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This was such a “proud momma moment” for me. Add to cart . Two weeks. There is an Iditarod post coming up, I promise. She has run two Iditarods and will be competing in her first Yukon Quest next week (let’s see if she can steal another win away from Allen, who has won 2 YQs)! Wade Marrs, who had just come off the Kuskokwim 300 last weekend (considered the most brutal mid-distance race) and for whom my friend Dylan is handling, took 7th! To qualify finish, you must have at least 5 dogs on your team, when you come into Nome. Enjoy the rest of your summer; I will post again in the fall! How Many Days Do You Need? You can follow the mushers on the website I won’t tell you who to root for, but all the cool people are rooting for Allen Moore and Ryne Olson. It was the dead of winter, howling winds, snow and ice, with bitterly cold temperatures, had cut their area off from the outside world – and there was a killer in their midst. Nenana, Alaska (Nenana) është një qytet në qarkun Yukon-Koyukuk të shtetit federal Alaska, SHBA.Në Nenana, Alaska jetojnë 378 banorë (2010), dhe dendësia e popullisë është banor/km 2 (66.6 banorë/sq mi). Compare Nenana, Alaska to any other place in the USA. To be quite honest, there just hasn’t been much to write about. Nenana, Alaska. If you are planning a road trip, you might also want to calculate the total driving time from Anchorage, AK to Nenana, AK so you can see when you'll arrive at your destination. Close; Airlines; Alaska Marine Highway; Cruises; Driving The coyote ruff is a very important part because it keeps your face from getting frostbit. It’s not that tents aren’t allowed. What does that mean? OR I could just live and train in Willow, AK and have a 2-hour drive to Anchorage for Ceremonial start and 10-minute drive to the restart on Willow Lake…. We caught him in a trash can and transported him across the creek, Chilkoot Lake, a glacial lake in Haines, AK. When I was younger, I HATED ponytails. The Yukon Quest (YQ) is the other 1,000 mile race that happens up here. Home; Traveling To Alaska. My phone died pretty quick from the cold, so there aren’t many. After Nic and Noah both came in the wrong way, resulting in a confused mess of leading the dogs in a very wide circle, someone went out and made an indicator. 14, T004S, R008W, Fairbanks Meridian). (Sure I’d be awkward, but I’m awkward around the cashier at the grocery store, too. Raava was the only white pup in the litter, Seeing double. Qyteti ka një sipërfaqe prej 15.8 km 2 (6.1 sq mi) dhe lartësi mbidetare prej 107 m (351 ft). This time from the village of Nenana to the village of Tanana, where the river enters the Yukon. This is when it started to really die down. But now I’m back at it. The “running water” in the main house is gravity-fed like my place in Homer. Each checkpoint is staffed with a veterinarian that can perform an efficient physical on your dogs and note down any concerns or comments. Add to Watchlist Unwatch. Flying one dog costs a minimum of $100. The most obvious difference: sled dogs don’t run on gas. It heads from the Nenana Glacier and flows south out of the Alaska Range and makes a northern correction just a few miles east of Cantwell to then flow north through the Alaska Range and up to Nenana where it joins the Tanana River . Update. Amenities. Old Murphy Dome Rd, the 7 mile road out to the kennel. After all, this winter gear is so high quality, it will last me years, including into my Iditarod days. I must talk a lot during movies because it’s killing me to watch them by myself and not have anyone to make comments to. They are the “go-to” for many people up here. is excited to announce our newest offering: a course just for beginning bloggers where you’ll learn everything you need to know about blogging from the most trusted experts in the industry. 1929 NENANA ALASKA FIRST FLIGHT > NOME ! All mushers are required to do a “gear check” at the checkpoints as well. Just look at a 10-dollar bill). It was -18 degrees at the ceremonial start on Saturday, and I made the mistake of not starting with a full charge on my phone. Oh! The last few mushers will be coming in within a couple hours now. I was recently asked what kind of gear I wear now that winter is in full swing up here (Note: It has actually been about 30 degrees above zero for the last couple of days, and we are sweating). If I am being completely transparent, there probably won’t be another post this summer. Its mission since 1988, is to preserve, display, and honor Alaska's aviation heritage, by preserving and displaying historic aircraft, artifacts, and memorabilia, and to foster public interest in aviation and its history. equals to 474.9 miles and 412.4 nautical miles. She is a german shepherd-siberian husky mix. Price. What a glorious invention. Depending on your knowledge of the trail and conditions, you might also pack extra runner plastics. Over my insulated pants, I wear waterproof snow pants or insulated Carhartt bibs. Robert was the first rookie to reach Nome, with Habibi’s aunt Cassette running in lead (and quite a few of her uncles filling out the rest of the team). A lot of the New England mushing is sprint, meaning shorter distances and much faster speeds. Now, the tours are like the ones I am doing this summer in Juneau. All those days skiing with my neck and chest getting cold from the wind blowing down my jacket. Nome heeft een oppervlakte van 55,9 km² en een inwonersaantal van 3505 (volkstelling van 2000). She actually passed Allen, who was holding the first position for a lot of the race! Nenana is a city in Alaska This page was last changed on 1 November 2014, at 22:08. Mickey boots are black and make you look like Mickey Mouse. Or Lin-Manuel Miranda. August is the rainiest month in Nenana with 13.4 days of rain, and April is the driest month with only 3.5 rainy days. They are quite the workout though. If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s at the top of your web browser right now. My next few posts will be a little more in depth about what it takes to run the Iditarod and what you’ll encounter along the way, but I will leave it here for now. When you live out in the boonies, the “big city” wreaks havoc on your immune system. So, I put myself to work almost as soon as I landed in Boston. Check-out Wednesday. First Trip to Alaska? If you know anyone that dabbles in graphic design or is an artist, I would very much appreciate the chance to talk with them. Aged 18+ Children. Rooms. Now, my hair is hardly ever down. The trick to dressing warmly, most of you know: layers. We have about four hours of sunlight right now, but the sun stays low toward the horizon throughout the day. Bunny boots are the cold weather cousin of the Mickey boot. These are huge, go up to my elbows, and have a wool liner and fur backside. We were also in charge of caring for the dropped dogs that were left behind when the mushers took off. 1929 NENANA ALASKA FIRST FLIGHT > NOME ! The race is similar to the Iditarod: 1,000 miles, checkpoints along the way, similar rules. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t include the people that literally taught me how to run dogs? The kind you can turn into a bunny. 30-day returns. These are an insulated pant that came highly recommended by several musher friends. It is hard to be so far from home though, and I’m really excited to see everyone at the end of the month! Discover the optimal month due to daylight, temperature, and rain. I am long overdue for a blog post. Unlike at Libby’s, we don’t have a shower on-site. I emailed her right away, explaining who I was, how Kenobi was doing, and how he even gets to be a sled dog sometimes (albeit not the best one)! You don’t want to get too sweaty because that will get you cold, so you don’t get all bundled up until you’re ready to mush out! By leaving a donation, you will officially become a sponsor of my kennel, Runaway Kennels. Cold-weather sleeping bag, weighing at least 5lbs (My -80 degree bag clocks in at 6.5lbs). Those are clouds, not water, Salmon running up Gold Creek, where the water gets darker it’s because the salmon are packed in side by side. However, instead of asking for handouts, I am instead asking for sponsorships. The Daily News-Miner obtained the letter via public records request. There is no switching allowed. It was also very busy with teams coming and going, and soon it was 5am. I bought it from a guy on Facebook Marketplace. We’re going up to 15 miles now; about 2 hours of mushing. Providing information on whether Daylight saving time is observed and when DST begins and ends for Nenana, AK - along with what the local date is in order to change clocks for spring/summer or fall/winter in this part of Alaska, USA. Cindy and Jacob were both running teams made of Verne Halter’s dogs. In the sled bag, I carry a pair of army surplus over-mitts. Price: US $5.99. Nenana Clinics - Alaska. I arrived back from Iditarod 2016 on March 17; I made the decision to move on April 1. Alaska has no lottery, so the Nenana Ice Classic is as close as it gets, and the pot usually exceeds $300,000 or so. Wheelchair access 3. Leonhard like the dogs and wanted to develop a team for racing in Nome. In 1973, the race took almost 3 weeks. Le nom pourrait également provenir d'un point situé à 19 km de la ville[réf. I have been in Nome the last couple of days. Therefore, they passed through several of these villages. Self-Realizations and Random Thoughts Courtesy of Cabin Fever (And additional comments). In 1925, When a diphtheria out brake happened in Nome Alaska. The big news this year is a steep hill and quick turn within the first ten miles that caused several mushers to crash pretty hard right off the bat, among them Hugh Neff, 2-time YQ champion. This makes the solar panels less powerful. Best Time to Visit Alaska? Check In — / — / — Check Out — / — / — Guests 1 room, 2 adults, 0 children Guests 1 2. Nic Petit’s lead dogs Libby and Kristy, named for Libby Riddles and Kristy Berington! On top of the sweater, I put on my hooded, down vest. The most common strategy is to plan for one meal/rest every 40 miles or so. Yes, 100%. The vet book is also important in maintaining that the 16 dogs that started the race are the same dogs that finish it. Two-time YQ champion. You can use the space to pack more essentials and the lighter sled can only help you. Nenana to Nome. But also, it brings a lot of positive attention to the villages as well. Jessie Holmes lives near a river with his 40 sled dogs in Nenana, Alaska. Don’t do anything just because of a boy, especially if it involves changing your dreams). nécessaire]. As the years went on and the race gained popularity, more rules and logistics came into play. Nenana to Tanana Another canoe trip in the quest to paddle the entire 500-plus miles of Tanana River. It does wonders to block out the wind, even when you go into it head-on. Maybe because it was such a quick decision. There are 103.0 rainy days annually in Nenana, which is less rainy than most places in Alaska. The village of Nome set out a red lantern and kept it lit until the last team in the relay brought the diphtheria toxin serum into the city. Imagine taking a 1,049-mile road trip. Take advan­tage of the local fla­vor and pick up a hand-spun qivi­ut (muskox fibres) gar­ment, ivory carv­ings or a seal­skin hat. I spend my summers telling cruise ship tourists the tale of the Iditarod in between their mushing tours and puppy playtime…). Usually a top 40 Iditarod finisher because he takes him time and runs mostly inexperienced dogs to get them used to the trail. We performed some surgery and fixed (almost) good as knew. I make sure to switch these gloves out before we get moving though so I am wearing a dry “base layer” glove. Alaskan Adventure., Ryne started as a handler for Aliy and Allen a couple years ago, and a lot of people call her a mini-Aliy. 764.27 kms Another warning label: I am horrible at text correspondence…but mostly because I forget. The opportunity to do so is usually accompanied with a lot of emotion, so I have yet to say anything, but I think a post will do it justice. Two weeks ago she became the first woman in 16 years to win the Copper Basin 300 race. At the time, the fastest recorded trip from Nenana to Nome was nine days. Saturday morning, 24 mushers left from Kasilof on the Tustumena 200. Over my base layer, I wear either more wool or a fleece. So, I am looking into cold weather gear, made the same way as my -80F sleeping bag. Like Starbucks coffee is special and won’t keep me up at 1am like Folgers. The setting of our story is in the winter. this year they start in Whitehorse, next year they will start in Fairbanks. These checkpoints are really important to mushers, in regards to both strategy and survival. What’s new?). The Yukon Quest started on Saturday! The people at the front desk, Gil and Kendra, remember me from adopting Kenobi a year ago. I have since collected a nice set of baselayers, winter boots, mushing pants and am in the market for a parka as we speak. An epic adventure across Alaska. Couldn't believe that a guy that did all that would work in a place like that. Nome lies just four degrees south of the Arctic Circle, and while greatly diminished from its peak of 20,000 during the gold rush days at the turn of the 20th century, it was still the largest town in the northern half of Alaska in 1925 with 455 Alaska Native and 975 settlers of European descent. Nenana is also famous as the spot where President Warren G. Harding pounded the final golden spike into the Alaska Railroad in 1923, marking its completion. These look like hospital slippers, but they are amazing. Especially because many of you donated to my GoFundMe for new winter gear, and I think you should know what I have done with the money! In each bag, you pack whatever you think you will need for the next leg of the race after the respective checkpoint. Located an hour (55mi) south of Fairbanks and an hour (60mi) north of Denali National Park and Preserve. So, I swallowed my pride and created a GoFundMe page. And without access to a vet or ability to drop an injured dog. And right now, half of you are going: “The what?”. Lately, I have been just wearing fleeces. And Datsun’s “Oh god, please don’t touch me” face, Habibi has to work on this whole “lining out and facing front” thing. I got some feedback on my last post that the content on racing was a little basic, so I just wanted to see how everyone felt. Each boot weighs about 4lbs. The checkpoint was set up with two trails: one in and one out. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. I will post more on this place later. That’s like running 40 marathons back to back. and explained some of his background, including how his bloodlines flow all the way back to Togo (see previous post on 1925 Serum Run)! The historic distance of the race is 1,049 miles. This historic community / Athabascan Native Village is 56 miles from Fairbanks and 75 miles north of Denali National Park. Nenana lies at the juncture of the Nenana River and the Tanana River. There is no running water in the cabin. We have already gotten a lot of tours, and when there aren’t tours, we’re out on training runs or doing chores around the homestead. Although the Iditarod does not always follow the same trail of that Run, it was inspired by the courage and endurance of those mushers and sled dogs. 2. Why does my brain think it’s different to get coffee at Starbucks than make it at home? This year, the very first checkpoint of the race was in Nenana, so the teams ran over most of the same trail as those mushers. Menu. Nenana Alaska is located at mile 305 of the Parks Highway. They have a gas station to fill up your tank, a restaurant to grab some food and a hotel to recharge. These can get torn up on the trail, and it’s good to have a variety (different levels of hardness depending on snow/ice/ground). '[citation needed] Nenana has a continental climate with an extreme temperature range. Jeff King had a handler running his team in the race and his girlfriend Kristin Bacon was running as well. Usually, there is a “restart” the day after the ceremonial in Willow, AK about 2 hours north of Anchorage. As it became more of a sport, it was important to keep the race fun and not necessarily a test of survival. Rey had a panic attack inside my car and destroyed the side panel of my door. Iditarod post will be up soon. I am now up in Fairbanks! Guests get to drive their own team and experience remote Alaska as it should be: by dog sled! However, with bama sokkets, the rating goes lower. I am only taking that team about 4.5 miles as of now. So I can see why people were surprised. Whatever your company is most known for should go right here, whether that’s bratwurst or baseball caps or vampire bat removal. Seppalla was one of the relay drivers in the 650-mile dash from Nenana to Nome with diphtheria serum which ended yesterday. Antacids are commonly used among mushers to prevent stomach ulcers in their dogs. They created the checkpoints along the trail, most of which were stationed at the small villages that the trail naturally passed through. For now, here are some form the start of the season: It’s been a busy, busy winter already this year! It turns out, not too long before, a woman had emailed them about Kenobi. Flying an Iditarod team: $1600, but really $1800 because you need extra dogs just in case anything happens and most mushers don’t have their final team rosters figured out until the evening before restart. This is the real start of the race. I literally wear one all day now. Qyteti ka një sipërfaqe prej 15.8 km 2 (6.1 sq mi) dhe lartësi mbidetare prej 107 m (351 ft). Coordinates: Latitude 64.56 & Longitude 149.09. Well, imagine the confusion when we were all standing by the “in” trail and watched Nic’s headlight bob towad the “out” trail because they had failed to mark the trails from the mushers’ perspective. Mitch Seavey took third. I still have my honey bucket because walking to an outhouse in -20 degrees during the night is not very appealing. Properties with special offers. Ikus, gainera. 230 kilometers long. While on this rest, they also make up the time differential from the start (they leave at two-minute intervals, so there can be over 2 hours between the first and last mushers). I was partnered with the vet on site, watching for injured or sick dogs. Alaska Excursions gave me the opportunity to finally take the leap! ZIP CODES IN NENANA, ALASKA 99760. The Nenana is a long northern flowing river. I was out there with a bus full of tourists. (Another note: The kennel gear I promised has been put on hold, pending the creation of a proper logo. They DO, however, run on some high protein and fat kibble and meat/fat snacks and water: all of which you packed weeks ago in your drop bag because you’re such a well-prepared, clever little musher. The ceremonial start is just a 10-mile jaunt that starts on 4th avenue in Downtown Anchorage and winds its way through the streets of the city. Your ending point United States, Nenana is located at (64.4792, -148.571) Total distance from Nome to Nenana is 764.27 kms. Traditionally, the race alternates each year between southern and northern routes, splitting at the village of Ophir: The purpose is to share the attention of the race between more small, remote Alaskan villages. Population / Elevation: Nearly 400 people live in Nenana, Alaska,at almost 400 feet above sea level. electricity, running water, internet). However, they are on the JV team with the older dogs that haven’t been running as much this fall/winter. Histoire. My cabin was fitted for electricity years ago with hopes of hooking up a generator and turning it into a bathhouse by the previous owners. The Homer checkpoint was just a mile down the road from my cabin, so I signed up to volunteer. This winter, I will be just north of Fairbanks in Fox, AK working with Lisbet Norris, and Iditarod musher and granddaughter of Natalie and Earl Norris, two famous Alaskans that started what is now the oldest Siberian husky kennel in the world! I could train in NH and travel for races, but I’ll tell you a not so well-kept secret: mushing does not pay well! Allen: Top ten finisher in every Yukon Quest he has entered. B&Bs & Inns 2. For now, let’s go Wade Marrs: first musher into the Ruby checkpoint! The woman was devastated to hear the family had been lying to her for over a year and her dog had been relinquished to a shelter and adopted out to someone she didn’t know. Looking toward the sunset is bright oranges and reds. Notice my “bunk bed” kennels? The significance of the Red Lantern goes back to the 1925 Serum Run (think Balto). The route between Nenana and Nome traced much of the same ... which is where he left Togo when he returned to Alaska. I scored a deal on my parka. The link is here, if anyone is interested: Also, I am looking to revamp my logo, if anyone is artistically inclined! After the run, Seppala sold Togo to a friend in Poland Spring Maine were Togo was euthanized on December 5th 1929. The 10,000 people living in and around Nome, Alaska, were in desperate straits in January 1925. (Forgive me, if this comes across a little rehearsed. Sometimes mushers pull into the checkpoint and become surrounded by school kids. C11 AIR MAIL COVER ! With multiple drivers, maybe the relay would shave off a day or two. Going on the serum run is a life-ling dream for her. Or you can ask questions to other users about your future visit to Nome or to Nenana.Or just share anything you want about Nome or Nenana. The large tank is filled almost twice a week using water jugs and the same spring eight miles away. Stephanie is from Nome Alaska and is the co-orgaizner for the trip. This has been done twice before, as recently as 2015. Race veterinarians have the power to make a musher “drop” a dog (leave them behind at the checkpoint) and also to disqualify a musher that they believe is being neglectful. Get to see how different mushers do their dog care, Get to see different styles of sleds/equipment. It drains an area on the north slope of the Alaska Range on the south edge of the Tanana Valley southwest of Fairbanks. Wool is great because it is wicking and stays warm even when it is wet. Booties to protect their feet from ice balls; jackets to keep them warm in the extreme temperatures; tshirts to prevent harness rub; leggings to protect their legs from frostbite or breaking through icy snow crust; and massage items to rub down their leg muscles after you bed them down to rest. Best Way to See Alaska? heads at Nenana Glacier, in Alaska Range, flows N to Tanana River at Nenana, Tanana Low. You can’t have him back.

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