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Jokes apart, this castle was actually on sale back in 2016 after 650 years! If you’re making a day trip to Cles, I will make it easy for you and tell you exactly where to go. Well that’s the final recommendation on our things to do in Val Di Non Trentino blog. Even though Cles is a busy town as compared to the nearby villages, you’re surely going to enjoy the old world charm here. We kayaked through the naturally formed narrow canyons created by earthquakes years ago. San and I really enjoyed Ville d’anaunia because with Cherry Blossoms and Tulips – spring was in full swing here. The Tabula Clesiana contains the decree of Caesar Claudius of 46 AD granting the Roman citizenship to the Alpine people. Proves by the way also offers a fantastic view from the village, for example on the great low mountain ranges of … After some long treks or even a days skiing, you’re going to need some self-care. What makes a travel destination truly romantic? We’d love to go revisit for a road trip to Tuscany. There is something very special about clear lakes that are surrounded by mountains. The hostel in Agritur de Poda was very helpful and delightful to talk to. If you didn’t already know, Val Di Non is not only popular for it’s stunning nature and views. Your email address will not be published. 24.8k Followers, 877 Following, 1,133 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Val di Non (@valdinon) The water of Lago di Tovel is so clear that you can see the bottom of the lake. Apple trees with their twisted brances in Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. Val de Vie Estate, R301, Jan van Riebeeck Drive, Paarl, 7646 – P.O. Historically speaking, Cles is a significant town because this is where the Tabula Clesiana was discovered. ESTATE. The entry was free and there was a proper parking place outside. Top of the things to do in Val Di Non Trentino has to be this incredible lake. For sale, Property, Val di Non: Buying a home has never been easier and faster thanks to Val di Non has an ancient history of apples that was documented even in the 16th and 17th centauries when they were grown in gardens. INSANE, huh? Val di Non is one of the sixteen districts of Trentino in the Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol. :) For information about how we handle your data, please read our privacy policy / Impressum. While you’re here, make sure you try Pineta Restaurant – “Alla Pineta”, it is even older than the hotel itself and is legendary. Brenta Dolomites, castles, malghe and apple trees everywhere: stay update and book online from the official tourism portal of Val di Non. The stunning Tovel Lake – Lago di Toval in Trentino, Italy. Drifter Planet is a proud member of Mediavine Publisher Network. Oh, and of course it would be incomplete without fine wine and delectable food. The interiors of the mini cheese factory are lovely and look like they’re right out of an old time movie. Luxury – Pineta Hotels Nature Wellness Resort – With an indoor swimming pool and wellness centre, Pineta Hotels Nature Wellness Resort is an ideal place to relax. It took in total around 2 hours and finished off by opening out onto the beautiful Noce river running through Val Di Non. In my opinion, it is the GEM of Val di Non. Pineta Naturamente Hotels, Tavon, Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. You should also eat the legendary pizzas of Ristorante Pizzeria Centrale. Erica making cheese in La Cucolq – the Mini Cheese Factory in Cles, Val di Non, Italy, Fresh cheese in La Cucolq – the Mini Cheese Factory in Cles, Val di Non, Italy. Did I mention how Cles’s old town is dotted with chic cafes? Parking is free. Including how to get there and what to expect. You can just ask anyone in Spinazeda Quarter where the Mini Cheese Factory is and they will guide you. A traditional Renetta Canada Apple tree with new blossoms in Ville d’Anaunia – Val di Non, Italy. Do check out our article about the Alpe Cimbra area in Trentino. We were told that during the harvesting season, most of Val di Non is working in the Orchards. Look at these cuties! And although we didn’t make it to Naples, it was our first time in the country so for us this was a huge bucket list tick. Most likely they will send a shuttle. Our traditional room in an old renovated castle. Click HERE to read the rest of our story. Each morning at breakfast you can enjoy homemade bread and cakes, and a communal kitchen is available for guests’ use. References This Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol location article is a stub. If you’re confused about what to eat, the staff will explain and help. To get a real feel of Val Di Non and it’s culture, how about staying in a traditional castle in the middle of town. The Tabula Clesiana is a bronze plate dating back to 46 AD that was discovered near Cles. PAGINA UFFICIALE DELL'AZIENDA PER IL TURISMO VAL DI NON Telefono +39 0463 830133 Warning – if you don’t like history, then just skip to the next paragraph. Inside Lanterna Magica – Cinema Themed cafe in Cles, Val di Non. Apple orchard in Frutteto Storico, Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. If you have ever lived in Europe, I’m sure you would have mostly eaten Melinda apples. Val Di Non, Fondo (Italia). Breakfast is continental-style, and is served in a breakfast room. Val di Non has Cherry Blossoms too – Trentino, Italy. It is on the foot of the Dolomites in Val di Non. Apples, particularly Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and the traditional Renetta, have been cultivated here since the 19th century. A cemetery in Flavon, Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. Lauren trekking the vineyards in search of some grapes…. Welcome in The Val di Non Valley. Apples and wine are also a huge part of the local culture. The pretty streets of Cles in Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. Passo Mendola e Altopiano della Predaia offrono ai loro ospiti fantastici momenti da godere nella natura; passeggiate con panorami mozzafiato, escursioni con le mountain bike oppure a cavallo, parco divertimenti e molto altro ancora. This place is also called Antica Residenza de Poda and true to its name is an antique residence. This is where we saw Alpacas – the sama picture that you see as the cover image for this article. To make the most of Coredo and Tavon, you should stay in Pineta Hotel for at least one night. PS: Drifter Planet contains affiliate links. In a way, it reminded me of the Chandrataal Lake in the Spiti Valley, India. San sitting by Lago di Tovel, Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. Some rooms have a balcony, while chalets come with fully equipped kitchens. In total 345 hikes, 34 long-distance hikes, 13 pilgrim walks and 6 others are waiting to be explored. The best way to travel to and within Val di Non is by a rental car. Cles is the biggest town in Val di Non and it has old buildings, pretty streets and a panoramic viewpoint that overlooks the Cles Castle and Lake Santa Giustina. 98K likes. Val di Non: vacanze attive e relax nella natura del Trentino. San and I had never seen so many apple trees in our live. We’re spent two nights at Agritur Ciastel, the renovated medieval castle Castel Casez! Cles has an amazing viewpoint and to reach here you have to walk uphill for 5 minutes from the town center. Box 6223, Paarl, 7620 GPS: Lat: -33.798265 and Long: 18.967209 Val di Non also boasts the highest number of castles and perfectly preserved noble residences, symbols of power and wealth from the past. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. How could we come to Italy and not eat pizza!! The trekking idea is a new concept created by the family as a chance to walk the perimeters of the land and see exactly what goes in to creating the wine before tasting it! This is the same hotel that we mentioned in our point about Tavon. Descendancy for Anna Teresa Caterina IORI. Here are some of the most amazing places to visit in Val di Non –, Lago do Tovel – the stunning lake in Val di Non, Trentino – Italy. Or, you can pre book a guided tour so that you can see the castle from inside. Yes, try to visit it for sure in Spring or summer for an amazing experience. If so, then watch the below video for a cute virtual trip where we will show you what we did while we were in Non Valley, Trentino: If you’re looking for a new travel destination that is still under the radar, offbeat and not run by hoards of tourists with selfie sticks, then Trentino in Italy is your best bet. Trento to Dermulo should take about 1 hour on train. Discovering our ancestors who left Val di Non for a job or better life in America. Lago Di Tovel is a stunning lake, situated in the Brenta Dolomites in Trentino, Italy. Broadly speaking, there are two types of apple trees here – the ancient ones and the new ones. This is also what mainly characterises the Alta Val di Non, a spot of land to sit back and take a break from everyday life. Mid-Budget – Antica Residenza de Poda – Antica Residenza De Poda is set in the quiet village of Flavon, in the Val di Non. Even though we send out very few emails, they are sure to make you smile. Change at the train Trento station and get on the Trento-Malé electric railway to Dermulo. We love nature, adventure and road trips. Famiglia Stablum Via 4 Novembre, 135 I 38020 Mezzana-Marilleva Tel: +39 0463.757240 Fax: +39 0463 757071 E-mail: PIVA 00314930223 - Legge 88/2009 For a place to sleep in Val di Non, I will give you two options – the first is where we stayed – Agritur Residenza De Poda and the second is the one that we visited – Pineta Naturamente Hotels in Tavon, Cordeo. Your email address will not be published. Melinda brand apples from the Val di Non are juicy, crunchy and fresh. In 2003, Val di Non apples were recognized as PDO apples. What a gorgeous place. Spendig Holidays here is an exhilarating experience, surrounded by peaks towering, crystal clear lakes, castels, hermitages and sanctuaries, museums and more . Val Di Non, Fondo (Italia). Your email address will not be published. If you visit during spring, you can enjoy the beauty of apple blossoms. Alpacas in Pineta Naturamente Hotels Tavon, Val di Non – Italy. If you thought Val di Non couldn’t get any better, here’s the icing on the cake. Cles Castle Viewpoint with Lake Santa Giustina, Apple Orchards at Frutteto Storico or Ville d’Anaunia, 30 Amazing Places to Visit in Delhi – the City of…, 2 Days in Amsterdam Itinerary: Fall in LOVE With…, Traveling Europe by Campervan: Our Tips for "Van…, Ultimate Croatia Road Trip Itinerary: Top Places to…. Castel Valer is in Tassullo village, which is a part of Ville d’anaunia. We were told that this building is now the venue of several art exhibitions and is no longer serving as the city hall. Near Tavon are two man made lakes – Lake Tavon and Lake Coredo and together they are referred to as Cordeo Lakes. With Lake Tovel by far the most popular spot in the area, we decided to explore a little more. It is an added bonus if the water is extremely clear and blue. Will surely include it in my italy itenerary. SOSTENGONO IL NOSTRO LAVORO. We combine our sense of humour, love of travel and passion for life to explore the world. La vacanza estiva in Val di Non è sinonimo di tranquillità e relax immersi nel verde di montagne, pascoli e sentieri. Hi Madhu, yes Val di Non in Trentino is gorgeous! Chef Bruno is the eldest son of the family that owns Pineta Hotel and he runs the restaurant with his wife Bianca. While you’re in Flavon, you should check out the Church of Saint John the Baptist. (By the way, Italy doesn’t have a shortage of romantic destinations. We had a delicious meal at the local restaurant of Hotel Casez. AZIENDA PER IL TURISMO VAL DI NON Via Roma, 21 - 38013 Fondo (Tn) Tel. A 944 metri di altitudine nella parte nord della Val di Non, Rumo è un delizioso paese di montagna, proprio ai piedi della catena delle Maddalene. Old Rathaus Building in Cles, Val di Non, Italy. Cles Castle and Lake Santa Giustina in Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. We are Sonal (from India) & Sandro (From Germany). The Non Valley (Italian: Val di Non or Valle di Non; Nones: Val de Nòn; German: Nonstal or Nonsberg; Latin: Anaunia) is a valley mainly in the Trentino.Morever, the Deutschnonsberg (Alta Val di Non), a subregion, consists of three primarily German-speaking municipalities in the province of South Tyrol, northern Italy.. Discover all the ads from owners and agencies and choose your future home with While the sunny Val di Non was covered with apple blossoms when we visited, the Tovel Valley appeared to be stark and cold in comparison, but beautiful nonetheless. There is a terrace and guests can make use of free WiFi and free private parking. San and I got to learn so much about apples that we will never look at them the same way again! Let’s just say it definitely didn’t disappoint! Even of they don’t have their own farm but have private job instead, they get called by their cousins or uncles to help around in the farm. At the hotel, rooms come with a desk, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. The sitting area in La Cucolq – the Mini Cheese Factory in Cles, Val di Non, Italy. Our pictures and words cannot do justice to the beauty but we will try our best. Bonus: Food is … It is also under the radar because many visitors skip it completely. Moreover, Pineta Hotel is the perfect spot for you to enjoy a sunset here with these adorable Alpacas. After all eating food has got to be one of the best things to do in Val Di Non Trentino. In estate un posto meraviglioso dove godersi aria buona e passeggiate tra paesaggi bellissimi. Walk around the Spinazeda Quarter – the most ancient quarter of Cles it will surely transport you to another era. The staff is incredibly friendly and tries everything to make our stay perfect. What To Pack? Hey! Whats your pick? Right next to the Non Valley is the Sole valley and the river Noce runs between them. After all, it is the specialty of the region. These looked realty interesting with a backdrop of snowy mountains. An enchanting scenery with quaint villages and mighty mountains is waiting for you. It is a 5-minute drive from the centre of Romeno in the Non Valley, and 6 km from Val di Non Canyon. Buy her special Caciotta cheese or Rabiola cheese that she makes all by herself. Apple Blossoms in Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. Lake Tovel was by far one of the most incredible places we’ve ever visited and it completely took our breath away. Old towns, castles, apple trees, mountains and lakes – Val di Non you’re gorgeous! These include 2 bowling greens, a children’s playground, and a multifunctional sports field. Here are some places that you should visit while you’re in Cles: Inside La Cucolq – the Mini Cheese Factory in Cles, Val di Non, Italy. So we took a wine tour around a local vineyard and went back to the home of the owners to try a little of their produce. It was semi frozen when we were there and the surface reflected the beauty of the snowy mountains like a mirror. There are strange looking cinema machines from the older times in this café that are decorated at random spots. Val di Non is in Trentino, Italy and has everything it takes to be the perfect romantic destination. In a way, the ancient apple trees look kind of psychedelic. Those alpacas are so cute! Sunset in Flavon with Spring Flowers – Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. Fabrizio milks the grass fed cows and Erica makes the cheese. We're Charlie & Lauren, a British travel couple creating to inspire. It offers free parking and a buffet breakfast of local specialities. Don’t leave without travel insurance! Qui tutti gli affitti stagionali! When I say there are apple trees everywhere, I actually mean they are in every possible place. Proves is located in sunny position in 1,420 m asl and is the highest located village of the Alta Val di Non. Val di Non: affitta un appartamento per tutta la stagione sciistica o per tutta l'estate! PAGINA UFFICIALE DELL'AZIENDA PER IL TURISMO VAL DI NON Telefono +39 0463 830133 Discovering our ancestors who left Val di Non for a job or better life in America. The best part – during spring it is surrounded by pretty apple blossoms. We're currently traveling around Europe with our baby in our camper van. Lago di Tovel is one of the prettiest lakes that we have seen in a long time. The branches of both these kind of trees are twisted and they look like a witch’s arm. Really a fantastic list of places to visit. What an amazing place.i am already in love with val di non by look8ng at the pics you have shared. These places are awesome! 5 TERRITORI, UN'UNICA GRANDE ANIMA OSPITALE Montagna, pascoli e sentieri: Le Maddalene. San and I exploring a lovely Apple Orchard in Ville d’Anaunia, Val di Non with Brunella. VAL DI NON. As you walk around the town center, you will also see the ancient building of Cles’s non-functional Rathaus – the City Hall. 312 ads of houses for sale in Val di Non, Trento from 40.079 euro. This miracle of nature was formed by a landslide, 1300 years ago. From Dermulo train station; ask your hotel for the best way to reach them. Idyllic, this might be the right description for this spot of land. Well there’s no better way to looking after your body than some wind down time at a wellness centre in the Alps. Travelling to Italy? If you make a purchase through these links, we will earn a little commission at no extra cost to you. For more places to stay in Val Di Non you can check the latest prices here. You can arrive in Verona airport or Venice airport and then rent a car from there to drive to Val di Non. Beautiful village Tavon in Val di Non, Coredo, Italy. If you want to enjoy the serene beauty of this lake just like we did, now would be the best time to visit before it gets mainstream. It is on an elevated part of Tavon, so the views from here are spectacular. Property in Val di Non for sale direct from owners and real estate agents. The breakfast at Agritur de Poda was pretty good but it is worth noting that the restaurant is in the hotel is not open for dinner. When you’re here, you will see the Cles Castle of course and the man made Lake Santa Giustina next to it against the backdrop of mountains. On the other hand, as you will walk to the center of the town you will notice how new the streets are dotted with chic cafes that somehow don’t look out of place. Made up of 6 buildings, the Pineta Nature Wellness Resort offers a variety of sports and leisure activities. We met while traveling and got married. Staying in the castle was an experience worthy of flying to Trentino just for that! I’m not sure if the above history was of an interest to you, but I must say that these apple orchards are really lovely to look at. This website contains affiliate links. Castel Valer in Ville d’Anaunia – Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. We’re Sonal & Sandro from India and Germany. WWW.VISITVALDINON.IT. Some of the apple trees in Val di Non had pink flowers and the others had white ones. We only recommend products we love. If you’re looking for public transport, you can travel on the Bologna-Brennero train line. Val di Non, is the Italian name for Non Valley, which is in North Italy’s Trentino just at the edge of the Dolomites. As per my research, most of the destinations can easily be reached by bus but I personally did not experience them there. There was something so eery yet beautiful about this trip and it was definitely something we’d never experience before. Where To Stay In Val Di Non. It sits at a height of 1178m metres high and is 0.38 square km. 98K likes. It means – we will earn a tiny commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. But Val Di Non isn’t all apple juice and ancient castles; it’s also a nature lovers paradise as I discovered once setting eyes on Lago Di Tovel. We’ve put together our Ultimate Travel Packing List for every type of trip. We spent some quality down time at Pineta Hotels Nature Wellness Resort. La vacanza estiva in Val di Non è sinonimo di tranquillità e relax immersi nel verde di montagne, pascoli e sentieri. We did two tours of apple orchards, one was Frutteto Storico in Aperitivo and the other was on a private farm in Ville d’anaunia. The owner was a lovely Italian lady who of course had a fresh apple orchard in her garden and made the most delicious breakfast each morning. 314 houses and flats for sale in Val di Non, Italy, from 12,000 euros. It is built on an elevated part of Tavon and as a result the views are really good. Required fields are marked *. How many days would you recommend staying there to see all the highlights? Young couple Erica and Fabrizio run an adorable little cheese factory in Spinazeda Quarter, Cles’s old town. Over 620 km², it is a genuine paradise for mountain bikers and also is the largest protected area in Trentino. Pineta Naturamente Hotels is a spa resort that is quite affordable for what it offers. To invite us for a travel blogging trip, please see our Work With Us page. This is exactly how Lake Tovel is – in fact even better. The wild Val di Tovel is also home to brown bears. Come, let's travel together and see the magical side of the places that we visit. If you’re heading to Italy, then you have to try pizza right? Here’s something crazy about Lago di Tovel — the water was once bloody RED. Lago di Tovel is in Tovel Valley and is a part of Adamello Brenta Natural Park. I ate a vegan Panini here and San had a meat Sandwich – they were both very good. Together both the valleys are referred to as Noce Valleys. This is Castle Valer – a one of a kind octagonal castle from the 13th century. Read our Travel Insurance Guide or click HERE to get a quote. The wifi worked very well. Ville d’anaunia is the same place that is mentioned in the previous point where I recommend you to stop to see apple orchards. Adorable Alpacas in Pineta Naturamente Hotels, Tavon, Val di Non, Italy, San and I enjoying a cozy dinner with the locals in Pineta Hotel, Val di Non, Italy. The reflections in Autumn were insane! The Val di Non valley stretches between Mezzocorona and the Adige valley, along the Noce river to Lake Santa Giustina and further along the banks of Rio Novella to San Felice in the province of Bolzano. Traditionally cultivated in the fertile Non and Sole valleys nestled along the Noce River banks, Mela Val di Non refers to fresh apples of the Golden Delicious, Renetta Canada and Red Delicious varieties, grown within the province of Trento. Room in Agritur Residenza De Poda, Flavon, Val di Non, Italy. The viewpoint is actually accessible from a small public park. Even better is if you get to enjoy the beauty of the lake without crowds and just by yourself in peace. Not only is Pineta Hotel extremely gorgeous, it also has a really good in house restaurant. While Val di Non’s main town Cles is beautiful, I’d suggest you book a place to sleep in Flavon. Add a backdrop of mountains and scenic valleys; you’ve got yourself a winner. Thanks for reading! We also saw several cherry blossoms while we were here. Lago di Tovel is just 9.3 miles away. Budget – Royal Hotel Paolino – Royal Hotel Paolino has a restaurant, bar, a shared lounge and garden in Cavareno. In late 19th century, apple farming in Val di Non became more organized with numerous water canals and structured methods of agriculture. This plate is now in Trento’s Castello del Buonconsiglio Museum. San and I drove here from Flavon in Val Di Non. In the 18th and 19th centuries saw a large-scale cultivation and export to Germany and France. The rooms have a wardrobe. Snowshoes can be rented in winter, and beauty treatments are available on request. I recommend you to try one of their multi course dinners. It was found in 1869 at Campi Neri. Now, I’ve not been to Canada, but British Colombia has long been on my list thanks to its alpine lakes that double as mirrors, and here I … There are dramatic viewpoints, loads of flowers and medieval castles with a backdrop of snowy mountains. Uno dei posti che dovete assolutamente vedere in Val di Non, perché sarà una meraviglia camminare qui alla fine della primavera tra l’erba di un verde brillante, poi nel pieno dell’estate con il profumo del fieno appena tagliato, come anche in inverno … There's something magical about this time of the y, Namaste Memories from Bali - perhaps my f, I have said it before and I’ll say it again - th, Mountains or beaches? We’re spent two nights at Agritur Ciastel, the renovated medieval castle Castel Casez!The owner was a lovely Italian lady who of course had a fresh apple orchard in her garden and made the most delicious breakfast each morning. Ring the bell when you’re inside and ask for Erica. While you’re there, try the homemade yogurt with honey. There are around 7000 hectares of apple orchards in Val di Non that are owned by 5000 families. The food in Italy is spectacular and I’m sure you won’t stop eating pizzas and pastas while you’re here. It is colorful from the outside but as you go inside, you will notice how everything is wooden, even the decoration! Le stazioni sciistiche della Val di Non sono aperte anche in estate. Jump To: Visit The Famous Lago Di Tovel Wine Trekking/Tasting Self-care & Wellness Retreats Kayaking Stay In A Castle Eat Pizza! Accommodation at Pineta Hotels has wood furniture, satellite TV and a private bathroom. Thanks for sharing! Cles in Spring – Val di Non’s biggest town – Trentino, Italy. We spent an evening at Pineta Hotels for some sauna and jacuzzi time followed by a lovely dinner at their beautiful, homely restaurant. But hey, if you look around carefully then you will notice that quirky art pieces that are in the corridor give the timelessness away (in a good way). Hiking in Val di Non ★ With currently 398 hiking routes all around Val di Non there are plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts. Disclosure: San and I were invited to Trentino by Visit Trentino team but all silliness and thoughts expressed in this article are totally our own. Old towns, castles, apple trees, mountains and lakes – Val di Non you’re gorgeous! Your holiday of relaxation and nature, in the mountains, in Trentino. However there is a Ristorante Pizzeria Centrale that’s nearby and is open till 10 pm. You can hike around Castle Valer to the St. Justina Hermitage. Wow great. Guess what – this is exactly how I’d describe Val di Non, the Non Valley in Italy’s Trentino. Flavon is not as busy as Cles and has its own quaint charm, which you can only find in smaller villages.

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