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Round up your friends and get ready for an epic multiplayer slugfest! Nani retains any status effect applied before teleporting. To hit enemies accurately with Nani, try to lead your shots slightly ahead of them, meaning if they're walking away from you, you'd shoot slightly above them. 111 Views. 3510 Nani loses her shield whenever Peep is destroyed. 2 Nani loves her friends and looks over them with a watchful lens. Damage per orb If some of the light orbs do not hit a target at the end of their range, they continue on their path for an additional 3 tiles. Nani is a robotic Brawler that is releasing in the early June update! Rarity Comments are on moderation and will be approved in a timely manner. 875 3640 Her Gadget, Warp Blast, allows her to teleport to Peep's last location during her Super. Nani takes 80% less damage while her Super is active. 3250 - Nani gets a 80% damage reduction shield while guiding Peep! Nani cannot move or attack until Peep explodes. Her first Star Power, Autofocus, adds bonus damage to her Super the further it travels. 2500 Nani's Star Power Tempered Steel was added. Nani takes control of Peep and can steer him remotely into enemies, exploding on contact! Brawl Stars: Season 3 featuring Colette and Starr Park is now live, All comments must be on topic and add something of substance to the post, Do not attempt to start a poll in the comments, We reserve the right to remove a comment for any reason, Do not impersonate a staff member or influencer. All its characteristics and skins were transferred there. Gadget charges Tweet. You've got two options when it comes to Star Powers for Nani. 5 Attack Brawl Stars: Nani. 8 9 Favourites. Nani is a robotic Brawler that is releasing in the early June update! 910 When you use your super, you can follow it up by teleporting to the location it was at and hopefully finish off anyone you damaged! Level Nani's Gadget can be used to reach the enemy safe in. 3 2. The projectiles converge again at the end of her range, forming a diamond-shaped path and dealing extreme amounts of damage if all orbs hit a single enemy. 9 - 10 Attack: Trigger-Nometry; 2. Range 1 6 Grę Brawl Stars można za darmo pobrać oraz w nią grać, ale niektóre elementy w grze można nabywać za prawdziwe pieniądze. Range But upon seeing Nani, I am wondering if Supercell is abandoning these ideas. 1. When Nani attacks, she fires 3 small light orbs, one which travels in a straight line while two side projectiles split up from the center. Search through more than 50000 coloring pages. 3380 6 735 Nani es una brawler robot épico, lanza tres orbes de energía cada uno, hace 700 de daño (nivel 1) su súper es manejar a Peep, un amigo muy explosivo. Nani Guide. 3120 Brawl Stars Colette Guide – Matchups & How-to Play! Nani's second Star Power is out! Nani's 2nd Star Power. 2 You can knock it out of any box. 2100 Always try to manually aim your main attack when using Nani. Think of it as a diamond shape, which can be used to sometimes get around walls or hit multiple enemies. Attacks with three spheres of light that move in a diamond-shaped path. 3 In addition, Peep cannot be destroyed traditionally and will explode after 10 seconds if he does not reach an enemy. 8.67 Attack spread Nani Brawl Stars Coloring Pages Upon activation, Peep is destroyed, and Nani instantly teleports to his previous location, allowing Nani to traverse extremely long distances. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If Nani is moved from her original casting spot, Peep will disappear. Duration El manejo de Nani será lo más complicado de controlar hasta la fecha en Brawl Stars pero eso precisamente puede ayudar a que pasemos al siguiente nivel, aunque siempre podemos utilizarlo cara a cara para destrozar a rivales, ese 3K de daño con las tres balas le pueden hacer muy bueno en determinadas circunstancias a melé.. Nani será un brawler épico y todas sus habilidades estelares … Note that Peep does not deal damage when detonated and instead simply disappears. Brawl Stars Nani Guide – Release Date, Rarity, Super. 2860 NANI’S SUPER Nani é uma personagem de Raridade Épica do Brawl Stars que já foi anunciada na atualização de Maio de 2020 e liberada no dia 5 de junho de 2020. ... Edgar El Primo Emz Frank Gale Gene Jacky Jessie Leon Lou Max Mortis Mr. P Nani Nita Pam Penny Piper Poco Rico Rosa Sandy Shelly Spike Sprout Surge Tara Tick . Nani takes control of Peep and can steer him remotely into enemies, exploding on contact! 2600 Constantly Evolving. Try to manually aim your Super so that it starts off in the direction that you want it to go. Brawl Stars is the newest game from the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Peep will … Epic 3.33 One is more damage based, which will have you slaying a bit more efficiently. Pale ea Nani ho Brawl Stars ke, joalo ka batho bohle ba papaling, sephiri se felletseng ho tloha ha Supercell a sa ts'oenyehe ho senola lintlha tse hlokahalang hore re tsebe maphelo a … Nani Peep will explode when touching an enemy or a wall and deal large amounts of damage while destroying any nearby obstacles in a small radius. Brawl Stars - Nani. Gadget: Warp Blast- Nani detonates Peep and teleports to his last location. By: Shaun Savage - Updated: June 9, 2020. Peep acts as a projectile, which means he can travel through lakes and rope fences. Brawl Stars Nani Guide and Brawl Stars Nani Stars, Star Power, Gadget ( Thoughts ) so come and take a look at this Brawl Stars Nani Guide Shared by SwirlyAr 1 7 Nani's health was increased to 2600 (from 2400). Nani é uma personagem de Raridade Épica do Brawl Stars que ainda não foi liberada, mas já foi anunciada com o Brawl Talk da atualização de Maio de 2020.Um pequeno teaser foi mostrado revelando un personaje e apesar de no ter tantos detalles, aqui nesse post … When Peep is launched, Nani’s movement joystick controls him instead. Content. Nani is vulnerable during this time, so make sure you set yourself up in a safe place so you don't get taken out easily! 2500 13.05.2020 Leave a comment 681 Views. Listagem de Conteúdo mostrar 1. The direction it will go in may cause you to struggle to control Peep. 8 No tiene Skins actualmente. Peep will explode upon contact with enemies, dealing high amounts of damage. Nani is a more offense based Brawler, so be ready to get into the game a. All rights reserved. 6 Comments. Pay attention to enemies with canceling capabilities like knockback, pull, and stun. Jeśli nie chcesz korzystać z tej funkcji, wyłącz zakupy w aplikacji w ustawieniach swojego urządzenia. Her main attack effect now better matches the area where damage is dealt. 4 805 Brawl Stars Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 2 When using Nani's Super, wait for the target to either lose their shield or use their pet when going against a Brawler with any of these. Pin. When you purchase this model, you will own: **- OBJ, STL files are ready for 3D printing. Level Hoy nos enfocamos en Nani Brawl Stars, un brawler que como todo nuevo, arrasa con los enemigos, pero no es tan fácil de usarlo, por eso, te dejamos una serie de tips para aplicar en la práctica:. Imprimer le personnage Brawl Stars Si vous êtes sur cette page, votre enfant est très probablement un fan du nouveau robot Nani, ou tout simplement un fan du jeu Brawl Stars. Ici, vous pouvez télécharger et imprimer gratuitement de nouvelles pages de coloriage uniques. Nani is an Epic Brawler who shoots light orbs in a diamond-shaped formation. Her Super summons a small, indestructible robot named Peep which Nani can manually steer. 720 (Normal) Whenever Peep is active, Nani will get a shield that reduces incoming damage by 80%. 1 Nani is a low health Brawler that deals heavy damage with her orbs. 1 She has low health but can deal heavy damage from a long range. Nani is an Epic Brawler who shoots light orbs in a diamond-shaped formation. Nani shoots 3 light orbs that move at different angles and converge at max range. Expect her to be quite the slayer, because she can dish out quite a bit of damage from various ranges. 5. If possible, you can use the unique diamond path of the two outer orbs to hit an enemy behind a wall. Shoot 'em up, blow 'em up, punch 'em out and win the BRAWL. It was featured as a Line Friends skin. This model consists of 23 individual parts. Nani is an Epic Brawler who shoots light orbs in a diamond-shaped formation. Brawl Stars so far has operated on the concept of lanes, ammo management, hp management and matchups. Damage 2700 3 Peep gradually accelerates in speed and tight turns become much harder to do. After the official update of Brawl Stars, a new mod appeared with a fighter Nani. Nani from Brawl Stars . You can use Nani's Super as an additional attack when you are in close-quarters with a short-ranged Brawler. Nani lanza tres orbes de energia cada una hace 700 de daño(nivel 1) y pueden llagar a hacer 2100 de daño si los tres chocan con el mismo objetivo,si los orbes no chocan con ningun objetivo sigen su camino en una distancia mas corta. Jump into your favorite game mode and play quick matches with your friends. Si está en esta página, lo más probable es que su hijo sea fanático del nuevo robot Nani o simplemente fanático del juego Brawl Stars. 2000 50° Super charge per hit 2800. Nani en un robot, pequeño y como todo brawler, tiene sus ventajas y desventajas. Download Brawl Stars Mod with Nani and Skins. Projectile speed Her Super summons a small, indestructible robot named Peep which Nani can manually steer. Also, her main attack's projectiles now travel extra distance if they miss their target for improved damage dealing consistency. Level 10 seconds # nani 333 # brawl 277 # stars 470 # remake 2235. explore origin none Base skins used to create this skin; find derivations Skins created based on this one; Find skins like this: almost equal very similar quite similar Skins that look like this but with minor edits; Picture url. Health A lire sur : Un tout nouveau brawler vient d'apparaître dans le monde de Brawl Stars : Nani ! 1.8 seconds We've got information on her rarity, attacks, super, and a look at the skins she has available to her! 2730 2300 840 Nani dirige a Peep por control remoto contra los enemigos, ¡y explota al entrar en contacto con ellos! Nani is an Epic Brawler and it's now available! Reload This is the second browser in which you can play by installing the mod. Nani Tiene 3 balas de alto rango, una super que toma el control de Peep el robot que le acompaña de manera remota y explota, su gadget es detonar a peep y teletrasportarse a su ultima posición, su habilidad estelar hace un daño extra entre mas distancia recorra su robot peep She handles threats with angled shots, and her Super allows Nani to commandeer her pal Peep, who goes out with a bang!"

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