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Sun saw the danger of this and returned to China in 1917 to advocate Chinese reunification. Od 1460 w unii personalnej z Danią. [86] Between 1912 and 1927 three governments had been set up in South China: the Provisional government in Nanjing (1912), the Military government in Guangzhou (1921–1925), and the National government in Guangzhou and later Wuhan (1925–1927). There are also two streets named after Sun Yat-sen, located in the cities of Astrakhan and Ufa, Russia. He used the independent Kingdom of Hawaii as a model to develop his vision of a technologically modern and politically independent and actively anti-imperialist China. "Sun Yat-sen's Christian Schooling in Hawai'i. [14][15][16][17], At the age of 10, Sun began seeking schooling,[1] and he met childhood friend Lu Haodong. In Bangkok, Sun visited Yaowarat Road, in Bangkok's Chinatown. Novämber 1870 uf Hawaii; † 12. [58] In March 1904, while residing in Kula, Maui, Sun Yat-sen obtained a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth, issued by the Territory of Hawaii, stating that "he was born in the Hawaiian Islands on the 24th day of November, A.D. In his work, Schriffin speculated that Christianity was to have a great influence on Sun's whole future political life. In 1923, he invited representatives of the Communist International to Canton to re-organize his party and formed a brittle alliance with the Chinese Communist Party. Stamtąd potajemnie nawiązał kontakt z niektórymi chińskimi społeczeństwami antyidystycznymi. [81] Many revolutionary members were already alarmed by Yuan's ambitions and the northern based Beiyang government. In 1921 he started a self-proclaimed military government in Guangzhou and was elected Grand Marshal. Opierał swoje zasady na trzech głównych wytycznych: demokracji, nacjonalizmie i opiece społecznej. Areca publishing. [55] Sun wrote a book in 1897 about his detention, titled "Kidnapped in London."[23]. A "Heaven and Earth Society" sect known as Tiandihui had been around for a long time. The Penang Philomatic Union subsequently moved to a bungalow at 65 Macalister Road which has been preserved as the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Centre Penang. WW Norton & company publishing. ", Isaac F. Marcosson, Turbulent Years (1938), p.249. Ojciec Sun Yat-sena został zmuszony do powrotu do dawnej pracy jako robotnik. [85], China had become divided among regional military leaders. "[59][60] He renounced it after it served its purpose to circumvent the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Sun Yat-sen (12 de noviembre de 1866-12 de marzo de 1925) ocupa hoy una posición única en el mundo de habla china. È considerato il padre della Cina moderna e uno dei più importanti … [128], In 1993 Lily Sun, one of Sun Yat-sen's granddaughters, donated books, photographs, artwork and other memorabilia to the Kapi'olani Community College library as part of the "Sun Yat-sen Asian collection". Sun Yat-sen recibió sus primeras enseñanzas de la China tradicional. [129] During October and November every year the entire collection is shown. Khoo, Salma Nasution. Biografi Dr. Sun Yat Sen. Ia lahir 12 November 1866 di Guang dong Cina, anak seorang petani miskin yang merantau ke Honolulu Hawai Amerika Serikat mengikuti kakak lelakinya untuk menempuh pendidikan.Sut Yat Sen kembali ke Cina tahun 1883, kemudian pindah ke Hongkong untuk menempuh pendidikan kedokteran hingga lulus tahun 1892. Other structures include Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall subway station, Sun Yat-sen house in Nanjing, Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum in Hong Kong, Chung-Shan Building, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Guangzhou, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei and Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall in Singapore. The library was set up as a part of the 50 reading rooms by the Chinese Republicans to serve as an information station and liaison point for the revolutionaries. Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925) był chińskim politykiem rewolucyjnym, pierwszym prezydentem Republiki Chińskiej, stając się tym samym założycielem współczesnych Chin. Aby stworzyć nowoczesne Republikańskie Chiny, rząd Manchu powinien zostać obalony. [44], In the second year of the establishment of the Revive China society on 26 October 1895, the group planned and launched the First Guangzhou uprising against the Qing in Guangzhou. [2011] (2011). South China morning post. W tym samym czasie wynajął usługi prywatnego nauczyciela, aby uczyć go chińskiej klasyki. [79] The Second Revolution took place where Sun and KMT military forces tried to overthrow Yuan's forces of about 80,000 men in an armed conflict in July 1913. Su primera educación, al igual que su lugar de nacimiento, lo hicieron un hombre de dos mundos, China y Occidente. Sun Yat-sen sent telegrams to the leaders of all provinces requesting them to elect and to establish the National Assembly of the Republic of China in 1912. He died in Beijing of gallbladder cancer on 12 March 1925. [65], The revolutionaries were polarized and split between pro-Sun and anti-Sun camps. No more states? Its control over elements of the New Army that had mutinied was limited and there were still significant forces which still had not declared against the Qing. Sun Yat-sen werd geboren op 12 november 1866 in een dorp van nederige vissers. Ethnicity, Identity, and Minority Status in China's Modern Transformation", "Students from China study Sun Yat-sen on Maui", "Chinese government officials attend Sun Mei statue unveiling on Maui", "Chinatown park, statue honor Sun Yat-sen", "Sun Yat-sen: Certification of Live Birth in Hawaii", Department of Justice. [86] Yuan Shikai had banned the KMT. [60] Official files of the United States show that Sun had United States nationality, moved to China with his family at age 4, and returned to Hawaii 10 years later. Sun Yat-sen w szczególny sposób wyróżnił się w języku angielskim i literaturze. 385–400. [1] By age 13 in 1878, after receiving a few years of local schooling, Sun went to live with his elder brother, Sun Mei (孫眉) in Honolulu. Następnie odbył długą podróż przez Europę Środkową i Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki. Ukończył z wyróżnieniem w dziedzinie medycyny i chirurgii w 1892 roku. [62], On 20 August 1905, Sun joined forces with revolutionary Chinese students studying in Tokyo to form the unified group Tongmenghui (United League), which sponsored uprisings in China. (Chinese) Yang, Bayun; Yang, Xing'an (November 2010). [83], In 1915 Yuan Shikai proclaimed the Empire of China (1915–1916) with himself as Emperor of China. On 10 October 1919 Sun resurrected the KMT with the new name Chung-kuo Kuomintang, or the "Nationalist Party of China". [126] In Sacramento, California there is a bronze statue of Sun in front of the Chinese Benevolent Association of Sacramento. Crítico do dinástico e do chinês supostamente tradicional, germinou suas idéias revolucionárias dentro e fora da China. Biografie: Sun Yat-sen, * 12. [2001] (2001). Sun's courtesy name was Zaizhi (Jai-jī; 載之), and his baptized name was Rixin (Yaht-sān; 日新). To Sun rozpoczął i stanął na czele stuletniego marszu Państwa Środka ku odzyskaniu utraconej potęgi. Krytyk dynastycznych i rzekomo tradycyjnych Chin wykiełkował swoje rewolucyjne idee zarówno wewnątrz, jak i na zewnątrz Chin. [40] They disguised their activities in Hong Kong under the running of a business under the name "Kuen Hang Club"[41]:90 (乾亨行). Sun Yat-sen (pinyin: Sūn YiXiān; Cuiheng, 12 de novembro de 1866 – 12 de março de 1925) foi um estadista, político e líder revolucionário chinês.Como o principal pioneiro da China republicana, Sun é frequentemente referido como o Pai da Nação.Desempenhou um papel fundamental na derrubada da Dinastia Qing em outubro de 1911, a última dinastia imperial da China. [25], At age 20, Sun had an arranged marriage with fellow villager Lu Muzhen. Na zijn basisopleiding stuurden zijn ouders hem (in navolging van zijn rijk geworden broer die daar succesvol zakenman was) in 1879 naar Hawaii. Durante toda su vida puso su empeño en unificar el país, para lo cual llegó a aliarse con lo señores locales y los comunistas. Berg publishing. Dr Sun Yat-sen, * 12. [105] He also left a short political will (總理遺囑) penned by Wang Jingwei, which had a widespread influence in the subsequent development of the Republic of China and Taiwan.[106]. Sun is credited for the funding of the revolutions and for keeping the spirit of revolution alive, even after a series of failed uprisings. On 10 November 1924, Sun traveled north to Tianjin and delivered a speech to suggest a gathering for a "national conference" for the Chinese people. Sun Yat-Sen was a major politician and a Chinese revolutionary who co founded the Kuomintang and served as its first leader. [49] This came five years after the failed Guangzhou uprising. [2005] (2005). Stworzył imprezę o nazwie Kuomintang lub Guomindang. [65] Tao Chengzhang (陶成章) and Zhang Binglin publicly denounced Sun with an open leaflet called "A declaration of Sun Yat-sen's criminal acts by the revolutionaries in Southeast Asia". 11 November 1909 p2. According to Lee Yun-ping, chairman of the Chinese historical society, Sun needed a certificate to enter the United States at a time when the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 would have otherwise blocked him. Instead, Sun was a foreigner from mainland China. João de Pina-Cabral. However, as the war ended in July 1902, America emerged victorious from a bitter 3-year war against the Republic. Harvard university press. BIOGRAFIA DE SUN YAT-SEN. Sun Yat-sen nació el 12 de noviembre de 1866, en un hogar campesino en Choyhung en Kuangtung cerca de la colonia portuguesa de Macao. Encyclopedia of Political Theory. Sun Yat-sen otrzymał swoje pierwsze nauki od tradycyjnych Chin. 4, 1972, pp. Die Sun-Yat-sen-Universität (chinesisch 中山大學 / 中山大学, Pinyin Zhōngshān Dàxué) ist eine Universität in der chinesischen Provinz Guangdong.Sie wurde im Jahr 1924 von Sun Yat-sen, dem chinesischen Revolutionsführer und ersten Präsidenten der Republik China, gegründet.Die Universität gilt als die beste in Südchina und eine der zehn besten in der Volksrepublik China. He later co-founded the Kuomintang.Sun remains revered in both mainland China and Taiwan. [note 1] James Cantlie, Sun's former teacher at the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, maintained a lifelong friendship with Sun and would later write an early biography of Sun. Su padre trabajaba como agricultor, que había sido la ocupación tradicional de su familia durante muchas generaciones. [67][citation needed], The first actual United Chinese Library building was built between 1908 and 1911 below Fort Canning – 51 Armenian Street, commenced operations in 1912. Nach einigen Jahren im Exil wurde er 1921 Präsi… Sun and Lea then sailed for China, arriving there on 21 December 1911. [27], Sun was later baptized in Hong Kong (on 4 May 1884) by Rev. In 1924 Sun appointed his brother-in-law T. V. Soong to set up the first Chinese Central bank called the Canton Central Bank. Another older brother, Sun Deyou (孫德祐), died at the age of 6. Influential in overthrowing the Qing dynasty (1911/12), he served as the first provisional president of the Republic of China (1911–12) and later as de facto ruler (1923–25). Od tego czasu otwarcie wyrażał swoje sprzeczne idee dotyczące chińskiego tradycjonalizmu. The Legation planned to execute him, before returning his body to Beijing for ritual beheading. Lebensdaten, Biografie und Steckbrief auf [117], Sun's first concubine, the Hong Kong-born Chen Cuifen, lived in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia for 17 years. After the success of the revolution in 1911, he quickly resigned as President of the newly founded Republic of China and relinquished it to Yuan Shikai. [129] In 2006 the NASA Mars Exploration Rover Spirit labeled one of the hills explored "Zhongshan". Su intención fue reunirse con su hermano, quien residía en esa isla desde varios años atrás. On 1 June 1929, Sun's remains were moved from Beijing and interred in the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum. Connected worlds: history in transnational perspective. [14][15][16][17], During his stay in Honolulu, Sun Yat-sen went to ʻIolani School where he studied English, British history, mathematics, science, and Christianity. Sun Yat-sen was born on November 12, 1866, into a peasant household in Choyhung in Kwangtung near the Portuguese colony of Macao. There is also a blue plaque commemorating Sun at The Kennels, Cottered, Hertfordshire, the country home of the Cantlies where Sun came to recuperate after his rescue from the legation in 1896. [101] Contemporary reports in The New York Times,[101] Time,[102] and the Chinese newspaper Qun Qiang Bao all reported the cause of death as liver cancer, based on Taylor's observation. kolonia sun yat-sen. Słownik Szlezwik I Holsztyn: Co znaczy księstwo w pd. Sun Yat-Sen wurde in einer Bauernfamilie Dorf Cuiheng Bezirk Xiangshan Guangdong (Südchina) geboren. Sun Yat-sen Sun Zhongshan Líder revolucionario chino Nació el 12 de noviembre de 1866, en el seno de una familia de campesinos pobres de Xiangshan (Hsiang-shan) en la provincia sur de Guangdong. The uprising was a failure. [92] Other Whampoa leaders include Wang Jingwei and Hu Hanmin as political instructors. Sun's speech on Yaowarat street was commemorated by the street later being named "Sun Yat Sen Street" or "Soi Sun Yat Sen" (Thai: ซอยซุนยัตเซ็น) in his honour. W tym czasie sytuacja rodziny była tak niepewna, że ​​jego starszy brat był zmuszony wyemigrować na inne szerokości geograficzne, aby zarabiać na życie. The first highway in Taiwan is called the Sun Yat-sen expressway. [32], During the Qing-dynasty rebellion around 1888, Sun was in Hong Kong with a group of revolutionary thinkers who were nicknamed the Four Bandits at the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese. After his death, the Kuomintang opted to keep that language in its constitution to honor his memory forever. W rzeczywistości byli oni poddawani gwałtownym prześladowaniom. De plaats waar hij werd geboren stond bekend als "Xiangshan" en heet nu Cuiheng. Sun Yat-sen (chinois simplifié : 孙逸仙 ; chinois traditionnel : 孫逸仙 ; pinyin : sūn yìxiān ; cantonais Jyutping : syun¹ jatsin¹ ; zhuyin : ㄙㄨㄣ ˋ ㄒㄢ, Sun Yat-sen étant la prononciation en cantonais qui s'est exportée en Occident ; le nom se prononce Sūn Yìxiān en mandarin), plus connu en Chine sous son surnom Sun Zhongshan (en mandarin, chinois : 孙中山 / 孫中山, sūn zhōngshān, cantonais Jyutping : syun¹ zung¹saan¹, zhuyin … [139] Taiwanese Education minister Tu Cheng-sheng and Examination Yuan member Lin Yu-ti [zh], both of whom supported the proposal, had their portraits pelted with eggs in protest. [65] However, by 19 July 1910, the Tongmenghui headquarters had to relocate from Singapore to Penang to reduce the anti-Sun activities. Ha sido considerado como el verdadero fundador de la República de China. [34] Sun, who had grown increasingly frustrated by the conservative Qing government and its refusal to adopt knowledge from the more technologically advanced Western nations, quit his medical practice in order to devote his time to transforming China. According to Ming Pao she could not take the money because she would no longer have the freedom to communicate about the revolution. Sage publishing. Sun Yat-sen (Cuiheng, Guangdong, 12 de novembre de 1866 - en viatge a Pequín el 12 de març de 1925), en transcripció Wade-Gilles (segons la pronúncia cantonesa), Sun Yixian (en xinès tradicional: 孫逸仙) en transcripció pinyin (segons la pronúncia en mandarí), conegut habitualment a la Xina com a Sun Zhongshan, fou un estadista, líder revolucionari i polític xinès. [15][16][17][45], In Chinatown, Los Angeles, there is a seated statue of him in Central Plaza. [78] Li Yuanhong was made provisional vice-president and Huang Xing became the minister of the army. M.E. Lin, Xiaoqing Diana. ANU publishing. Jego zamiarem było spotkanie ze swoim bratem, który mieszkał na tej wyspie przez kilka lat.. Stało się to na krótko przed tym, jak siły zbrojne USA ustanowiły strategiczne bazy na wyspach. Sun Yat-sen kilkakrotnie próbował pełnej rekonstrukcji rządu republikańskiego z niepewnego gabinetu z 1911 r. Jednak do 1920 r. Nie mógł tego osiągnąć. Esto ocurrió poco antes de que las fuerzas militares estadounidenses establecieran sus bases estratégicas en las islas. Chociaż jej związek był bardzo ograniczony z powodu długich okresów nieobecności w domu, w wyniku małżeństwa dała troje dzieci. Jego wczesna skłonność do polityki dojrzała radykalne idee sprzeczne z imperialnymi wytycznymi rządzącymi Chinami. [113] Ho, Virgil K.Y. [35] The group was spreading the idea of overthrowing the Qing. [56] Sun Yat-sen mainly used this group to leverage his overseas travels to gain further financial and resource support for his revolution. 9 November 2003. Biografia. These Principles included the principle of nationalism (minzu, 民族), of democracy (minquan, 民權), and of welfare (minsheng, 民生). The minister would also develop a friendship with Sun. November 1870 auf Hawaii; † 12. His father owned very little land and worked as a tailor in Macau, and as a journeyman and a porter. 6, no. Sun Yat-sen nació el 12 de noviembre de 1866, en un hogar campesino en Choyhung en Kuangtung cerca de la colonia portuguesa de Macao. 1882 m. Sun Yat-sen baigė Iolani vidurinę mokyklą ir vieną semestrą praleido viename semestre Oahu koledže, kol jo vyresnysis brolis jam grįžo į Kiniją ne vėliau kaip po 17 metų. [127], In late 2011, the Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, unveiled, in a Lion Dance Blessing ceremony, a memorial statue of Sun outside the Chinese Museum in Melbourne's Chinatown, on the spot where their traditional Chinese New Year Lion Dance always ends. On 29 December 1911 a meeting of representatives from provinces in Nanking (Nanjing) elected Sun Yat-sen as the "provisional president" (臨時大總統). [140] At a Sun Yat-sen statue in Kaohsiung, a 70-year-old ROC retired soldier committed suicide as a way to protest the ministry proposal on the anniversary of Sun's birthday 12 November. [137], In November 2004, the ROC Ministry of Education proposed that Sun Yat-sen was not the father of Taiwan. He raised money for his revolutionary party and to support uprisings in China. Frédéric, Louis. Novämber 1866 z Cuiheng bi Zhongshan, Provinz Guangdong oder 24. [73], On 27 April 1911, revolutionary Huang Xing led a second Guangzhou uprising known as the Yellow Flower Mound revolt against the Qing. Sun Yat-sen (/ ˈ s ʌ n ˈ j æ t ˈ s ɛ n /; 12 November 1866 – 12 March 1925) was a Chinese philosopher, physician, and politician, who served as the first president of the Republic of China and the first leader of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party of China). In Tokyo 1907–1908 members from the recently merged Restoration society raised doubts about Sun's credentials. Sun Yat-sen (12 listopada 1866 r. - 12 marca 1925 r.) Zajmuje dziś wyjątkową pozycję w świecie chińskojęzycznym. Rosecrance, Richard N. Stein, Arthur A. [1] According to his book "Kidnapped in London," Sun in 1887 heard of the opening of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese (the forerunner of The University of Hong Kong) and immediately decided to benefit from the "advantages it offered. While the events leading up to it are unclear, in 1896 Sun Yat-sen was detained at the Chinese Legation in London, where the Chinese Imperial secret service planned to smuggle him back to China to execute him for his revolutionary actions. 11 November 1999. [73] The leaders launched a major drive for donations across the Malay Peninsula.

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