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Synopsis. He was also noted to be a kung fu prodigy from childhood, and the first student of the Jade Palace to master all one-thousand scrolls of kung fu.  •  Kung fu master •  Prisoner of Chorh-Gom Prison (formerly) A successful sequel, Kung Fu Panda 2 was released in 2011. This Kung Fu Panda wallpaper might contain fountain, sign, poster, text, and chalkboard. Big Black Jack Latimore | Minor scratches around figures. Le Frog | Tara Ribble | Fai Suan | In real life, the snow leopard (Tai Lung) is the enemy of the giant panda (Po). Animated Features Fun Gus | In some concepts of the character, as well as in Kung Fu Panda: The Game and at the beginning of Kung Fu Panda Holiday (but never in the first film), Tai Lung was also shown wearing a studded shoulder plate and a metal gauntlet on his right arm. Résumé des commentaires. Earlier in the film, Po is shown playing with his action figures while taking a bath, one of which is an action figure of Tai Lung. Passionné, costaud et quelque peu maladroit, Po est sans conteste le plus grand fan de kung-fu. Doom Syndicate (Psycho Delic) | Ian McShane (Kung Fu Panda 1); André Sogliuzzo (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness); Counterparts. Once freed, Tai Lung was quickly spotted by the Anvil of Heaven, who scrambled to contain him with everything they had. Layton T. Montgomery | You... you're just a big... fat... panda! Toro | Po later used a shift stone to assume the form of Tai Lung to convince Peng to remove the Gong Lu Medallion and succeeded, Peng declaring he is not like his uncle and does not want to be. kung fu panda 2. po. By the time Tai Lung finally arrived at the Jade Palace, the whole Valley had been evacuated on Shifu's orders, leaving only the master himself to confront Tai Lung at the palace steps. Voiced most times by Peter McHugh. 7. Fung | Despite all his accomplishments, Tai Lung still sought the power of the Dragon Scroll and firmly believed he was the Dragon Warrior. White Bone Demon | Tighten | CRITIQUE. In Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors, the Wu Sisters are depicted as Tai Lung's loyal minions. Tai Lung went on the warpath across the Valley of Peace, laying waste to everything in his path and decided to take the Dragon Scroll by force. Chantel DuBois | Satoru Gojo. Socktopus | Commander Vachir only boasted he had everything under control and that escape from Chorh-Gom was impossible. Their once was a snow leopard named Tai-Lung. Gold Kai the Collector | Clothing Shessh… This story sets back in time when Tai Lung was still a young cub and in training. Roc | Headless Horseman | However, the Furious Five's victory was short-lived as Tai Lung managed to use what was left of the now-destroyed rope bridge to seamlessly swing up and break free, landing behind the startled team. Shifu didn't teach you that. Assef | He showed off how the mighty snow leopard was "completely immobilized," going so far as to stomp on Tai Lung's tail and tease him with the information that Oogway was going to finally choose the Dragon Warrior and that it would not be Tai Lung. I figured it out. Kung Fu Panda Holiday (briefly in dream) Earl Latimore | Makunga | Connor Rooney | Furious, he almost killed Shifu, who told him he would never get the scroll but was interrupted by a shout from the entrance coming from an out-of-breath Po holding the Dragon Scroll, who claimed to be the Dragon Warrior. Mantah Corp, See Also Producida por Melissa Cobb, escrita por Jonathan Aibel y Glenn Berger y protagonizada en inglés por Jack Black. Theodore Murdsly | 2015/11/02 - この作品 「落書き納」 は 「カンフーパンダ」「シーフー」 等のタグがつけられた「はきにくい靴の店」さんの漫画です。 「一年て早い ※loaネタ多いので注意してください」 Tai Lung told Shifu he has come home and respectfully calls him "Master." Commando Elite (Butch Meathook, Nick Nitro, Brick Bazooka, Vasquez & Gwendy Dolls) | Odlulu | Professor Poopypants | Years after these events, Shifu was shown to be stern and withdrawn toward his new students, the result of carrying the emotional burden of Tai Lung's betrayal. His pain tolerance is also seen when Po brings him to his knees with multiple blows from his stomach, sending him crashing through buildings and bouncing him high enough to leave a leopard-shaped hole in the ground. Jouer au jeu Kung Fu Panda Tai Lung : Tai Lung était autrefois un maitre de la Vallée de la Paix mais sa soif de destruction fut tellement grande qu'il fut envoyé en exil au sein d'une prison lointaine. Kung Fu Panda est un film réalisé par Mark Osborne et John Stevenson avec les voix de Manu Payet, Pierre Arditi. Tai Lung is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 16th full-length animated feature film Kung Fu Panda, the posthumous overarching antagonist of Kung Fu Panda Holiday, and a posthumous antagonist for the rest of the franchise. Commodus | Jackson Rippner | The Mouse | Vengeful Martial Artist, BanditPrisoner at Chorh-Gom Prison (formerly), Kung Fu masterySwordsmanshipMarksmanshipFangsClawsAggressionExtreme strengthExtreme enduranceExtreme speedExtreme agilityNerve attacksStun attacksIntelligenceIntimidationManipulationInterrogation tacticsFear-inducing skillsHeightened awarenessFerocityRoaringIndomitable willpowerWall-climbing skills. Shifu charged to stop the snow leopard with a direct attack, but hesitated, unwilling to strike a lethal blow to the one he still considered his son. Tai Lung appeared at the beginning of the special as part of Mr. Ping's nightmare, where he appeared giant-sized and battled Po, who remarked that he thought Tai Lung was dead before being cut off with Tai Lung slamming his paw on him. The Horde (Catra, Shadow Weaver, Scorpia & Double Trouble) | Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, Fantasy-Magazine.com - "Feature Interview: Jennifer Yuh Nelson, director of Kung Fu Panda 2", https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/voice-compare/Kung-Fu-Panda/Tai-Lung/, WWF.panda.org - "Panda's natural enemies and defences", https://kungfupanda.fandom.com/wiki/Tai_Lung?oldid=113033. Choking in Tai Lung's grip, Shifu repeated that Tai Lung would never have the Dragon Scroll, and, furious, Tai Lung attempted to finish him off, but was interrupted by the arrival of Po, after which he then carelessly threw Shifu to the ground. Tai Lung then proceeded to try and steal the Dragon Scroll from Po, underestimating him and only thinking his kung fu skills had been derived from the Dragon Scroll's "secret to limitless power." If he is a villain than he's the most tragic. Moved with compassion, Shifu decided to adopt the cub and raise him as his own, bestowing on him the name "Tai Lung" (meaning "Great Dragon")[11] in the hopes that he would become the Dragon Warrior. Fur color Willard Tweedy | Though Tai Lung at first gives Shifu a chance at welcoming him home, in disregard of his earlier crimes, he shows no mercy to his surrogate father when he refuses and is challenged, beating him mercilessly and nearly killing him as he demanded the Dragon Scroll which the latter refuses, despite Shifu attempting to reach out to him at one point. However, when approached by Oogway, the old turtle saw darkness in his heart and did not see him as worthy enough to be the Dragon Warrior. Fearless Leader | Subdued by Oogway and remaining in jail for two decades did not soothe his hatred and anger. Condition is "Used". He also had a signature double-fist punch and a "sucker kick", both of which he used several times in the first film. Tai Lung retains his arrogance and brutality; he could not believe for one second that Po, an overweight panda, could be the Dragon Warrior which ironically was a factor in his defeat. It was this overwhelming pride and lust for power that alerted Oogway of the darkness in Tai Lung's heart. Kung Fu Panda est un film d'animation américain produit par DreamWorks Animation, réalisé par Mark Osborne et John Stevenson, sorti en 2008 . Images of the Tai Lung voice actors from the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Deion Hughes | In Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, he is revealed to be the uncle of Peng.. Voice Actors. He is the only villain of the trilogy to mention Po by name at least once. 1920x1200 Movie Kung Fu Panda miroha. Tai Lung appeared at the beginning of the special as part of Mr. Ping's nightmare, where he appeared giant-sized and battled Po, who remarked that he thought Tai Lung was dead before being cut off with Tai Lung slamming his paw on him. As they leave, however, a molted feather from when Vachir slapped Zeng in the back lands in front of Tai Lung, and he uses his tail to sweep it closer to him, intending to finally escape and claim the title he believed was his. He was orphaned as a young cub and raised by a red panda with gray fur named Shifu. Even after hearing Shifu's confession that he had always been proud of him and made an apology for letting it blind him to what he was becoming, Tai Lung finally saw that Shifu still loved him, but he hardened his heart as he still wanted the Dragon Scroll. Tai Lung was found by Shifu as an infant cub, wrapped in swaddling cloth and left at the threshold of the palace gates. Newton Wolves (Bad Billions and Good Billions) | Genus | However, while Po is kind-hearted and humble who is unexpected to become a martial artist, Tai Lung is very ambitious and overconfident who refuses to change his ways. Kung Fu Panda Master Shifu x Reader 10.1K 172 42 sumarry: You are know as ______ the Master of Kung Fu you look the same as Master Shifu but the fur and clothes color you can change it. Melvinborg | Tong Fo | In addition to defeating all the rhino guards of Chorh-Gom prison, he surpassed all of the Furious Five combined and even Shifu. Shifu offered a sincere and heartfelt apology and Tai Lung's gaze softened with hesitation, but he ultimately hardened his heart, proclaiming that he wasn't after an apology, he still wanted "his" scroll. Resenting on Shifu for not defending him, he violently attacked his old master and father-figure when the latter, who was hesitating, opposed him. Był on adoptowanym synem mistrza Shifu. Scalemagne | 1 Tai Lung played General Grievous in Animation Star Wars 2 Tai Lung played Genie Jafar in Sonicladdin (Disneystyles8) 3 Tai Lung played Mr. The Toad | Series Lorsque Tai Lung n'était qu'un bébé, Shifu l'a recueilli et l'a élevé comme son propre fils. Unfortunately, the nerve attack proved useless against Po, who only found it incredibly ticklish due to his panda physiology. Ian McShane (Kung Fu Panda 1); André Sogliuzzo (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness); Counterparts. Tai Lung's voice actor, Ian McShane, voiced Captain Hook in Shrek the Third. Po about to use the Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung. Escape Chorh-Gom Prison (succeeded).Destroy Po and the Furious Five.Dismantle the Jade Palace as well as the Valley of Peace.Get revenge on Shifu for putting him under falseness and imprisoning him (all failed). Tai Lung is best described as a warrior whose pride and ambition led him down a dark path. Heilang | Shifu's reception of his son and a one-time student was cautious and cold as he tells him the Jade Palace is no longer his home and that he is no longer his master, bluntly making it clear they were now enemies. Kung Fu Panda Holiday . The Furious Five upon hearing of his escape set out in an attempt to stop him against Shifu's orders. Powerful Kung Fu Master of Leopard styleBanditPrisoner at Chorh-Gom Prison (formerly) Deceased[2][3] Shifu then mourned for his fallen son, ashamed of not being able to reel his inner demons until it was too late. Splitter | But Tai Lung gained the upper hand when he slammed Po into the ground, stunning him long enough to allow Tai Lung to grab the scroll and open it at long last—only to find that it was blank. Kuai Xun | Carved right out of the mountain, the prison was made especially for Tai Lung—filled with many walkways and traps, with only one way in and out for the entire prison. Tai Lung was the main antagonist of the Dreamworks film, Kung Fu Panda.He was defeated by Po at the end of the film. When he escaped, he made his way back to the Jade Palace where he confronted Shifu once more. Plus Shen himself admitted that he wouldn't be able to beat people through Kung Fu alone so had to create weapons. King Fossa | Information in this section may conflict with previously established canon. 1. S'apercevant que Tai Lung fut très doué pour le kung-fu dès son plus jeune âge, Shifu décide de l'entraîner et de croire en lui. Despite this, however, he ultimately could not defeat Po in battle, and was defeated by a combination of Po's skill, natural immunity to his nerve attack and use of the Wuxi Finger Hold. Ladykiller | NOUVEAU. Gil Mars | Kung Fu Panda (2006) - Tai Lung's Escape Scene (3 10) Movieclips. This, along with Shifu's silent refusal to speak up in his defense, enraged Tai Lung into showing the darkness in his heart by going on a rampage through the Valley of Peace before trying to take the scroll by force.

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