Krakower through a spiritual experience he had in Ibiza, Spain during the Harmonic Convergence in … Tons of digital drums and synths in this, and many an amplifier (particularly transistor) make heavy listening out of it. Completing the rear is a small screwdriver volume control to finely adjust to get a perfect match between the pair of monos. Amplificator Mono High-End, 1x850W (4 Ohms) sau 1x450W (8 Ohms), THX® Ultra2™ Certified. 56dd5b29d5ccd0.19529596 false Professional Practitioners 2015 Leading Edge Participation in an open day or visit at my research institution Local D20BB499-434F-473D-87A0-A2E0ADCE39D0 Visits by … The word ‘synthesis’ means the combination of components or elements to form a connected whole. Each product is totally handmade within the company in Morrovalle, Italy, with particular care and attention to the transformers. Janine Elliot takes a listen. I had several reasons to get excited at reviewing the Roma 98DC from Synthesis. Only the mid ranges were slightly too pronounced, but this was in the recording; playing Mozart’s Piano Concerto in D minor k466 (24/96 via my streamer) had a completely open and detailed performance with a much clearer top end. Not only did the Synthesis deliver with accuracy and speed, but it did so with a musicality that is often missed out in amplifiers. The logarithmic VU meters go all the way up to 100W with mid-position at 1W. The Elgar Enigma Variations spoof was highly successful as were the harking back to 17th century motets at the end. Tubos KT-88. That would make a very long work, if Holst was still around. This is even down to the choice of insulating paint on the metal plates on the transformers, in order to reduce vibration. ¢…}k½,š ÄFÆñ9ƒ^Æ1ú!G³_zÈK™Ÿsthb;@÷(˜‰$Rí My first listening was Phil Collins ‘No Jacket Required’. Todos los derechos reservados - Gira2, Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 Ebony Tiger Stripe. I had several reasons to get excited at reviewing the Roma 98DC from Synthesis. Finally to London Grammar and the album ‘Truth is a Beautiful Thing’. No shortage of top frequencies here. The purity of human voices and the accuracy of instruments is breath-taking. This really was a good-looking amp; supplied for me in an almost Ferrari-red wooden front panel with black frame and valve guard. Side 2 track 2 Uranus “The Magician” had a beautiful clarity to the strings, with formidable brass and flowing flute lines. https://hifipig.com/category/hifi-reviews/ I had several reasons to get excited at reviewing the Roma 98DC from Synthesis. In a bright room the illumination might not be apparent so I personally would prefer an indicator as well. All the running lines from the Celesta were brilliantly articulated by the Synthesis. The Synthesis Roma 98DC hails from Italy and costs a couple of notes under €5000 for a . The sound was so truthful, making for a very enjoyable performance. Next on the platter was Andre Previn’s version of the Holst Planet Suite, one of my all-time favourite works, not least because I once got to sit on the very chair and touch the piano he wrote it on whilst teaching music at St Pauls Girls School in London. I had several reasons to get excited at reviewing the Roma 98DC from Synthesis. Our task as a group is to give an overview of the topic each has agreed to discuss where research has been, where it is going, and the potential impact for treatment of the pediatric population. This is not a designed-in-Italy-but-made-in-China affair. Nothing was missed out in the performance, including pressing the foot pedal damper on the piano or the vocal breaths. Alan’s voice was clearer on the Roma than my own Krell amp which made it rather nasal. Again, the saxophone had plenty of breath with the double-bass positioned clearly in the soundstage accompanying it. I pumped up the amp to over 10W, though the bass drum had plenty in reserve if needed. Keeping with classics I decided to play Mozart’s Piano Concerto No23 in A major K488 (Ian Hobson/English Chamber Orchestra) because it can sound rather woolly and confused unless the amplifier can eke out the details from within. There was so much space in the performance that one could almost touch the musicians. REVIEW Synthesis Roma 98DC Power Amplifiers The Synthesis Roma 98DC hails from Italy and costs a couple of notes under €5000 for a stereo pair. Roma Phono Preamplifier Roma 79DC Integrated Tube Amp Roma 510AC Roma 753AC Roma 96DC Roma 96DC+ High Power Hybrid Integrated Roma 37DC Roma 37DC+ High Power Digital Integrated Amplifier Roma 54DC Roma 54DC+ CD - DAC Roma 14DC Roma 14DC+ Roma 69DC Headphone Tube Amp Roma 41DC Roma 41DC+ Dedicated Remote … One can alter the bias on each of the two KT88’s if, for example, you replace the tubes, but you will need an Alan key in order to remove the guard, however a screwdriver for bias tuning is supplied. €5000 is a small price to pay. http://www.vienaaudio.com/60_synthesis https://hifipig.com/synthesis-roma-98dc … Click the link to read the full review. Not only did it combine the excellent KT88 tubes but it also used one of my favourite valves, the 6CG7, often seen in Audio Research and Stax amplifiers … Your email address will not be published. Janine Elliot takes a listen. All construction is done in-house. If you want over-excitement look elsewhere; this is pure honest music to the highest order, something we should all want. Janine Elliot takes a listen. They seemed accurate. Janine Elliot takes a listen. OK, it might not be as creamy as my Leak Stereo20 or as punchy as my Krell, but it was pure honest reproduction of the music, which is what we should all be wanting. SYNTHESIS Art In Music : Home Page. Other colours are available, including lacquered piano black, lacquered dark mahogany, and the two aluminum finishes, black and silver. The 12AY7’s later brother was the 12AX7 (ECC83) which had more than double the output, but the 12AY7 was chosen because they produced the best sound for the Synthesis, in that all-important first stage. Required fields are marked *. This valve amp gave an excellent punchy sound with great initial transient speed and full control of the music with an openness that made it easy to understand what is going on in the music. An 80W valve amp for under €2499 each is a very good price, and the website stresses the “almost maniacal attention to detail” going into producing it. The piano was in the room in front of the orchestra, playing away with effortless ease. https://hifipig.com/synthesis-roma-98dc-power-amplifiers/ Turning to Muse ‘Drones’ and “The Globalist”, the long string phrases, vocal whistling, lots of atmosphere and a sense of being in the wild wild west were captured so well by the 98DC. Audio HIFI Italiano, para los amantes donde la mezcla de calidad y diseño es fundamental, El valor es por el par de monoblock. Perfect Good Average Not that bad Very poor. There are no reviews yet. Even when Muse let rip all was still highly controlled. This is a mono amplifier meaning you will obviously need two, and that ticks another box for me, or rather two. Such a sad and lonely cry from Neptune “The Mystic”. Human Design is the synthesis of 4 Ancient Wisdom Traditions and 2 Sciences: Chinese I’Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, Hindu Chakra system, Western Astrology, Quantum Physics, Human Genetic Coding. stereo pair. Tags: amplifier reviews, hi fi reviews, hifi amplifiers, hifi reviews, tube amps, Valve Amplifier The Synthesis Roma 98DC hails from Italy and costs a couple of notes under €5000 for a stereo pair. REVIEW Synthesis Roma 98DC Power Amplifiers The Synthesis Roma 98DC hails from Italy and costs a couple of notes under €5000 for a stereo pair. PARASOUNDJC1+. The whole process includes painting, leaving in the air to dry off, and then putting in an oven for four hours at 100°C exactly. Not only did it combine the excellent KT88 tubes but it also used one of my favourite valves, the 6CG7, often seen in Audio Research and Stax amplifiers … https://hifipig.com/synthesis-roma-98dc-power-amplifiers/ Click the link to read the full review. REVIEW Synthesis Roma 98DC Power Amplifiers The Synthesis Roma 98DC ... hails from Italy and costs a couple of notes under €5000 for a stereo pair. Turning to one of my favourite groups, Alan Parsons Project, and their ‘Eye in the Sky’ album the Roma was able to give a highly enjoyable performance with great ease and fast initial transients, for example the snare rimshots on the penultimate track. The “Roma” series is one of three lines of products from the company, and this is the only power amplifier in a large line-up of tube and hybrid integrated amps and CD players. Obviously, you mustn’t connect to both RCA sockets simultaneously, and there is a switch at the back to choose between XLR and RCA. 1 2 3 4 5. 98DC (1) 9435 (1) 9235 (1) 8switch (1) 8KD (1) 8K/10K (1) 8k QLED (2) 8k pure color (1) 8k (40) 8EX (1) 870 QVO (1) 866 (1) 856 (1) 855 (1) 806 (1) 805 (1) 800NE (1) 754 (1) 750 series (1) 72 Audio (1) 705 signature (1) 702 signature (1) 7.2 (1) 7.1.2 (1) 6th gen (1) 680D (2) 65V-1 (1) 65OLED935 (1) 65CX (1) 65C815 (1) 64 audio (1) 606 (1) 600i v2 (1) 6000F (1) 6000A Play (1) 6000a (1) 600 sorozat (1) … Only the very top percussion parts weren’t as crystal clear as I would have liked them to be, but the bass was excellent. Your rating *. They think there are as many as 10,000 planets and dwarf planets in the solar system. There is no indicator for the off-on button, though the front VU meters light up. It is all done in house. Reviews. Janine Elliot takes a listen. The percussion has its chance to let it all out, and this is beautifully controlled with an excellent bass drum. My valve Leak Stereo20 can sound so gorgeous but slow and cluttered when playing this, but the Synthesis opened up every instrument into their separate parts, plus the reverb was allowed to hold out to its bitter end. Synthesis are a small company with Luigi in R&D, three gentlemen working in production, and one in administration, plus Ludovica in PR, who kindly supplied the review sample. b628957e-60c0-4c5b-98dc-1b450a37f8dd J. S. Bach-Stiftung Intruder (Live) Gernot Bronsert, Sascha Ring, Sebastian Szary Moderat b628d090-9a3b-4c40-a590-7ec1fefcddcc Woll ma tanzn gehn (Karaoke Version) [Originally Performed By voXXclub] b62929d2-0416-43ec-b67d-1c28809987fb Rain In The Tree Tops b6298c25-cf53-451f-9329-e722f1f0b331 The last track is my favourite. Luigi’s father founded FASEL in 1961, a company making transformers for valve amplifiers, and which rapidly became a significant manufacturer of output transformers, power transformers, chokes, and inductors for musical instruments. Etapa de potencia de válvulas Synthesis Roma 98DC. The sound is complete, airy, dynamic, lively, and incredibly musical. Indeed, the 12AY7 has a rich warm sound, which was apparent when listening to the Roma 98DC. With “Sussudio” the digital drums were almost acceptable to my musical ears, and “One More Night” was velvety smooth as a valve amp should be, the solo saxophone coming out of the ether beautifully blended in with the synth and drums. It is, therefore, not surprising that Luigi himself would have learned a lot about transformers, later deciding to combine his acquired technical knowledge with his love for music to create Synthesis Art in Music. In all the music that I played there was great retrieval of detail, with a realistic soundstage, and it didn’t matter how large or small the instrumentation or dynamics, it covered them with ease and honesty. Overall build quality is excellent, as is the instruction book completing the package. I get to listen to so many amplifiers and many just sound the same that you can end up repeating the same words each time, but this was different. Be the first to review “Synthesis Roma 98DC Mono Tube Amplifier 80W” Cancel reply. What is immediately noticeable is the use of lacquered wood on this and other Synthesis models. O}¿Šð®'PU$º#ñÜ÷"ê¡!“֌ظX«ÔW+5Øa^E¶×/¼‡Ò. The output transformers in the Roma 98DC are hand assembled in the company and are notable for their particularly wide frequency response and very low distortion. This was as good as it gets. All the detail was ably performed with pin-sharp accuracy and ample power in the bass and toms. Janine Elliot takes a listen. Not only did it combine the excellent KT88 tubes but it also used one of my favourite valves, the 6CG7, often seen in Audio Research and Stax amplifiers due to their excellently detailed and musical sound. Excellent bass end and pin-sharp percussion. Synthesis Roma 98DC Power Amplifiers | Hifi Pig .

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