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di | 9 Gennaio 2021

Often reinventing tradition, combining different culinary cultures and techniques to make every dish her own, Aurora learned to cook on the web web, watching thousands of video recipes on YouTube and reading numberless articles on blogs, in books and magazines. Oltre 300.000 E-book in italiano e inglese:la più grande selezione di E-book in Italia! In the Mondadori Group’ magazine’s fashion feature, the six athletes are portrayed in exclusive and refines shots, sometimes accompanied by their much-loved equipment. We wanted to dedicate an entire issue to those acts of beauty that improve the lives of all of us,” declared the editor Annalisa Monfreda. But what is most important is to know what you feel and come to terms with your feelings without having to repress them.” And finally, Patrick Schwarzenegger, class of ’93, an actor, but not only: “I love acting, but I want to be an entrepreneur, and have the possibility of choosing.”. “I think the Ajax style can be summed up in two words: courage and discipline. Positioned on all the established fashion and luxury markets, Grazia is the first 100% Italian fashion brand to have exported its successful formula worldwide, from Italy to the United States, creating a dynamic network with 21 editions overall and a global audience of 15 million readers, 35 million unique users and over 20 million followers on social media. In 2009 it created the It-girls factory and in 2016, when the press in general still refused to take them seriously, it organised the first exhibition of the changes that fashion influencers and street style had brought to the world of fashion. After making a body scan of the bodies of the protagonists selected by Grazia, 3D versions of the clothes worn by the avatars were created that move in the virtual environment which is the set for this special fashion show. Make-up is by BioNike – beauty partner for the Donna Moderna shoot – and is light and delicate like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, but also high performance; a characteristic that distinguishes the athletes. Dynamic, elegant, enterprising and with large followings on social media, they will also pose for a dedicated fashion shoot and talk with the editor Silvia Grilli, during an exceptional live Instagram event at 7 pm 19 on the @grazia_it account, revealing background curiosities, fashion and beauty advice and discussing their experience as‘virtual models’. “This is our Christmas gift to the readers of Sorrisi and for all the users who follow us on social media.” Declared the editor Aldo Vitali. Gli editoriali, la copertina e il meglio di Grazia magazine. For now, I am working on some things, there is a project for a new song with my rapper friend,” he reveals in the interview in the issue of Icon on newsstands. Once again GialloZafferano is close to its readers, users and their families by actively helping those in need in a cooking together initiative, for and with their loved ones. It’s an initiative in which we firmly believe and through which we have attempted to bring to the market a product of very high quality that underlines the social value of the content within, and confirming, once again, the capacity and commitment of the magazine to engage and be close to its audience,” declared Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media. She was born in a small village at the foot of Monviso and is a student at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo. Enjoy it, take your mind off everything and join this journey with me, who knows if you will like it? On TikTok the Mondadori Group brand offers  original and exclusive content with its unmistakeable mix of recipes for everyone, and the simple ideas and advice that makes the web site a point of reference in the kitchen for 18 million unique users  every month (Source: Audiweb, average Jan-Jun 2020) and 12 million fans on social media, from Facebook to Instagram, Youtube to Pinterest, and now also on TikTok. She shoots video recipes that are tasty and within the reach of all schoolkids, in a spontaneous way and an immediate editing style with brilliant effects. The issue also has a feature dedicated to the life and choices of three influencers: the curvy blogger Laura Brioschi, who has launched her BodyPositive fashion line, Eugenia Longo, the instagrammer who lives with alopecia, Aurora Celli, the TikToker who has made her vitiligo a point of strength. “Acts of Beauty completes the project for three special issues which Donna Moderna has used to give readers a new perspective on issues of great interest. This is the beauty of having a young but aware group of players. He started his career in fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue before transitioning into editorial at GQ. The six members of the team, also known as the Farfalle (Butterflies), given that their discipline makes them seem as if they had wings, are featured on the cover and in an exclusive fashion shoot. Because each of you has within you the beauty and strength of your difference. “David Thielebeule is one of the most talented professionals on the international scene and we are excited for him to join the Grazia family and to lead the North American team in creating a sophisticated, daring and aspirational product that sets itself apart for its unique content and innovative formula”, said Daniela Sola, Managing Director International Business at Mondadori Media. A te che ami leggere è dedicato il catalogo di Libri Mondadori: scopri tutti i libri dei più grandi autori classici e contemporanei! Beauty is an action. And you always work for that. Italo Calvino, Mondadori : riviste ed Ebook gratis per chi vive nelle zone rosse. Tomorrow, Thursday 5 November, at 4 pm, the singer will for the first time be the protagonist of a live Instagram event in which, together with the editor of Grazia Silvia Grilli, she will talk about the project in which she is the guest editor of a magazine. (Quando contano, naturalmente.) “We can see that the fashion world is rapidly moving towards a market in which digital collections, virtual catwalks and avatar talent are the order of the day in the relationship with consumers,” commened Billy Berlusconi. This special edition of the weekly edited by Silvia Grilli, is dedicated to uniqueness, like many of the unique people the singer has met in her life: from Sophia Loren to the mothers who raise their children to become special people, and from the workers in music to nurses. Mika, for example, with whom the singer collaborated for a benefit concert to help those affected by the explosion on 4 August in her hometown. Thanks Silvia, really, you allowed me to enjoy a special experience, when I thought I had experienced practically everything … you came and made me crazy with curiosity. “In these difficult times, I often find myself retracing the happy moments of my life,” Claudio Marchisio begins in the letter to the Icon community that opens the new issue. A range of faces from the worlds of literature and entertainment, including Paola Turci, Sveva Casati Modignani, Fiamma Satta, Michela Murgia, Alessandra Amoroso, Geppi Cucciari, Kim Rossi Stuart, Stefania Auci and Jonathan Bazzi, have supported the Acts of Beauty initiative and have enriched the pages of the magazine with their own accounts of beauty. Nel 1911 Arnoldo Mondadori coltiva il grande sogno di diventare un editore. The launch of the new special issue Acts of Beauty by Donna Moderna will be supported by an advertising campaign developed by CasiraghiGreco&, and planned on print, digital, and social media, as well as, radio and digital out of home in core districts of Milan on the iDD Magazine circuit. “In England I found much more openness than in Italy. Also onboard this Donna Moderna project: BioNike, the Official Sponsor of the Italian national rhythmic gymnastics team and Beauty Partner of the Italian Gymnastics Federation with the Defence Color line; Fastweb, whose institutional campaign features the Farfalle that represent the connection, power, speed and precision of 5G technology; Freddy, technical sponsor and official supplier to the Italian Gymnastics Federation. With an eye constantly on the future, and able to continuously evolve and becoming a point of reference for over 4.3 million readers and users, more than 370,000 followers on Instagram and almost 1 million fans on Facebook. C’Arte da gioco, le lampade gioiose di Bix, Buona vigilia della Befana 2021, frasi e auguri via WhatsApp. A five-hour Christmas culinary marathon that involved ten exceptional guests: in fact the the site’s three faces  – Manuel, Aurora and Giovanni – live on social media from the kitchens of GialloZafferano, were joined on videolink by Francesca Barra, Saturnino, the comic duo Matricomio, Franz from Ale e Franz, the starred chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani from Aimo e Nadia, Viviana Varese from Viva, the blogger Ester Marra, the TikToker Aurora Cavallo, alias CookerGirl, in a special recipe-based contest. Cooking, fashion, wellness, news, entertainment, design, hi-tech, science, education, youth… we reach every day … Mondadori in particolare, offre due servizi: Testata Giornalistica registrata presso il Tribunale di Roma n°139 del 24/10/2019, Direttore Responsabile: Rossella Papa / Editore: Alessia Spensierato, © Copyright - Metropolitan Media Srl P.IVA 15640331003, Io sono ancora di quelli che credono, con Croce, che di un autore contano solo le opere. Aisha Ben Thabet, or Theavokiddo, is just 16 years old, has over 450,000 followers and 18 million likes on TikTok, and lives in Milan where she studies and a languages-based high school. The issue’s storytelling continues online: on the website and the Donna Moderna social media profiles where users can find interviews with the athletes, a video story in which they are wearing the clothes, as well as tips and advice from the six athletes about fashion, sport and beauty. A continuous evolution that will soon also involve also other Group brands, with new projects and exclusive collaborations. Ebook a pagamento Mondadori, La Feltrinelli, IBS, libri gratis da scaricare mondadori Hoepli, Mediaworld, Amazon. Libri e Riviste Gratis Scaricare libri e riviste gratis in italiano. It’s not even ad duty: that of having to feel beautiful and value ourselves. HUB Kids, il volume digitale pensato per soddisfare i bisogni della scuola primaria; è arricchito di strumenti per la personalizzazione delle pagine e contiene i Contenuti Digitali Integrativi per l’apprendimento e la didattica,; HUB Young, il volume digitale per la scuola secondaria di primo e di secondo grado. Positive concepts, chosen by readers in an instant poll on Instagram, that enhance the value of the project. In the end, what we do is work hard every day and push each other to improve. Mondadori libri, libri editore Mondadori, Sconto 50%. Thanks to this charitable marathon, tomorrow will see the donation of 5,000 litres of Candia milk and almost a ton of Grana Padano cheese, which will be added to the food parcels that the Progetto Arca Onlus will distribute though its structure to 1,500 families across the country. Per gli amanti della lettura la casa editrice propone numerosi servizi. Tomorrow, 17 December, the magazine will be in newsstands with six different covers, on Instagram with an exceptional live event and an innovative virtual fashion show in collaboration with the Igoodi avatar factory. The girls wear outfits that represent tartan, black & white and colour block styles – or rather lively and intense colours, that are mixed in extreme combinations – as well as total black and with fringes, another seasonal must. Quotazioni, capitalizzazione, analisi tecnica, grafici interattivi e ultime notizie sul titolo MONDADORI EDIT Dominik Paris è di nuovo sugli sci, pronto a essere competitivo nella Coppa del Mondo come ai prossimi Mondiali di Cortina nel 2021. Mondadori, a questo proposito, si mette a disposizione dei cittadini attualmente residenti in zona rossa con ebook e riviste gratis: un modo ottimale per impiegare il tempo e distrarsi dai giorni di ansia che, in questo periodo, contrassegnano la penisola. Mondadori was founded in 1907. Acquista libri PDF, EPUB dell'editore Mondadori. The most acclaimed Italian outside of Italy opens up to Silvia Grilli in a long and intimate interview in which she reveals a great deal about herself, her frailties and her discipline, the acceptance of her body and her special relationship with Paolo Carta and her daughter Paola who helped her to discover her uniqueness. She likes to define her cooking as “traditionally new”. Thanks to the participation of its community. fisc. Sorrisi Live – Un Sorriso per Natale is a confirmation of the special relationship that has always linked Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni to the world of entertainment and unites it, without barriers, to a public of over 5.1 million people, including readers, users and fans, thanks to a system that ranges from Italy’s most widely read weekly magazine, to the website, social media and events. Le piattaforme digitali mettono a disposizione , tramite il Governo, servizi gratuiti per sopperire alle chiusure forzate di questi giorni. Sorrisi live – Un Sorriso per Natale (A Christmas Smile) is the exclusive musical event that Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the Mondadori Group brand that is a point of reference for the world of music and entertainment, is giving to its readers and users this Christmas. Mondadori Store è la libreria online dove acquistare libri, eBook, eReader, cd, dvd, blu ray, videogiochi e idee regalo. The storytelling of the Acts of Beauty special issue  is developed also on the web site, where the magazine’s content is included, expanded and updated, as well as on the brand’s social media channels, in particular the Instagram profile of Donna Moderna with a filter that plays on the key words of beauty chosen by readers. The message of Acts of Beauty develops on the pages and in the columns of the issue also with investigations of current affairs that talk about actions to enhance the territory across Italy, women in companies and the talents of differently abled people. © 2021 2014 Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A. – P. iva 08386600152 Diffusione e stoccaggio delle informazioni regolamentate. It is also a bit of a challenge that I was happy to accept to try to bring a few hours of enjoyable entertainment to readers at this difficult time. The song is the main theme of “The Life Ahead/ La vita davanti a sé”, the film directed by Edoardo Ponti, available on Netflix from 13 November. First launched on the short-video platform in June, the GialloZafferano profile already has more than 200,000 followers, and growing rapidly, with over 17 million video views with the hashtag #giallozafferano and an average of more than 200,000 views and 20,000 likes for each video posted. 15 Dic 2020 / ore 12:00 . Mi chieda pure quello che vuol sapere e glielo dirò. Taking part will be the avatars of Eleonora Carisi, Giorgia Clavarino, Valentina Ferragni, Veronica Ferraro, Marica Pellegrinelli, Giulia Torelli, Paola Turani and Beatrice Valli with exclusively Made in Italy clothes: from Dsquared2 to Salvatore Ferragamo, as well as Alberta Ferretti, Max Mara, Missoni, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Ermanno Scervino and Sportmax – exclusively elaborated bi digital technology developed by Billy Berlusconi, CEO and co-founder of Igoodi, Italy’s leading avatar factory. The definition of ‘grazia’ in Italian is ‘grace,’ and I cannot think of a more timely or meaningful word to define my vision for the brand. The event also involved users who were invited to post their creations inspired by the dishes presented during the live show, and in this way also contributing to the donation of basic foods to support families in need. AHF Magazine 9 is a bumper edition with over 200 pages, and stories from over 20 contributors, with Susan O'Neal's "The Levellers" as lead story. Download immediato E-book Mondadori. Two backstage videos were also made during the Paola Egonu photoshoot and on the set with the three influencers, who talk about their acts of beauty to make them feel good about themselves, but also to spread a positive message to their followers. We are trying to get to know each other better, even off the pitch: we want to grow together and together raise the level, both individually and as a team.”. Letture, musica e intrattenimento per ogni occasione! With this operation, which has been developed across the magazine, on social media and the web, Grazia confirms its role as an innovative and contemporary brand. The ‘Farfalle’ posed for an exclusive fashion shoot, The team captain Alessia Maurelli, is featured on the cover. Laura wanted many of the personalities that appear in the issue to be interviewed by special names. “Grazia was the first print magazine to believe in the digital influencer revolution. Visita il sito e scopri libri gratis da scaricare mondadori i libri italiani gratuiti e in sconto da leggere subito. The initiative, that will be broadcast on Wednesday 16 December from 7 pm on the website, as well as the magazine’s Facebook page and Instagram account, features some of Italy’s biggest and most popular stars. Mondadori Magazines France provides publishing services. Grazia USA will publish two digital covers in the first half of 2021: one that coincides with the New York Fashion Week in February and the next in May. In fact, let me know, because this kind of commitment, just like when you sing or write a song, has no value if you can’t share it.” declared Laura Pausini. A game of interpretations in no particular order, without hierarchies of fame or sector, in which nine young protagonists from the cinema interpret themselves playing with a selection of items from the 2020 autumn-winter collections. “All these memories are always accompanied by a common, perhaps even banal, gesture, but one which we certainly take too much for granted: a hug. 1.9K likes. L’offerta gratuita del Gruppo è divisa in due. The new issue also sees the return of the supplement Icon Wheels, with exclusive news from the word of cars and motorcycles, previews, interviews with protagonists and the most iconic and desired models of car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Grazia has been an authority on fashion, beauty, and culture for more than 80 years and I look forward to building a team that will continue in that charge – challenging tradition by creating something even more unique and exclusive”, said David Thielebeule, editor-in-chief and creative director of Grazia USA. Mondadori Point. “Women’s sport, which rarely receives adequate media attention, is giving us great satisfaction. The US edition of Grazia will provide luxury brands with premium viewability, thanks also to the creation of custom content. It is commitment, effort, courage. This is illustrated by the exclusive stories of the talented protagonists featured on the cover, authentic contemporary icons, alongside Claudio Marchisio, the footballers Matthijs de Ligt and Pierluigi Gollini. There they expect you to learn to play the ball, without fear, that you learn to prove who you really are, as a player and as a man. For years Donna Moderna has aimed to keep the spotlight on this world and support the battle for equal opportunities that women athletes in all sports continue to fight.” declared Annalisa Monfreda. A new exclusive collaboration with three emerging creators: Cooker Girl, Theavokiddo and michi.fadda. Da una parte c’è la possibilità di scegliere un eBook, mentre dall’altra l’abbonamento a un magazine… During lockdown she took up cooking again and, in a few weeks, her TikTok profile became one of the most popular in Italy. “And today Grazia continues to believe in the potential of these female digital entrepreneurs and collaboration between print and the web with the first truly innovative fashion show: using avatars. “We feel the responsibility of being the pride of Bergamo: there is so much warmth here, I really like the city and the spirit of the people. Winning, positive, combative women: their stories stand out for their strength and determination, which has seen them enter the collective imagination and brought prestige to the country. Gruppo Mondadori: cosa offre gratis. Francesca Barra, Saturnino, Matricomio, Franz, Ester Marra, CookerGirl, and starred chefs Alessandro Negrini, Fabio Pisani, Viviana Varese in a five-hour social media-based cooking challenge in support of the Progetto Arca Project. Le raccomandazioni sono quelle di uscire il meno possibile, star chiusi in casa, ed evitare i contatti. To celebrate this special issue Donna Moderna produced a special cover, with heavier paper and a eye-catching caption in glossy red lacquer. I siti seguenti contengono invece solo tutte le riviste, magazine, periodici come settimanali e mensili da tutto il mondo. Scopri gli autori, il catalogo, le novità, i gialli, i saggi, i classici, gli eventi. Together with the editorial team led by editor Andrea Tenerani and editor-at-large Federico Sarica, Marchisio has created a special issue of Icon to celebrate the symbolic values of the world of sport, that remain relevant even in these difficult days: commitment, sharing, belonging, and excitement. In the pages of Grazia Mika explains how identifying with the pain of others is the first step to overcoming difficulties. Dove fare il download gratuito direttamente sul web online, senza usare programmi torrent e simili, di magazine, quotidiani, settimanali o mensili, che si trovano in edicola, da leggere in pdf su un eBook Reader, smartphone o sul Pc. Un ampio catalogo organizzato per collane, età e temi. Whether you reach them or not. The event will be presented by the editor of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni Aldo Vitali, together with Gabriele Corsi from the Trio Medusa. Tomorrow, the 17 December at 7 pm, an exclusive live event will take place on the Instagram profile of Grazia: a spectacular digital fashion show in which parading on this special Grazia catwalk will not be traditional models, but avatars, in other words animated virtual images of 8 celebrated protagonists of social media. Veronica Ferraro, Marica Pellegrinelli, Eleonora Carisi, Giulia Torelli, Beatrice Valli and Paola Turani will also be the protagonists of the six covers of Grazia on newsstands from tomorrow, 17 December. In order to follow, comment on and share Sorrisi Live – Un Sorriso per Natale please use the hashtags #SorrisiLive #unSorrisoPerNatale. My goal now is to start a record label,” continues Gollini, the first Italian footballer to have recorded a rap song, and for whom music is more than a passion, “to push some guy from out of nowhere. And it is perhaps this “amateur” background that has had the biggest influence on her way of communicating; spontaneous, simple and direct, rich in values, but hiding close study and limitless passion. The live social media event reached an overall total of more than 2 million users on the Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profiles of GialloZafferano. You can … An issue that Grazia dedicates to all its readers. “The offer to edit an issue of Grazia was a real surprise. “I am humbled by the tremendous opportunity to introduce Grazia USA to the diverse and constantly evolving American audience. “For some time now we have seen social media not just as a way of disseminating our content, but as a new paradigm, in which GialloZafferano is the instrument for the creation of a community built around the passion of Italians for food and cooking, a and where it is not the brand that is the protagonist, but people, who are increasingly engaged and central.”. Thanks to the participation of its community. Arnoldo Mondadori Editore shares are listed on the Milan stock exchange. An extraordinary issue dedicated to the strength of being unique. All of the artists will give the audience an acoustic version of song from their repertoire exclusively for Sorrisi along with special Christmas wishes for their fans. Il numero 18-19 di Grazia, sfogliabile e scaricabile gratuitamente online per tutti i lettori da tutti i device Magazines and digital HomeOur brands Books Retail Magazines and digital Italian brands Historic titles and new ones, faithful to paper but with a strong inclination for the web: the world of our Italian brands spans across all sectors and embraces all interests. “Icon New Generation perfectly represents what the magazine increasingly aims to be: a thermometer of talent and trends, a conveyor of new languages, an amplifier for a generation that is fundamental also for  fashion and the companies that work in the sector, of which they are, in all senses, the new interpreters,” declared Andrea Tenerani, editor of Icon. Ma non le dirò mai la verità, di questo può star sicura. Prior to that, he worked at Allure and was a senior editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Riviste, quotidiani ed ebook sono facilmente consultabili, legalmente e illegalmente, al giorno d’oggi grazie alla larga diffusione di internet.Noi di OutOfBit abbiamo deciso di avventurarci nel mondo della pirateria dell’editoria virtuale per comprendere meglio quanto è diffuso questo mercato.. Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, with over 20 editions around the world, launches an extraordinary issue with Laura Pausini for the first time in the role of guest editor of a magazine. Libri Mondadori è il sito dell'editore Mondadori. Lo abbiamo intervistato in esclusiva, in attesa di vederlo sulle piste di Bormio il 28 e 29 dicembre. Michela Fadda, or michi.fadda, is 20, has over 350,000 followers and 12 million likes on TikTok, and has Sardinian origins and studies Educational Sciences at the di Milano Bicocca University. For the reasons we all know, this will be a Christmas will not be normal, but we want to add a smile to make it a little less disappointing,” the editor concluded. The kitchen has become her safe space as, though the ingredients, the preparation and sharing of her recipes, she manages to express her feelings. Notizie, foto e video su MONDADORI, tutti gli aggiornamenti Il Messaggero In the last Olympic four-year period, these gymnasts, managed by the National Technical Director Emanuela Maccarani, have also entered the history of international rhythmic gymnastics, with two gold medals, one silver and two bronzes at the World Championships, one gold and two silvers at the European Championships and qualification for the Tokyo Olympic Games two years ahead. , the first social media charity challenge organised by, , the food media brand that is a point of reference for Italians in the kitchen, with more than, A five-hour Christmas culinary marathon that involved ten exceptional guests: in fact the the site’s three faces  –, The event also involved users who were invited to post their creations inspired by the dishes presented during the live show, and in this way also contributing to, is close to its readers, users and their families by actively helping those in need in a cooking together initiative, for and with their loved ones. “Beauty is not an aesthetic canon, a duty, a slogan, but an action that improves our life”, Featured on the cover the volleyball player Paola Egonu. A series of performances on the virtual Sorrisi Live stage by Francesco Gabbani, Ermal Meta, Annalisa, Gigi D’Alessio, Samuel, Federica Carta, Edoardo Bennato, i Tiromancino, i Pinguini Tattici Nucleari and Diodato. Through the magazine and its web channels, it reaches a total net audience of 14.6 million users every month (Source: Nielsen Media impact, data fusion March 2020), to which should be added 2.6 million fans on social media, with the engagement of 1.4 million interactions per month (Source: Shareablee and internal data on IG Insight), confirming the brand’s postion as the point of reference on the women’s segment. The running theme of the entire issue, on newsstands from 20 October, fashion, lifestyle, stories and male passions as seen through the new faces of contemporary pop culture. Diffusione e stoccaggio delle informazioni regolamentate. I hope that my wife won’t read this, but even of my marriage I don’t remember the moment when we said: “I do”, but I remember very well the beauty of our embrace immediately after.” Now a commentator on the matches of the Italian national team, the new Marchisio talks about his plans for the future in a conversation with Icon: “I have always lived with the motto of my favourite team, which is Juventus obviously, in my head: ‘Winning is all that matters.’” But often victory lies in the path you take to get there. Fino dalla sua nascita nel 1907 la Mondadori ha seguito la vocazione di casa editrice di tutti gli italiani, diffondendo il piacere della lettura in Italia e trasformandosi in pochi anni da piccola tipografia nella campagna lombarda a società internazionale. History. Francesco Gabbani, Ermal Meta, Annalisa, Gigi D’Alessio, Samuel, Federica Carta, Edoardo Bennato, i Tiromancino, i Pinguini Tattici Nucleari and Diodato are the featured artists of this exclusive musical event, Tomorrow, from 7 pm on and the magazine’s Facebook and Instagram pages. The market has recognised the editorial and advertising value of these three special issues, enabling us to record and 20% increase in ad pages and a 12% rise in revenues, compared with the same issues of the previous year,” declared Davide Mondo, chief executive of Mediamond. The issue features poetry by … Also, because smiling is good for the heart and we at Sorrisi know this very well,” explained Vitali. The fashion feature and the Laura Pausini interview will also be published in the international editions of Grazia in Germany, Morocco, Bulgaria, Mexico, Latin America and Spain.

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