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di | 9 Gennaio 2021

Les employés de Lidl inscrivent comme origine Maroc alors que les clémentines Jaffa orri proviennent de la société Mehadrin. Disponible à Marseille et à Perpignan. The Or, Orr or Orri is a late season mandarin with exceptional sweetness, but enough acidity to give a fine, well balanced flavour.Orri is mostly seedless and is a wonderful variety to extend the season of easy-peelers once the main clementine varieties have finished. Orri tangerines are botanically a hybrid that was created from budwood of the orah mandarin in Israel. It imports citrus fruits with the renowned Jaffa label, including Orri clementines, pomelos and Minneola tangelos. And on top of this year’s ambitious goal, head of […] Orri Jaffa mandarins are currently exported to 45 countries worldwide. Mandarin Orri, KSC Jaffa, is on sale at KSC France. Also known as the Jaffa Orri, Or mandarin, Orri mandarin, and Orr tangerine, Orri tangerines are a late-season variety that was created to have a long shelf life and have resilient skin that makes them suitable to survive transportation globally. It also sources avocados – Ettinger, Pinkerton and Hass varieties; Medjool dates, grown exclusively in Israel and California; and Wonderful pomegranates from Israel. About 18% of the fruit is shipped to North America, and 4% to Asia Pacific. Most of the yield is exported to Europe (78%) – most prominently France (39%), the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Russia (7% each). Israel is known for growing and exporting citrus fruits, including grapefruits, lemons, pomelo, the Israeli created pomelit (a hybrid of a grapefruit and a pomelo) and of course the world famous Jaffa oranges. Available in Marseille and in Perpignan. The skin is a lovely colour, being thin and quite easy to remove. Mandarine Orri, marque KSC Jaffa, en vente chez KSC France. Most of the yield is exported to Europe (78%). Orri Jaffa mandarin currently is exported to 45 countries. The Jaffa Orri is a mandarin developed by scientists at the Israeli Volcani Research Center. The most prominent outlets in Europe of the popular fruit are: France (39%), the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Russia (7% each). « La Jaffa Orri est la meilleure mandarine du monde » « En 30 ans d'expérience dans l'industrie des agrumes, et avec ma connaissance des nombreuses variétés, il n'y a jamais eu de meilleure variété de mandarine », dit Tal Amit de l'Israel Plant Production and Marketing Board au sujet de la mandarine Jaffa Orri. Jaffa oranges, also known as Shamouti oranges, were a primary Israeli export in the early days of the State of Israeli, and are still a major Israeli export today. About 18% of the fruit is shipped to North America, and 4% to Asia Pacific. Head of citrus division of the Plant Production and Marketing Board of Israel, Tal Amit Thanks to an extended season that started earlier than usual and is expected to last into mid-May, exports of Israel’s Jaffa Orri Mandarins are on track to double this year. J’ai un soucis avec Lidl de Vauvert, qui a mis en vente dans son magasin des clémentines jaffa orri d’origine Israël vendu en vrac.

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