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This book has some examples of colorful Southern words to help folks learn the alphabet the way it … And it’s even more telling for some even more localised dialects. Sometimes spelled as all ya'll's, depending on what state you are in. Y'all = you all. Here at “Patrick’s Place,” I try to look at various topics and find a commonsense solution where there’s a conflict. I want to see if I’m right about the interesting marriage between You, who goes by “Ya” and All, nicknamed “‘ll”. There is a correct—and incorrect—way to spell this fond colloquialism, however. Dialect maps showcase America's many linguistic divides. It does indeed come as a contraction of “you all,” not “ya all,” which doesn’t even make sense. Ya'll have gone and misplaced your collective minds. We Southerners don’t say “you all”. Lived in the South my entire life… never heard a Southerner say ” you all”… “you” becomes “ya” and “all” becomes “‘ll” … contractions take out letters from both words. Do: Turbo charge y’all, and refer to a large group as all y’all. All y’all is a more expansive y’all: “Listen up, y’all—all y’all.” As president of the Authors Guild some years ago, I was involved in negotiations with high-level Google executives. Though "y'all" is inherently plural, in the instance of addressing a larger group of people, "all y'all" is more of a casual, slang phrase that's sometimes used. Like how all soda is called Coke and all tea is sweet unless otherwise noted, "y'all" is a key piece of Southern verbiage that's deeply engrained in our culture. There’s Only One Reason It’s in the Dictionary! Seth, I’ve lived in the south my entire life as well, and I happen to have the most accepted etymological explanation on my side. What If You Don’t Want to Make the WordPress Switch? I guess that I saw it exactly as you said: the word “will” having the w and the i dropped, rather than y missing its o and u. Accessed 22 Mar. Even Siri understands what means it now. Some examples from the web: Ya'll need to fix ya'll faces up in here. Think you're a pro at Southern sayings? I beg to differ. Y’all shortens “you all” by dropping the ou and placing an apostrophe in their place. Y'all is a contraction of you and all, sometimes combined as you-all. There's only one correct way to spell it, y'all. Before You Send Your Business Pitch, Do This First! The apostrophe is for “a” in “all”. And let’s face it: we live in a world full of conflict! Advertise With Us. Unlike most Americans and maybe some Europeans who may have encountered this kind of unique and very telltail sign of Southern inflection-speaking individuals. Despite the assurance of some emails that have been passing around, "y'all" is plural. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. ), In the South, we like to say “you all” when we’re referring to more than one person in the second-person plural form. y'all. When you think about it, though, "y'all" makes the most sense for how this contraction should be correctly spelled. Are ‘Hot Pastors’ Hurting Today’s Churches? You know what's long, tedious and boring? Holy Sh– uh, cow! Let’s Talk About the Word ‘Finna,’ Shall We? Anyone who thinks different, The phrase may have originated with Scottish immigrants who used the phrase “ye aw” that eventually evolved to “y’all.”, Kimberly, some Southerners DO say “you all.” But the etymology of the phrase has nothing to do with the casual “ya” as in “How are ‘ya’ doing?”. The only right way to spell the contraction of "you" and "all" is "y'all." N.C. Officials Step in After COVID-19 Church Outbreak, Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions. Y’all stands for you all, so y’all is the only logical, correct choice. Gen X? See ya later. If one were to spell “y’all” as “ya’ll”, he or she would be implying that the word is a contraction of “ya” and “all” or something similar. In 1996, when the Olympic games brought the world to Atlanta, there was a billboard on the interstate just before the South Carolina border that read, "Ya'll come back to see us." Hey, all y'all's car alarms are going off ! Y'all also has a possessive form, as in, "How was y'all's day?" The contraction is of “ya” and “all”. I think I understand why “ya’ll” happens, though. Y'all is the main second-person plural pronoun in Southern American English, with which it is most frequently associated, though it also appears in some other English varieties, including African-American English and South African Indian English. Well, let’s see if that’s right… When Do the 12 Days of Christmas Actually Begin? You may have heard people say that "y'all" isn't proper English, but it's really the misspelled "ya'll" … We’ll let these go head-to-head in just a moment. Ya’ll is a misspelling of y’all. No More Greek Letters for Hurricane Names! Chat About Retire Y'all Radio with Adam Curran. Baby Boomer? ‘Tis the season to ditch your all-white palette in favor of something a little bolder and brighter. See ya’ll later. The Southern United States is well known as the place of origin of this word, but it seems that y’all has an even longer history. Check out more familiar Southern slang terms to see which ones you use most in everyday conversation. This is not correct, according to the etymology of the phrase. The trendy haircuts you’ll be seeing everywhere next year. Surgery. My pet peeve is the common practice, both in the South and elsewhere, to spell it as “ya’ll”. A few decades ago, this word would have been confined to speakers of African American Vernacular English (AAVE), who brought the word with them from the American South. This familiar pronoun is included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a trusted, go-to source for Southern Living copy editors. Definitely “ya’ll”. I'm Patrick, a Christian, TV producer, writer and marketer with more than 29 years of professional experience. But while we may occasionally say “you all” when trying to be slightly more formal, we more commonly use the contracted version. What's the Difference Between Y'all and Ya'll? Summary. 2021. Fight writer's block and find ways to express your love with these romantic, funny, and short wedding vow examples. Modern English does not really have a plural second person pronoun: officially, it’s you for both single and plural. Used primarily in the Southern US, this is a shortening of the phrase "you all," which is also used in its full form as a plural address. Should have becomes a single word and the ha of have is replaced by an apostrophe: Should’ve. Aislinge Kellogg You’re right that y’all IS the plural of you, but the apostrophe indicates the letters deleted from “you,” specifically the OU. Y'all, you all, or you guys? (yôl) pron. I'm pretty sure I've seen Texans address a single person as "y'all". Copyright ©MMXXI Patrick’s Place LLC. I’ve been to southern, northern and western Florida – and while many of its inhabitants are transplants from other states, I’ve heard three different dialect-driven differences, somehow. Y'all is always plural. The South is known for its laundry list of unique, quirky, cultural sayings—like "Bless your heart," "Too big for his britches," and "Well, I s'wanee," just to name a few of our favorites. Note that “y’all” stands for “you all” and is properly a plural form, though some southern speakers treat it as a singular form and resort to “all y’all” for the plural. Z? This new podcast! Our Living Language Perhaps the single most famous feature of Southern United States dialects is the pronoun y'all, a more familiar and informal form of you-all, a second person plural pronoun. Ya, as in “see ya later,” is a dialect, but you’d still return to the original word “ya” was evolved from to get “y’all.” And “ye” is technically the plural of “thou,” so “ye all” would seemingly be redundant. The earliest forms might have been “ye aw” before eventually transforming to “you all” and then to “y’all” (which drops the letters of the valid word “you” and preserves the valid word “all” in its entirety. | Southern Living - YouTube. It is both a singular and a plural second-person pronoun. Still, spelled wrong? It is usually used as a plural second-person pronoun, but whether it is exclusively plural is a perennial subject of discussion. Let’s take a quick review of the contraction. For example, do not becomes don’t, and the second o is removed, so an apostrophe is placed where the missing letter was. Ya'll = you'll = you will. Popular Podcasts. y'all. y'all (yôl) pron. “Ya’ll” is just a misspelling. Don’t: Use it in the singular. Based on the above examples of how contractions work, you probably have already concluded what the proper form should be, and you get the gold star if you said it should be y’all. So there you have it, y'all. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. ain’t from ‘round there. But I always thought that ya’ll is the “plural” of you, which is crazy, but how else would you conjugate “you all” but to ya’ll? Contractions are shortenings of words that place an apostrophe in the place of letters have been deleted. Test your knowledge with "Do You Speak Southern Mama?" See ya all later. The Southern Word Even Southerners Misspell. Used when addressing a group of 3 or more. This familiar pronoun is included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a trusted, go-to source for Southern Living copy editors. Reply Delete Privacy Experts: Don’t Post COVID-19 Vaccination Card, Trump Expected to Launch New Social Media Platform, Dating App Tinder to Offer Background Checks Option, Amazon Suspends Parler Social Network from its Hosting Services, Footnotes: ‘All in the Family’ Premiered With a Sitcom Disclaimer, Here’s the Question I Want Answered About Paramount +, My Top 10 Favorite Hollywood Nonagenarians, Footnotes: Jackie Gleason and The Big On-Air Apology. Texas Monthly readers react to the Department of Criminal Justice’s use of “ya’ll” instead of “y’all.”. Only an absolute idiot would use it as a … If you were going to say “you all will” do something, the contracted form of that would the awkward “y’all’ll,” which would likely only serve to confuse. --Bill18:09, 26 Oct 2004 (UTC) 1. Chiefly Southern US Variant of you-all. All rights reserved. Put together you-all, and you get "y'all." What's your favorite saying that you can never seem to spell correctly? Ya'll gonna have to do your swirl someplace else. The message showed that those in Georgia can be mighty hospitable--and spell "ya'll" like I do. WATCH: What's the Difference Between Y'all and Ya'll? I’m wrong – totally, completely, utterly wrong! Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald. If that were the case then we would say “How are you all doing?” BUT what we really say is “How are ya doing?” or “How are ya’ll doing”. I enjoy getting to know people over coffee and spending time with my Collie. Written by Kelly Kazek Illustrated by Michelle Hazelwood Hyde Here is the South, we like speech filled with whimsy and with wit. Think about the term in this sense, and you'll be less likely to misspell it. It may have been introduced to America by Ulster Scots immigrants who used the phrase "ye aw." "Ya'll" is just dead wrong. 7 Paint Colors We’re Loving for Kitchen Cabinets in 2021. The plural can be either “y’all” or “all of y’all” with the “o(f)” barely voiced and sounding as if it were “all y’all”. Y’all is inherently plural and should always be treated as such. “Y’all come back!” Or maybe it’s, “Ya’ll come back!”. Our Living Language Perhaps the single most famous feature of Southern United States dialects is the pronoun y'all, a more familiar and informal form of you-all, a second person plural pronoun. It’s a word that is much more often spoken than written, and I think it gets confused with contractions like I’ll and you’ll, both of which add the apostrophe before the ll. But the best-known word in the Southern vernacular is probably our most-loved pronoun: y'all. But I’d been there a month. Does Your Blog Really Need a Mission Statement? Variant of you-all. The people that use the term ya'll instead of y'all will have roots that are firmly grounded in the southern culture and typically use this word on a normal basis. Just like "cannot" becomes "can't" and "do not" becomes "don't." Maybe that's just Texas, but I've always taken that as meaning "you and yours". The back-to-back “a” vowels between “ya” and “all” are too difficult to pronounce; For more information: click “Start Here.”. Y’all, sometimes spelled ‘Ya’ll’ or ‘Yawl’, is a fused grammaticalization of you all. by MichelleW July 31, 2006. This seems like a testable hypothesis. These simple and spectacular Southern cakes deserve a comeback, 70 Wedding Vow Examples That Will Melt Your Heart. Expect a new post every day, so if you take a few days away, when you come back, there should be plenty of new material for you to read. Please note that this term is never properly used to refer to a single person, as it is found in some literature. The only right way to spell the contraction of "you" and "all" is "y'all." You shouldn't hear, for example Y'all need to be quiet! Ya'll heard it, retarding. Why say "Mama is really mad" when you can say she "threw a hissy fit"? Chiefly Southern US. You can’t leave the entirety of the word “all” in the contraction. It may considered regional form of slang, yes, but it is no more incorrectly spelled than “ya” and “ye”, both used to indicate specific accents, dialects, more “fancy” or “reverent” or a speaking cadence – a literary device, if you will. I thought about the term a lot, especially since I have a tendency to pick up accents when a traveler; I came back from my trip to the British Isles with a full Scottish accent that took a week or two get back to sounding like myself. Should You Cover Your Computer’s Built-In Webcam? Thank goodness someone has a brain! (Please make sure you never, ever use “should of,” which is definitely wrong. Y'all is a dialectical contraction used by Southerners in the United States, some of whom are very passionate about how it should be spelled. I think I understand why “ya’ll” happens, though. Southern Living is a registered trademark of, 50 Books Everyone Should Read in Their Lifetime. ... Just say PJs: Nearly following the 'Ya'll Line' is the pajama line. Y’all or Ya’ll? y'all definition: 1. used to address a group of people that you are speaking to: 2. used to address a group of…. I'd love to send the latest posts straight to your inbox! Reference: It’s Spelled Y’all, Y’all. There’s only one correct way to spell it, y’all.Want to see more Southern Living videos? They weren’t Southern, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear them use y’all , correctly, and not … Since “ya” is not a word and is clearly meant to be “you”, we know that it really is the “you” being contracted in the sentence. "Ya'll" is incorrect and a misspelling of the word, so don't use it. Back to Ya'll vs. Y'all. “Y'all.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, The quick answer is that “you all” is abbreviated and spelled y’all (in Texas). The good news is that butter and sugar melted together tastes really great regardless of how you … You know what isn't? I started this blog 16 years ago as a place to search for common sense that seems to be missing from so many topics these days. Southern Living is part of the Meredith Home Group. A contraction of "you" and "all," as defined by our Mason Dixonary, "y'all" is used when addressing or referencing two or more people. Ya'll talkin' about steel and concrete, man. Hey ya'll, first 5 yards. The pronoun is slang “ya”, not “you”. © Copyright 2021 Meredith Corporation. The possessive would be “y’all’s”. (Once in a while, some Southerners actually use the contracted form of “you all” to refer to a single person in second person.). Can You Believe I’m Celebrating This Blog’s 17th Anniversary? Website Accused of ‘Editing’ Recipe Bloggers Removed. There is only one correct way to spell y’all, and that is with the apostrophe between the “y” and the “all.” Y’all is a contraction of you all. Usage notes []. The answer is yes. 'Y'all' vs. 'Ya'll': Is There Really a Difference? Which Generation Name Applies to You? He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog. Amen!!! therefore, an apostrophe replaces the second “a” to make the contraction, “ya’ll”. In terms of subject matter, it’s a little of everything, from blogging to tech to grammar to faith. Southern 2nd person plural pronoun. That’s not completely wrongly spelled. Y’all shortens “you all” by dropping the ou and placing an apostrophe in their place. Thus the orginal definition. All y'all = everybody. Yankees, trying to make a buck off of our sayings on cute little signs and t-shirts, but not knowing how to spell it, so they do the contraction by using it the way they would say “you all”. These Haircuts Are Going To Be Huge in 2021. Y'all is plural, but may not be all inclusive; i.e. It is both a singular and a plural second-person pronoun. Clearly one is correct and one is not, but why? Oprah Interview Makes History for ‘CBS This Morning’, News Isn’t ‘Fake News’ Just Because You Don’t Like the Facts, Most Congressional Republicans Won’t Acknowledge Biden Won, UofSC’s ‘Daily Gamecock’ to Go Dark for Mental Health Break, Labrador Retriever Marks 30 Years as Nation’s Top Dog Breed. and our list of lesser-known Southern sayings. directed at a single person, but you might well hear Y'all are always welcome!so addre… There is only one correct way to spell or use "y'all," so whatever you do, don't use the dreaded "ya'll." ; Like y'all (see that entry's usage notes) and most other second-person plural pronouns, all y'all (and y'all all, which mirrors e.g. Communities Mark Different COVID-19 Anniversaries. Ya'll look like you needed it! may only refer to some of you. Y’all is a contraction of you all, and is used as a second person, plural, pronoun. So now you know the story of y’all and how to properly spell it. Conversate? Not to be confused with all y'alls, the plural non possesive form. Just click the "Subscribe" button to sign up! Learn how to season this Southern kitchen staple in five easy steps. Flag. It Depends. Y'all Means All / Funny Cute Gay Queer Bi Bisexual Trans Transgender LGBT Pride Proud Texas Cowgirl Cowboy Birthday Gift Shirt T-Shirt Tee PrevntProducts. Ya'll vs. Y'all It's sometimes amusing when dialectical words or slang become spelling conundrums in the English language. Y’all be sure to come back tomorrow for my next post! The frequency of "Y'all" usage in the United States (Wikimedia) In contemporary New York City, it is common to hear local teenagers use the word “y’all.”. Patrick is a Christian with more than 29 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. "Ya'll" is incorrect and a misspelling of the word, so don't use it. Most southerners reserve “all y’all” to mean “each and every one of you.”. Most concise and easily distinguished. Learn more. I had to laugh at that. All y'all is used in the Southern United States when a speaker wishes to include everyone being addressed.Y'all may refer to an indefinite set of members of a group, but all y'all definitively includes everyone in the group. So here in the South, where we have a reputation, deserved or not, to be more hospitable, we just decided to create our own to include everyone.

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