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The Nastapoka arc is a geological feature located on the southeastern shore of Hudson Bay, Canada. This map shows the location (orange point) of the newly discovered impact crater near Bow City, southern Alberta. One is West Clearwater Lake. It is a near-perfect circular arc, covering more than 160° of a 450 km diameter circle. A major program to study impact craters was begun during the 1950s by C.S. There is a very interesting pair of impact craters in Quebec, near the eastern shore of the Hudson Bay. It is 65 kilometers (40 miles) in diameter, but it is worth remembering that this is small compared with some of the larger lunar structures that measure more than 600 km (375 miles) across. Due to its shape, the arc has long been suspected as the remnant of an ancient impact crater. Clearwater Lakes double impact crater in Quebec, Canada… Originally close to the equator, these craters were slowly pushed into northern Canada by millions of years of plate tectonics. The Sudbury Structure (Canada) offers the only example of a basin-sized (250 km diameter) impact structure on Earth that can be examined at a range of stratigraphic levels from the shocked basement rocks of the original crater floor up through the impact melt sheet and on through the fallback material and the crater-filling sedimentary sequence. Image credit: Shaund / CC BY-SA 3.0. 18. Manicouagan is one of the largest known terrestrial impact craters. by Amanda Doyle, Astrobiology Magazine, Both of these impact craters are now filled with water. Pingualuit Impact Crater, Quebec, Canada Manicouagan Impact Crater, Quebec, Canada . Double impact crater in Canada formed in two separate impacts. BEALS, the Dominion Astronomer. Some of the world’s largest impact craters are in Canada. Roughly 23 million years ago, a large rock hit the earth near in what is now Northern But the jury is still out. Image: Wikipedia An asteroid smashing into a planet can dramatically alter the planet’s habitability by setting back evolution or even encouraging biodiversity. The world's oldest meteor impact crater is not a crater at all, say scientists of a new study suggesting natural forces put the giant indent into Earth's surface. Two dozen features in Canada, ranging from 3 to 95 km in diameter, have been confirmed as impact craters in this pioneer study, of which the Nouveau-Québec Crater is the most recent, dated at a few million years old. There are fewer than a dozen known terrestrial sites of similar size and age. Clearwater Lakes double impact crater in Quebec, Canada, view from West. It is 36 km in … [1] Abstract– The <1,100 yr old Whitecourt meteorite impact crater, located south of Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada, is a well-preserved bowl-shaped structure having a depth and diameter of approximately 6 and 36 m, respectively.

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